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  • Search results for "Asada.Yoko" in game database

    Masuda ChihoAdvanced VG 2 [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Advanced VG 2 [Playstation] cast
    AliceAlice in Cyber Land [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Alice in Cyber Land [Playstation] cast
    LizaArc the Lad II [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Arc the Lad II [Playstation] cast
    Hanai MikiBoys Be [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Boys Be [Playstation] cast
    Harada YayoiCross Romance [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Cross Romance [Playstation] cast
    Wakao UshioDevadasy [WIN]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Devadasy [WIN] cast
    guestDoki Doki On Air [Windows, Mac, Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Doki Doki On Air [Windows, Mac, Playstation] cast
    Kato MinoriDoukyuusei 2 [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Doukyuusei 2 [Playstation] cast
    Kato MinoriDoukyuusei 2 [Sega Saturn]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Doukyuusei 2 [Sega Saturn] cast
    Fujisawa MaiFirst Kiss Story [PC FX]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)First Kiss Story [PC FX] cast
    Fujisawa MaiFirst Kiss Story [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)First Kiss Story [Playstation] cast
    Aoki MomokoFriends Seishun no Kagayaki [Sega Saturn]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Friends Seishun no Kagayaki [Sega Saturn] cast
    Hichiwa KeikoGuardian Recall [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Guardian Recall [Playstation] cast
    SerenaLangrisser IV [Sega Saturn]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Langrisser IV [Sega Saturn] cast
    daishikyou's daughterLangrisser V [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Langrisser V [Playstation] cast
    Serena Shougun (General Serena)Langrisser V [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Langrisser V [Playstation] cast
    MiaLunar Silver Star Story [Sega Saturn]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Lunar Silver Star Story [Sega Saturn] cast
    Fuyuno KasumiMagical Date [Taito arcade]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Magical Date [Taito arcade] cast
    Chino ChiakiMeguri Aisite [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Meguri Aisite [Playstation] cast
    ShystPuchi Carat [arcade]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Puchi Carat [arcade] cast
    PerydotPuchi Carat [arcade]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Puchi Carat [arcade] cast
    SatirRyuuki Denshou 2 [Windows]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Ryuuki Denshou 2 [Windows] cast
    Plume MalfeelRyuuki Denshou 2 [Windows]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Ryuuki Denshou 2 [Windows] cast
    Nakazato KaoriTrue Love Story 2 [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)True Love Story 2 [Playstation] cast
    Diana RaineyYuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album [Playstation, Sega Saturn]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album [Playstation, Sega Saturn] cast
    Diana RaineyYuukyuu Kumikyoku Perpetual Suite -All Star Project- [Playstation]Asada Yoko (浅田葉子)Yuukyuu Kumikyoku Perpetual Suite -All Star Project- [Playstation] cast

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