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  • Search results for "Kuwatani.Natsuko" in game database

    ?Love Doll -Lovely Idol- [Playstation2]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Love Doll -Lovely Idol- [Playstation2] cast
    KanakoLove Hina Gorgeous -Chiratto Happening- [Playstation 2]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Love Hina Gorgeous -Chiratto Happening- [Playstation 2] cast
    ?Mahou-sensei Negima! 1Jikanme [Playstation2]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Mahou-sensei Negima! 1Jikanme [Playstation2] cast
    ?Memories Off #5 [PlayStation 2]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Memories Off #5 [PlayStation 2] cast
    KasugaSengoku Basara 2 [Wii]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Sengoku Basara 2 [Wii] cast
    KasugaSengoku Basara 3 [Wii]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Sengoku Basara 3 [Wii] cast
    KarenSister Princess [Playstation]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Sister Princess [Playstation] cast
    Asakura KyoukoSuzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou [Wii]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou [Wii] cast
    ?True Love Story Summer Days and yet.. [Playstation 2]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)True Love Story Summer Days and yet.. [Playstation 2] cast
    Fujishima HitomiWrestle Angels Survivor [PlayStation 2]Kuwatani Natsuko (ëƻ)Wrestle Angels Survivor [PlayStation 2] cast

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