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  • Search results for "Tobita.Nobuo" in game database

    LumielleAngelique Trois [Playstation2]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Angelique Trois [Playstation2] cast
    WindolphArc the Lad -Seirei no Tasogare- [PS2]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Arc the Lad -Seirei no Tasogare- [PS2] cast
    Camille VidanDai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen S [Playstation]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Dai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen S [Playstation] cast
    LumielleFushigi no Kuni no Angelique [Win95, PC-FX, PlayStation, Sega Saturn]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique [Win95, PC-FX, PlayStation, Sega Saturn] cast
    Camille BidanGundam Battle Royale [PSP]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Gundam Battle Royale [PSP] cast
    FeatherMeltylancer -Ginga Shoujo Keisatu 2086- [Sega Saturn]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Meltylancer -Ginga Shoujo Keisatu 2086- [Sega Saturn] cast
    FeatherMeltylancer [Playstation]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Meltylancer [Playstation] cast
    Uribatake SeiyaNadesico The Blank of 3 Years [Sega Saturn]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Nadesico The Blank of 3 Years [Sega Saturn] cast
    EbisuNaruto Narutimate Hero [Playstation 2]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Naruto Narutimate Hero [Playstation 2] cast
    Watts ReynoldNirgends [PC FX]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Nirgends [PC FX] cast
    CamilleSD Gundam G Generation Spirits [PlayStation 2]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)SD Gundam G Generation Spirits [PlayStation 2] cast
    fatherShoujo Kakumei Utena [Sega Saturn]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Shoujo Kakumei Utena [Sega Saturn] cast
    ?Super Robot Taisen F Kanketsuhen [PlayStation]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Super Robot Taisen F Kanketsuhen [PlayStation] cast
    Camille VidanSuper Robot Taisen V [PS4, PS Vita]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Super Robot Taisen V [PS4, PS Vita] cast
    Kanzaki KaoruZeroiger [PC FX]Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)Zeroiger [PC FX] cast

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