H2 manga volume 2

  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.21
Haruka figured out where she had heard Hiro's name before. One of her father's employees had a son who was in the same school as Haruka. When she said that the baseball club members were disappointed, as they were expecting more.

When Hiro got into the batter's box, the captain of the soccer team (now playing catcher) said, "It's a waste. If you would have waited one year, you would have done well in our soccer team."
Hiro said, "In the fifth inning, 8 to 1."
The soccer team captain said, "This game's been decided already.."
Hiro said, "With baseball you can never tell. No matter what the lead is until you get the final three outs."

Then Kine threw a fastball and Hiro hit it into the river way beyond the homerun fence. Both the soccer team and baseball club members were shocked. After stepping on home plate, Hiro said to the soccer team captain, "8 to 5. I'll show you the fun of a game without a time limit."
Then Hiro said to Kine, "It's embarrassing, so don't tell anyone." Kine got very mad.

Noda batted next and hit Kine's first pitch beyond the fence too. But it was foul. Noda was a little surprised that his back wasn't as bad as he was expecting.

Two of the baseball club members asked Hiro if he and Noda were from the same junior high. Hiro told them that they were both from Seinan Junior High. The baseball club members were shocked. Just when they were going to ask if Hiro and Noda were the famous ones, Haruka came and asked, "Kunimi-kun, doesn't your father work at Koga Shouji?" When Hiro said that his father did, Haruka felt satisfied as she had found out Hiro's identity.

Then Noda hit a line drive back at Kine. Kine ducked and stuck out his glove in time to catch the ball. Then Kine got upset and struck out the next two batters.

When the captain of the soccer team returned to the dugout, he asked the manager to see Hiro's registration form (for soccer team). The captain was shocked at what he saw. Then Hiro started pitching with Noda catching for the baseball club. Hiro's fastball shocked most of the soccer team members. But the captain just watched and said, "Of course. They're the battery that won the junior high regional tournament two years in a row."

When the newspaper club members came, they were not surprised that the soccer team was winning. But when they saw Hiro's pitches, they couldn't believe the soccer team had gotten 8 runs off of him. The captain didn't answer the newspaper club person. When the soccer team batter just jumped back to avoid Hiro's fastball, the captain yelled at him and said, "Just swing! All you have to do is make contact! The ones playing the field are the lousy ones!"
"There's no way," Kine said. "Unless there's someone who loves baseball so much that they swing the bat all day, every day. Also he's not going all out yet."
Then the captain got mad and said, "We can't lose! The newspaper club is here, and I also bragged to a lot of people about this."
Kine said, "We're still winning by 3. Also I haven't started pitching all out either."

After Hiro struck out the second batter, Haruka was surprised and asked, "Who's that?" about Hiro.
Then the two baseball club members said, "That's Kunimi Hiro! If you like baseball so much, you should have heard his name while in junior high." But Haruka said that she was a fan of high school baseball.
Then they told Haruka about Hiro. "2 perfect games. 5 no hitters. If you count practice games, it's impossible to count all of the records. In Seinan Junior High's team, the number four batter Tachibana Hideo and ace Kunimi Hiro are famous all over the country."
"What about that catcher?" Haruka asked.
"He's pretty famous too." Then Haruka became very happy that such great stars were in her school.

While they were sitting in the bench, Noda noticed that Kine had started using the corners. Then Noda asked Hiro about his elbow. He said, "If you destroy your elbow in a stupid game like this, Hikari will laugh at you."
Hiro said, "Do you know what she said when the doctor told me that my elbow would get destroyed if I continued pitching for three more months?"
Then Hiro recalled what Hikari said, "You're not going to say that you're going to quit are you? If you take baseball away from you, there's nothing left. A man should go along the path that he had chosen until the very end. Don't turn back in the middle! Fix that pain in your elbow with your untiring perseverance!"
"What a girl!" Hiro said.
Noda said, "But that's why you quit baseball. If Hikari worried about you and told you to quit, would you have? Huh? You wouldn't. You would have continued until your elbow got destroyed. Hikari said that because she knew your personality, and she was really worried about your body."

In his next at bat, Hiro took the first two pitches from Kine. Noda told Hiro not to feel reserved. But Hiro said that he was waiting for the curve. Then Kine smirked and threw his curveball. Hiro saw the curve coming and swung. But the ball broke into the dirt and Hiro completely missed. When the ball got past the catcher, Hiro ran to first base. Noda was very surprised that Hiro had missed, even when he was expecting the curve to come. When Kine laughed about Hiro missing, Hiro said, "Because that break was much better than I was expecting from a novice."

Noda went up to bat looking for a "better than expected" curveball. Noda got what he was looking for and hit the ball into the river, making the score 8 to 7.

Hideo and Hikari were walking through a park. Hideo spotted the two baseballs floating in the river. He looked at the scoreboard and saw that it was a game between the soccer team and the baseball club. When Hikari asked the cheering girls what high school it was, one of the girls told her that it was Sengawa. Hikari thought that Hiro might be pitching for the soccer team, but she was relieved when she saw the long haired boy pitching. Then Hideo spotted Hiro and Noda sitting on the baseball club's bench. Hikari wondered what was going on.

In the bottom of the 9th inning with two outs, one of the soccer team fielders made an error. Kine got mad and yelled at him. But the captain got in between them, and told them to calm down.

Haruka said, "Just one more person."
The baseball club members said, "Yeah, if just one more person gets on base.. it will be the number three and number five batters of the team that took the regional championship two years in a row!"

Kine was determined not to let Hiro up to bat. But his pitch went right down the middle and the baseball club batter got a hit.

Hideo thought that he had seen the soccer team's pitcher somewhere before. Hikari asked him how he thought things would turn out. Hideo said, "There's no question about it. During junior high school, I was better than him in batting average, homeruns, and runs batted in. But Hiro had more game winning hits in the 9th inning. In the 9th inning, he's the most dependable batter."

Haruka yelled out, "Ganbatte, Kunimi-kun!" Kine got mad. Kine got into the stretch and fired the ball. But Kine threw to first instead of to the plate. The runner had taken a big lead and could not get back in time. He got tagged out for the third out. Kine and the captain both laughed and said that they won. But nobody was paying attention to them. The newspaper club people went up to Hiro and Noda to interview them. Even Kine's fan club (girls) were looking away.

Hideo finally recognized Kine. Kine was the boy that had been the ace and the number four batter on the Hakusan Angels before Hideo had joined.

That night Hiro had a dream that he was pitching. Then he felt a pain in his elbow. When Hiro woke up he discovered that a mop had fallen on his right arm.

In the morning before going to school, Hiro was burning his soccer book. Then his father came along and asked if Hiro had gotten better acquainted with the daughter of the president of his company. After Hiro said yes, his father asked Hiro to become friends with her and to "sell" good things about him. Hiro's father was counting on Hiro for his future.

At school Haruka crashed into some chairs and desks as she hurried to meet Hiro. Haruka apologized for not knowing that Hiro was such a famous baseball player in junior high. Then she showed him a sign that she had made the previous night to try to attract more members for the baseball club. Haruka wanted to make the club into an official team as soon as possible. She said that with Hiro and Noda, they would be able to go to the Koushien. But Hiro said that Noda and he were baseball club members for just the previous day. When Haruka asked why, Hiro told her about Noda and his injuries. Hiro said, "I'm sorry that I gave you some false hope."
But Haruka said, "I'm sorry that I tried to pull you guys back into the baseball that you were trying to forget."

Then Hiro told Haruka that she had better leave quickly. They had been walking while talking, and ended up in the boys toilet. Haruka quickly went out and said, "Yesterday's pitching performance was the best that I have ever seen in my life." Then Haruka fell down the stairs.

Later Hiro was in Amamiya Bookstore looking in the sports section for his next sport. Then Hikari came home and said, "Hey old man, here's the book that you're looking for." When Hiro turned, he saw Hikari holding a porn book. Then Hikari's mother called out that the coffee was ready. Hikari commented that Hiro should buy something other than cheap porn books sometimes.

When Hiro was drinking the coffee, Hikari was changing in the next room and asked him how many inning he had pitched in the previous day's game. Hiro said that he pitched 4 innings, and surprisingly his elbow didn't hurt at all. When Hikari asked if Hiro pitched to show off to the cute manager, Hiro said that it was because he got upset at the soccer team members who made fun of baseball. Hikari said that if Hiro loved baseball that much, he should have played until his arm completely broke. But Hiro said that he had played baseball so long and it wasn't easy forgetting about it. Then Hikari mentioned that Hiro had known her longer than he had been playing baseball.

That night Hideo was swinging the baseball bat outside of his room. Hiro came by to buy a couple of beers from the vending machine. Hideo pointed out that Hiro was still under age. But Hiro said that it was for his father. Then Hideo invited Hiro up to his room for some cola.

Hiro asked Hideo about his baseball team. Hideo said that they would win the regional championship for sure, because of him. When Hiro asked about the pitchers, Hideo said that they had a decent set of pitchers. The ace pitcher had a sore elbow, but the doctor told him that it was not serious.

Then Hideo said, "If your.. Oh, forget it."
Hiro said, "If my elbow didn't have any problems, what?"
Hideo asked, "Would you have come to the same high school?"
Hiro said, "If you and I were at the same school, the regional tournament would be boring for three years."

After the mid-term exams, the top 50 scores were posted in the school. Noda was complaining that they shouldn't do things like this any more. But Hiro was just laughing and said that it was good and gave encouragement to those who tried hard. Noda got upset and said that Hiro had just gotten lucky. Hiro had placed 47th with a score of 449. Haruka had placed 46th with a score of 452.

When Hiro spotted Haruka looking at the scores, he said, "Hello neighbor. With only a 3 point difference, I might be able to pass you in the next exam."
A girl who was with Haruka said, "Stupid. Haruka had a perfect score in one of the subjects, but since she had forgotten to write her name, she got a zero." Then Noda laughed, saying that there was a 103 point difference between Hiro and Haruka.

During the baseball club's practice Kine came and laughed at the baseball club members. He asked Haruka how many new recruits they had gotten because of the posters that Haruka had put up. Then Haruka snapped back, "Is it you? Every time I put up a poster, someone is tearing it down."

Kine said that it wasn't him. Then Kine told Haruka that he used to be the ace and the number four batter for the Hakusan Angels little league team. He also offered to coach the baseball club and pitch in some of the games. But Haruka yelled back, "We are a baseball club of people who love baseball! Yes we are recruiting people, but we only want those who love baseball! Got it! Bye!"

One morning when Hiro was jogging, he met Haruka who was walking her dog. Haruka asked Hiro if he could coach the baseball club until he finds his next sport. But Hiro said that he wasn't good at telling people what to do. He said that Noda would be a good coach, since he was a catcher who used to watch all aspects of the game from behind the plate.

Then finally Hiro's father caught up with Hiro. When he saw Haruka, he asked her what kind of relationship she had with Hiro. Haruka said that they were in the same school, but they had just gotten to know each other. Then Hiro's father said that she should stay away from Hiro because he was a pervert. He also said that she should go out with him, because he had more money than Hiro. Then he asked Haruka out for dinner saying that he would use his company's money to pay for it. Haruka told him that her name was Koga, and left to continue walking her dog. Then Hiro's father realized that Haruka was his president's daughter.

During baseball practice at Meiwa Daiichi High School, the ace pitcher Maruyama collapsed as his elbow gave out on him. Hideo and a couple other teammates rushed him to Uetake hospital, the one that was famous for sports injuries. It was the same doctor that had diagnosed Hiro and Noda. But there was nobody there. So they took Maruyama to the University hospital. They discovered that Maruyama had destroyed his elbow and could not pitch any more. Dr. Uetake had been wrong about Maruyama's elbow.

The next morning Hiro got a call from Hikari. Hikari told him to hurry and look at the people section of the morning newspaper. Hiro took the newspaper away from his father and looked at it. Hiro was shocked when he saw the article, "The unlicensed doctor gets caught". There was a picture of Dr. Uetake.

Later Hiro and Noda went to the university hospital to have a real doctor look at their injuries. Hideo and Hikari went with them and waited for the diagnosis. When Hiro and Noda walked out of the doctor's office, Hideo got up and asked, "How was it?"
Hiro said, "He said that it was an elbow made out of glass.." Hideo and Hikari were disappointed. But Hiro continued, "Glass, but it's a bullet proof glass that wouldn't break even if you shot it with a gun." Then Noda said that there was nothing wrong with his back either.

Later Hiro and Noda were at the roof of the school thinking about what to do next. Noda said, "If we really want to go to the Koushien, we can transfer to another school."
Hiro said, "But don't you think that's a pretty ugly move?"
Noda said, "A little."
Hiro asked, "Do you dislike this school?"
Noda said, "No."
Hiro said, "Then let's go the cool route. It's some kind of destiny that we came to this school which doesn't have a baseball team. It's fun to start from zero. Let's make the history of this school's baseball team together. Who cares about going to the Koushien. We can play baseball again! The golden battery of you and me."
Noda said, "I have no complaints."

Hiro and Noda went to join the baseball club. They asked the other members about making it an official team. But they said that the school principal wouldn't allow it.

It had been the principal who was going around tearing down the posters that Haruka had put up. The principal hated high school baseball.

The summer regional tournament (the road to the Koushien) began. Meiwa Daiichi had to cover the loss of their ace with their strong batting. Hiro and Hikari went to see Meiwa's first game. In the first at bat, number four batter Hideo hit a homerun. The other powerful Meiwa batters also pounded the ball. Hiro said, "There's no doubt that this line up is number one in this regional."
Hikari asked, "If you pitched, how many runs can you keep them to?"
Hiro said, "How many runs? I wouldn't give up any. Well, I'll probably five up two hits to Hideo and maybe one more lucky hit. A three hit shutout!"
Hikari said, "You have a lot of confidence."
Hiro said, "That's all I have."
Hikari said, "That was good news. Your elbow. But if you had gone to a real hospital in the first place.."
Hiro said, "God probably wanted to see it. The battle between me and Hideo."

Then Haruka came calling for Hiro. While he was walking away, Hiro said to Hikari, "Tell Hideo. If he wants to go to the Koushien, he better do it now."

Hiro and Noda watched Meiwa destroy their first round opponent 11-0 in a 5 inning called game. But Hiro was worried about their own baseball club. When the third year students all graduate, there wouldn't be enough students left to make a team. Noda suggested that they try to get some good talent from other clubs and teams in their school.

At school, when Hiro and Noda were walking by the soccer field, Kine came up to them and offered to play baseball for them, saying he was good enough to play both soccer and baseball. But Hiro said that since they would go to the Koushien in the spring and summer and the national tournament in the fall, Kine would only be able to play soccer in the winter. Then Kine laughed at them. Hiro and Noda just walked away.

During school Hiro caught a glimpse of a boy Yanagi who had been a baseball player in junior high. Noda commented that Yanagi was the best second baseman that he had ever played against.

After school Hiro and Noda talked to Yanagi. Hiro asked, "Why are you in this school?"
Yanagi said, "What do you mean?"
Noda said, "Don't you know there's no baseball team in this school?"
Yanagi said, "Oh, I quit. I was only going to play through junior high."
Hiro asked, "You quit? Did you injure yourself? Elbow? Back?"
Noda asked, "Did you go to a real hospital? You didn't go to Uetake?"
Yanagi said, "No. There's nothing wrong with my body."
Hiro asked, "Then why did you quit?"
Noda added, "It's a waste."
Yanagi said, "It was a promise I made with my father. I would only play through junior high, and quit when I get to high school."
Hiro asked, "Why did you make such a promise?"
Noda asked, "Don't you like baseball?"
Yanagi said, "I like baseball.."
Hiro said, "Then let's play! We're still a club, but we'll make it into a team!"
Yanagi said, "My father wouldn't allow it."
Hiro said, "It doesn't have anything to do with your father! Just do what you want to do!"
Yanagi said, "You say that because you don't know my father. Kunimi-kun, Noda-kun, it's a waste for you to be in this school. You should go for the Koushien at a school with a baseball team." Then Yanagi walked away.

In the newspaper a few days later, there was a large picture of Hideo. Also his name was written in very large letters as he hit his third homerun in two games and helped Meiwa roll on to the next round.

Meanwhile Hiro, Noda, and Haruka tried to talk to the principal about making their baseball club an official team. The other baseball club members told them that the principal didn't want to meet them.

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