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  • Hitoshi Doi's anime page

    Welcome to Hitoshi Doi (ڰλ) 's anime page. A text version of this page is also available.
    The following anime WWW pages are available. Just click the icons.

    Magical Girls/Shoujo TV series

    Cute OAVs/TV series


    [voice_actor_database] [event_reports]

    These pages are being updated almost daily, so if you find any bugs or would like to see other information, send me mail at doi@usagi.org.

    Since there are many MANY pages, I have started a RSS 2.0 feed.

    I like to go to seiyuu and idol and anime events when I have some time.. You can read some of my event reports.

    I also like to take photos at the events and photo sessions.

    I like collecting computers, anime cels, telephone cards, trading cards, and UFO catcher dolls.

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