Slow Step OAV 2

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.05.20
    The Slow Step OVA volume 2 was the remainder of volume 2 and some of volume 3 and 4.
Yamazakura arranges for a practice game against Sagisaka High School, last year's regional champions. He tells everyone that they don't have to win, but that they must not lose by more than 5 runs. That was because Yamazakura had made a deal with the coach of the other team. If they lose by more than 5, he has to buy lunch for the other coach for one month.

When Minatsu walks by Naoto at the elevator of her apartment building, Naoto asks her if she had seen a cute girl with long hair and glasses.

In the first inning of the game, Sagisaka High School was pounding the ball and scoring many runs. Minatsu was pitching, but since Ayako wasn't there and another girl was catching, she couldn't throw her fastball. Yamazakura was getting worried and was asking where Ayako was. One of the girls called Ayako's home and found out that she had left two hours ago.

Shuu sees Ayako walking down the street. Shuu comes up with a good idea to make Ayako play in the game. Shuu makes Yamazakura sign an agreement so that Yamazakura will go on a date with Ayako once a month for one year. Yamazakura didn't want to sign, but Sagisaka High School had just scored their 6th run in the first inning. So he had no choice. But he said that the agreement will be void if they lose by more than 5. Then Ayako came into the game to catch and Minatsu struck out everyone to end the inning.

In the last inning the score was still 6-0. Minatsu had pitched perfectly since Ayako came into the game, but they hadn't scored any runs. Yamazakura was begging for one run. Ayako led off the inning with a hit. The next batter bunted Ayako over to second. Then Sagisaka's coach yelled at the pitcher to not allow any runs. The pitcher started to feel the pressure and hit the next batter. With one out and runners on first and second, Minatsu was on deck. When she was practicing her swings, Shuu asked her why she was batting lefty. Minatsu said that Yamazakura had told her to bat lefty because it was closer to first base. When Yamazakura said that he doesn't remember telling Minatsu about batting lefty, Minatsu asked him if she can bat righty. He said that he just wanted one run.

Then the batter walked and Minatsu came up to bat with the bases loaded. Minatsu batted righty and hit a homerun on the first pitch. Then the Sagisaka pitcher fell apart and Asaoka won 7-6.

The boxing team captain begs Minatsu to sign an agreement. They wanted Minatsu to kiss Shuu if he beats Naoto in the upcoming boxing match. Minatsu says no way, but the captain persuades Minatsu to sign by saying that there is no way that Shuu can beat Naoto anyways.

When Minatsu got home, she saw Naoto coming out of the elevator. Naoto looked very tired like a sick person. Minatsu started getting worried about the agreement that she had signed. Naoto said that he had been looking all over for the girl with the glasses, but couldn't find her anywhere.

The next day, Shuu was practicing very hard. Minatsu saw this and started to get worried. So she goes to Jousei Gakuen to talk to Naoto. She tells him that if he defeats Shuu, she will introduce him to the girl with the glasses. Then Naoto becomes very happy and regains his strength.

It was the day of the match. Shuu was fighting evenly with Naoto and a huge crowd was watching. Minatsu was there too, but couldn't believe her eyes. At one point, Shuu was taking a beating along the ropes. Then all of a sudden he lets go with some punches and lands one on Naoto's face. Everyone was shocked.

After the match, Shuu was lying down with a towel covering his beaten up face. The captain told him that he fought a good fight. He said that nobody ever landed a punch like that on Naoto, or even went the distance. But Shuu was feeling depressed. Then Minatsu came in to try to cheer up Shuu. But Shuu says that he doesn't need Minatsu's comfort and wants to be left alone. Then Minatsu says, "Ok. I was going to give you a kiss anyways because you tried so hard.." and started to walk out. But Shuu immediatedly grabbed Minatsu's hand and stopped her. Then Minatsu gave Shuu a kiss and left.

Minatsu finds a post card for Naoto in her mailbox. It was from Naoto's sister in California. While Minatsu was reading it, Naoto, all dressed up, comes out of the elevator. Minatsu gives Naoto the post card, saying that it was the mailman who screwed up. Then Naoto tells Minatsu that his family lives in the United States because of his father's work. When Minatsu asks why Naoto is all dressed up, Naoto reminds her of the date that she had set up with the girl with the glasses. Minatsu had totally forgotten about it.

Minatsu rushes to the date as the girl with the glasses. At the coffee shop, Naoto asks the girl to go out with him. Minatsu refused by making up a story that her father had died and she had to take care of a sick mother and a younger sister and brother, so that she had no time to be going out with boys. But Naoto says that he will take care of everybody. He says that he will become a world champion in boxing by the time he is 20 years old. When Naoto asks the girl her name, Minatsu makes up the name Sudou Maria. Then Naoto says that he has tickets to a movie, and they go.

It turned out to be a horror movie. When Naoto asks Maria if she wants to go to another one, Maria says that she likes horror movies. Then they run into Shuu, who was waiting for Minatsu. After Naoto and Maria go sit down in the very front row, Maria runs to the toilet to change into Minatsu. Then Minatsu goes to sit with Shuu in the very back row. The movie started with a shocking opening scene, which makes Naoto pass out. Minatsu sits though most of the movie with Shuu. Then just before it ends, Minatsu runs to the toilet to change into Maria. She goes to Naoto and taps him on the shoulder just as the movie was ending. She tells Naoto that she had been sitting with him during the entire movie.

Yamazakura tells the softball team that they will go to Kamisagi Onsen for special training during the spring vacation.

Naoto asks Maria to come to Kamisagi Onsen, where he will be going for his special boxing training. He says that he has something important to tell her. He says that he feels that he will have the courage to tell her at the onsen.

The boxing team goes along with the softball team to the onsen. Yamazakura makes the boxing team work hard, even at night, while he and the softball team relax in the onsen. Unfortunately for him, the women's side and men's side were separated by a tall fence.

The next day, Minatsu missed softball practice. Maria was meeting with Naoto. They take a walk along the river. Naoto says, "Maria, please listen to me. I only have a little time left. When I graduate I have to go to live in the United States. Please come with me. Please bring your mother and brother and sister. I will become a professional boxer and become a world champion." Then Naoto hugs Maria.

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