Slow Step OAV 3

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.06.24
    The Slow Step OVA volume 3 was parts of volume 4 and 5 of the manga.
Maria and Naoto were on a date at an amusement park. They were riding a roller coaster. Maria was enjoying herself, but Naoto was scared. When a gust of wind almost blew off Maria's wig, she quickly held it to her head. She turned to see if Naoto was watching, but luckily Naoto had already passed out.

While Maria and Naoto were sitting down and drinking some soft drinks, Naoto asked Maria to come watch one of his boxing matches. He said that he wanted Maria to see that he can be a world boxing champion and take care of her family. Then, Naoto put his hands on Maria's hand.

Just then Yamazakura and Chika came by. Yamazakura said that it was nice that they were enjoying themselves. Chika looked up and stared at Maria.

Later Yamazakura and Chika ran into Shuu who was sitting by himself. Yamazakura asked Shuu if he was on a date too. When Shuu said that he was waiting for Minatsu, Yamazakura got mad and told Shuu to go home and study some more.

Maria was taking off her wig and glasses in the restroom. Just then Chika started to open the door to the restroom. When she saw Maria, she didn't go in, but just peeked through the little opening. Chika saw that Maria was Minatsu.

Later Minatsu and Shuu rode the same roller coaster together. Shuu was really enjoying it, but Minatsu was just sitting through it feeling bored.

Minatsu was sitting by herself on a bench waiting for Shuu who was buying some ice cream for her. Then Chika came up to Minatsu. Chika asked if the wig and glasses were in the bag that Minatsu was carrying. Then Chika asked Minatsu to come over and cook dinner for her.

Yamazakura was playing a game where he had to throw a ball and hit the devil's stomach. But he was throwing off target and was missing. Then Minatsu and Chika came to watch Yamazakura. Yamazakura was surprised. Minatsu said that she bought takoyaki and ice cream for Chika. Chika added that Minatsu will also come and cook dinner for them. Minatsu took the ball from Yamazakura and threw a strike at the devil.

The night, Minatsu prepared dinner for Yamazakura and Chika. Chika fell asleep early right after dinner because she had played so much that day. After Minatsu washed the dishes, she saw a picture of a pretty lady. Yamazakura told Minatsu that it was a picture of Chika's mother. When Minatsu asked if she was Yamazakura's wife, Yamazakura said that it was his older sister who died in an accident several years ago.

Then Yamazakura said that he will drive Minatsu home because it might be dangerous if Minatsu walked home by herself. Minatsu said that it would be more dangerous to be alone with Yamazakura, but she let him drive her home. On the way, they drove by Ayako who was out buying some cigarettes. Ayako saw Minatsu in the car with Yamazakura and became mad.

The next day during softball practice, Minatsu was practicing her pitching with Ayako catching. After Minatsu threw a pitch, Ayako threw a very fast ball back at Minatsu. It took Minatsu by surprise, but she caught it. Then Minatsu wound up and threw a fastball that made the other girls turn and watch. Ayako stood up and threw a fast sinker back to Minatsu. The ball dropped at the last second and Minatsu could not catch it. The ball hit Minatsu in the stomach. All of the other girls quickly gathered around Minatsu who fell to the ground. One of the girls told Ayako that she doesn't have to throw the ball so hard. But Minatsu got up and got ready to continue practicing. On the next pitch, Minatsu then threw a rising fastball that Ayako could not handle. The ball deflected off of her mit and knocked off her mask.

Naoto was at home looking at the pictures that he had taken during the summer vacation. There was a picture of Maria, and also one of Minatsu. He looked at the two pictures side by side and noticed something. Naoto then got a pen and drew glasses and long hair on Minatsu's picture. He noticed a remarkable resemblance between Maria and Minatsu. He then remembered that he had never seen both of them together at the same time.

The next day was the first day of school after summer vacation.

On the way to school, Minatsu ran into Naoto. Naoto asked Minatsu to tell Maria that he wanted to see her the next day at 1:00 PM. He said that there was something that he wanted to check out.

Minatsu rode off on her bicycle. She was feeling tired of playing the part of Maria. Then she remembered that she had a softball game the next day. Minatsu also was thinking about what Naoto would want to check out. She was afraid that Chika had told him about her secret.

Minatsu was thinking about it all the way to school. She rides through a red light and also almost runs over Shuu because she wasn't paying any attention to the street.

During class Minatsu was still thinking about Naoto finding out about her and Maria. She was thinking about what kind of punch Naoto would throw at her. Meanwhile, the teacher was making a speech. He was going to transfer and was feeling very insecure. Then Minatsu thinks that it wouldn't be that bad and that she wouldn't have to play the part of Maria any more. She stands up and says, "What a relief! Yeah!" Then the teacher starts crying. All of the other students look back at Minatsu.

That night Minatsu nightmare that Naoto beat her up because he found out about her and Maria. Minatsu wakes up. She looks out the window. It was raining out. So Minatsu had to continue playing the part of Maria.

Minatsu leaves to go meet Naoto. However she runs into Naoto in the elevator. Naoto said that it's too bad that the softball game was rained out. He said that he was planning to take Maria to the softball game. When Naoto sees Minatsu carrying a big bag, he asks what she was going to do. Minatsu tells Naoto that she was just going down to get the mail. She also said that she is going to stay home all day and watch TV. After Naoto leaves for the coffee shop, Minatsu goes back and changes bags.

At the usual coffee shop, Maria asked Naoto why he had asked her out that day. Naoto answered that there doesn't have to be any special reason to go out with someone that you like. Then Maria said that Minatsu had told her that there was something that Naoto wanted to check out. She asked what it was. Naoto answered that it was nothing much and that he was crazy for thinking such things. But he said that he had to go call somebody to check out their alibi. He said that the person that he was going to call was supposed to be watching TV all day.

Meanwhile Shuu had gone over to Minatsu's apartment. Minatsu's mother was apologizing because Minatsu was not home. Then she started imitating Minatsu. While Shuu was enjoying Minatsu's mother's acting, the phone rang. Minatsu's mother answered the phone while still imitating Minatsu. After talking like Minatsu and saying that she was watching TV, she hung up the phone.

Maria was thinking that Naoto will find out the truth when he called her home. Maria was prepared to take a beating, but Naoto returns and says that Minatsu was at home watching TV.

On the way home, Naoto said that he will walk home with Maria. But Maria said that she didn't want him to see her messy home. When Naoto asked for Maria's phone number, Maria said that they didn't have a phone. Then they parted. On the way home, Minatsu decides that she doesn't want to be Maria any more.

During boxing practice, Shuu was playing around dodging the punches and running around the ring. Yamazakura was watching and saying that it's a waste. He said that Shuu would be a good boxer and could defeat anyone except Naoto.

On the way home Shuu runs into Chika. He helps her and carries the groceries home for her. When Chika started to cook dinner, Chika gets a call from Yamazakura saying that he will come home late because he will go out drinking. Chika was upset because she had bought a lot of food for dinner. Then Chika asks Shuu to eat with her. Chika then says that she will call Minatsu and invite her too. When Shuu says that Minatsu won't come, Chika tells Shuu that she knows a special secret about Minatsu. Chika accidently tells Shuu that Maria and Minatsu are the same person.

The next day during boxing practice, Shuu was completely different. Shuu beat up everybody. He yelled at Yamazakura to coach him. Then Yamazakura went to fight with Shuu. When Yamazakura threw a heavy punch and knocked down Shuu, he apologized and said that only Kadomatsu can throw a punch like that so he doesn't have to worry.

Then Shuu said, "Kadomatsu is my opponent. I have to defeat him." He turned and pointed to Minatsu, then said, "For you."

Minatsu runs into Chika on the way home. Chika runs away saying that she wants Minatsu to forgive her.

Chika was feeling bad that she told Shuu about Minatsu's secret. She was sitting by herself in the park when Naoto came up to her and asked her to go eat okonomiyaki with him. While eating, Chika decides to tell Naoto about Minatsu's secret to be fair.

Naoto tells Chika that it's not her fault. It's Minatsu's for doing such a thing.

Minatsu was burning her wig and glasses by the river bed. She didn't want to play the part of Maria any more. She kept saying that it was all her fault. Then Naoto comes and tells her that it's not completely her fault. He says that he should have noticed before. Then Minatsu apologizes and tells Naoto that he can punch her if he likes.

Naoto tells Minatsu to close her eyes. Slowly he approaches her and tries to kiss her. When his lips were just a couple inches away, Shuu comes and throws his boxing gloves at Naoto. He says that Naoto has the wrong girl. Then they argue. Naoto says that he likes everything about Maria, not just her appearance.

Then Shuu says, "I will not give Minatsu to you."
Naoto replies, "I will not give this beautiful girl to you."

Then they square off to fight. Minatsu steps in and stops them. She crys and says that she doesn't want them fighting for her.

The high school boxing championship begins. Shuu and Naoto both keep winning until the finals. Ayako sees that Minatsu was not there to watch.

That evening, Ayako goes to visit Minatsu. They go to the batting center together. Ayako tells Minatsu that she shouldn't run away. Minatsu says that she doesn't know which one she likes. Ayako says she should go watch with her own eyes or that she will probably regret it later.

The next day was the day of the championship match. Naoto meets Shuu in the restroom before the match. Naoto tells Shuu not to get so nervous because the match won't last long. When Shuu says that he always gets some extra power when he fights for Minatsu, Naoto says, "Let's make a deal before the match. The one that loses will give up on Minatsu."

Shuu then says that it's not too fair because Naoto was the champion the last two years. Shuu proposes another deal. If Naoto knocks out Shuu, Shuu will give up on Minatsu. If it isn't a knockout, then Naoto will give up on Minatsu. They both agree to this deal.

Minatsu goes to watch the final match. The match begins, but she doesn't know which one to cheer for.

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