Slow Step OAV 5

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.09.16
    The Slow Step OVA volume 5 was parts of volume 7 of the manga. The story is basically the same, but many details are different. This is the final volume.
Opening Song
Kimiga Inakerya Frustration
Ending Song
Only For You
Because the principal of the high school decided to hold a vote to see who becomes the next softball coach, Yamazakura and Somei were showing off their batting skills as Minatsu was pitching to them. Many students gathered around to watch. Shuu was taking bets on who would win and become the next coach.

Yamazakura batted first and was getting clean hits off of Minatsu. Then Minatsu threw her sinking fastball that made Yamazakura swing and miss. Yamazakura quickly complimented Minatsu on her "Yamazakura Minatsu ball". When Minatsu asked why it was the "Yamazakura Minatsu ball", Yamazakura said that it was because he had taught her the pitch. Minatsu didn't like the sound of it.

Somei batted next. Somei took Minatsu's first pitch and hit it through one of the school's windows for a huge homerun. Yamazakura yelled at Minatsu and told her to throw the "Yamazakura Minatsu ball". Minatsu wound up and threw her best pitch, but Somei hit it for another homerun through another window.

Yamazakura ended up with 13 votes, but Somei had 14. So Somei became the new softball coach. However Somei didn't seem too happy.

After the voting was over, Minatsu talked to Yamazakura. Yamazakura said that he had already had given up winning from the beginning. But he said that he was glad that he only lost by one vote to someone who was so popular with girls.

The next day at school, Yamazakura went around bothering the female students by touching them and flipping up their skirts. Somei was hiding and watching Yamazakura.

During softball practice, some of the girls tried to get close to Coach Somei and ask for advice. But Somei couldn't help them when they got so close. He became very nervous. So he told the girls to go practice their swings on the other side of the fence.

On the way home, Somei passed Yamazakura's old junk car in his Ferrari. Then Somei stopped his car in front of Yamazakura's car, got out, and started walking toward Yamazakura. Yamazakura got out and went to face Somei. Then Somei got down on his knees and begged Yamazakura to make him one of his students.

Somei told Yamazakura that he was brought up in a very protective environment and that he could not stand being around any women, except his mother. He said that if he got within 50 cm, his heart would start pounding. When he got within 30 cm, he would start breaking out in a sweat. When he got within 10 cm, he would start burning up. If he touched a woman, he would faint.

That night Minatsu ran into Naoto, who was training. Naoto said to Minatsu, "I love you. Ever since the first time I saw you." It was the same line that he had been practicing for a long time. Then Naoto also said, "I want you to come to America with me. You don't have to come right away. Just give me an answer that you will come."

At home on her bed, Minatsu was wondering why she was so suddenly so popular with guys. Images of Naoto and Shuu popped into her mind. Then images of Yamazakura started to come into her mind. Minatsu tried to shake Yamazakura out of her mind, but couldn't.

Yamazakura was talking to Somei at his house. Yamazakura tried to get Somei to drink a little sake. Somei was telling Yamazakura about how he was raised by his very protective mother. Then Yamazakura got a telephone call from somebody.

Yamazakura went out to talk to Ayako. Yamazakura tried to talk Ayako into going back to softball. Ha also told Ayako that he was fired from being the softball coach. He said that it wasn't for his sake or for Minatsu. He told Ayako to go back for her own sake.

The next day Ayako showed up for softball practice. Ayako said that she returned because she was the only one who could catch Minatsu's fastball. Coach Somei was scared of Ayako. When he tried to give her advise on her batting, Ayako yelled back saying that she will do things her way.

On Sunday Minatsu went on a date with Shuu and Naoto. Shuu and Naoto both tried to attract Minatsu. But Minatsu liked both and didn't know what to do.

When Ayako was walking down the street, a Ferrari came up from behind and honked its horn. Ayako went up to the car intending to yell at the driver. The driver turned out to be Somei. Ayako got in and asked Somei to drive her home. Somei was nervous because Ayako was sitting so close him and he drove very wildly. Ayako told Somei that she will drive. When Ayako tried to get the keys, Somei accidently touched Ayako's breasts. Ayako slapped Somei, but Somei didn't pass out. He was surprised at himself. Then he asked Ayako to hit him again and again. Ayako kept hitting Somei. Somei was cured of his disease.

Chika was running along the street carrying a small bag lunch. Minatsu saw her from across the street. She called out for her, but Chika didn't hear her. Minatsu followed Chika to a boxing gym. When Minatsu took a peek inside, she saw that Yamazakura was training in the gym.

On the way home from shopping, Chika was hit by a car when she crossed the street. Yamazakura pushed his car to its limit as he tried to go the hospital. But the car broke down. Then Yamazakura ran to the hospital. Yamazakura found out that Chika just had a sprained ankle. Later, Minatsu also showed up at the hospital.

On the way home from the hospital Minatsu talked to Yamazakura about his boxing training. Yamazakura said that it was his dream. He gave up going professional after college because he had to take care of Chika. But when he saw Shuu and Naoto, he felt like trying again. Minatsu told Yamazakura that she will help out and deliver clothes and lunch for Chika.

The next day, after Minatsu hung up the phone and left for Yamazakura's apartment to pick up Chika's things, Minatsu's parents talk about Minatsu and Yamazakura. Minatsu's father pointed out they their ages are too far apart. But Minatsu's mother said that they are only 8 years apart. Minatsu's father and mother's ages were 9 years apart.

Minatsu visited Chika everyday at the hospital. Minatsu played with Chika a lot. Then Yamazakura told Minatsu not to come to the hospital any more. He said that Chika was getting too close to Minatsu. When Chika gets out of the hospital, she will feel sad and alone. Yamazakura admits that Chika needs a mother. Minatsu said that she understands.

Shuu sets up a ski tour party featuring Somei. Shuu just used Somei to lure a lot of girls to the party. The party was held in a ski lodge.

At the party both Naoto and Shuu talk to Minatsu. While he was alone with Minatsu, Shuu said, "Ever since I was little I liked you.. Please look only at me." But Minatsu couldn't answer.

Ayako walks into the party in a sexy red dress. Everyone turned to look. When Somei saw her, he picked out a flower from a vase and walked over and handed it to Ayako.

Naoto tricked Shuu into leaving Minatsu. Then he asked Minatsu, "Please give me an answer. My feelings will never change."

When Minatsu was being cornered by Shuu and Naoto, she spotted Yamazakura walking outside, carrying Chika on his back. Minatsu went out to greet them, leaving Shuu and Naoto.

The cheek dance started. Both Naoto and Shuu asked Minatsu to dance. Somei asked Ayako to dance. Ayako dances with Somei. Minatsu dances with both Naoto and Shuu. Minatsu says, "Half and half. Everything is half and half between us."

Then the lights go out. Some of the couples that were dancing start kissing. Minatsu looks around for Yamazakura. Yamazakura and Chika were not there any more. They were out playing in the snow. Minatsu goes out to play with them.

The ending animation has scenes of Minatsu in a wedding dress standing with Yamazakura. There are also pictures of Somei and Ayako.

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