Touch - Miss Lonely Yesterday

Touch Arekara, Kimi ha..
Miss Lonely Yesterday
aired 1998.12.11
  • summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.01.06
[flashback of the day Kazuya died, narration by Minami]

[OP "Touch" by Sawai Natsumi.]

On a summer day, Minami and Tatsuya were at Kazuya's grave. It had been five years since Kazuya died. Then Nitta also came

Nitta said that he read about Minami's performance in the recent gymnastics tournament overseas. Minami said that she knew Nitta only needed three more homeruns for the new college record.

Nitta told Tatsuya to play baseball again. Tatsuya said that everyone tells him that. But then Tatsuya remembered that he had an appointment, so he ran off.

Minami and Nitta went to a coffee shop. Nitta said that he still liked Minami.

[flashback (end of the TV series): Tatsuya and Minami were by the river, and Tatsuya declared his love for Minami.]

[OP title screen "Miss Lonely Yesterday"]

Tatsuya was running to his appointment. He arrived, and there was a girl in a sexy, red one piece waiting for him.

That evening, Minami fed the dogs, Punch, Chichi, Popo, Kankan, Ranran. Then Minami went to study room. Tatsuya was there. Minami had been away at college, and this time she returned for just a few days.

Tatsuya said that he finally got used to being away from Minami. Minami said that Tatsuya could have gotten into her college too, if he hadn't gotten sick on the day of the exam. But Tatsuya said that he wouldn't have gotten in, because he wouldn't have passed the entrance exam.

Minami asked, "Why did you quit baseball?"
Tatsuya replied, "I just played to take you to Koushien, in Kazuya's place."

[flashback to Koushien, Tatsuya winning the championship game.]

Tatsuya: I didn't play baseball because I wanted to.
Minami: You liar. You always liked baseball, ever since you were little. But..

The next day, Tatsuya's mother discovered that Tatsuya had left his wallet at home, when going to college. Minami said she would bring the wallet to him.

Minami went to Tatsuya's college.

Tatsuya was in a large classroom. Kaori came by and thanked Tatsuya for the previous day.

Kaori had called Tatsuya, and said that she might die. But when Tatsuya arrived, Kaori said that she had solved the problem. Kaori then asked Tatsuya to lend him money for a taxi.

Kaori gave Tatsuya 10000 yen. But Tatsuya said he only lent her 5000 yen. He was going to give her the change, but he couldn't find his wallet. Then because Tatsuya complained about getting too much money, Kaori gave him 5000 yen and a kiss (on the cheek). But just at that time, Minami had arrived by the door, and saw the kiss!

Later one of Tatsuya's friends gave him the wallet, saying that a pretty girl had brought it for him.

After school, Tatsuya was with some friends. They said that Kaori (a daughter of a company president) must like him. Tatsuya said that since Kaori had lived in USA, the kiss was just a greeting.

Later, Nishimura Isami came by in his fancy sports car to meet Tatsuya. Nishimura and Tatsuya went to Minamikaze. Then Nishimura told Minami to forget about Tatsuya, and go out with the rookie of the year. Minami's father asked Nishimura for some autographs, and handed him a mountain of blank signature boards.

Minami saw a shadow outside, and found that Suzuko was outside. Minami went to talk to her. Minami invited her inside, but Suzuko said that she just wanted to watch over Nishimura from afar.

Later Tatsuya was mopping Minamikaze. Minami said that he was never this obedient before, and Tatsuya said that people can change. Then he thanked Minami for bringing him the wallet. Minami said that Tatsuya was different in college.

Minami was looking at a newspaper, and saw an advertisement for a movie, Summer of Angel. She said that she wanted to go see it with Tatsuya.


Kaori was in bookstore, spying on Tatsuya, who happened to be looking at some ecchi books. Kaori went up to Tatsuya and said, "Let's eat lunch together."

Sasaki was following Yuka around. But Yuka kept ignoring him. Then they spotted Tatsuya and Kaori eating together.

Tatsuya and Kaori were in a restaurant together. Kaori asked about Tatsuya going to the Koushien. But Kaori said that she didn't know anything about sports.

Meanwhile, Minami was practicing her gymnastics. She was giving advice to the younger girls.

Then Minami got a phone call from Nitta Yuka. Yuka got angry at Minami for not keeping an eye on Tatsuya. She said that Tatsuya was on a date with some other girl. "Keep an eye on him until I finish my exams and steal him from you!"

Nitta was practicing at Keuo University. There were a lot of scouts watching him. The coach asked if he was going pro, and Nitta said that he was. He asked if Nitta would be rivals with Nishimura again, but Nitta said that his rival was still sleeping.

Matsudaira Koutarou met Tatsuya on his way home. Koutarou didn't go college, and was working at his father's liquor store. While they were walking together, they saw Nishimura on TV. But Tatsuya didn't seem interested in baseball.

Then they walked by a construction site. Tatsuya saw a girl working (directing traffic). It was Kaori! Then Kaori spotted Tatsuya too!

The next day, Minami saw her old friend Fumiko, who was with her 7 month old baby, Nana-chan. Fumiko was the one who asked Minami to try gymnastics when they were in high school. Minami said that Fumiko seemed happy, leading a normal life. She said she wanted happiness like Fumiko.

Tatsuya got a call from his friends saying Kaori didn't show up for a meeting. Then Tatsuya went out to look for Kaori. Tatsuya went to the college, but there was no record of a Mizuno Kaori in the school records.

Meanwhile Kaori was at home, in a small, single room apartment.

Tatsuya went to various construction sites to ask about Kaori. Nobody knew about her. But eventually he found the group that he had seen the previous night. Kaori's real name was Mizuno Kayoko.

Minami stayed late and did some extra practice.

Tatsuya found Kayoko's address, and went to her apartment. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Then Kayoko came back from the public bath. Kayoko saw Tatsuya and ran off. Tatsuya ran after her.

Tatsuya eventually caught her. Kayoko slapped Tatsuya.

Kayoko: What did everyone say? Were they laughing at me?
Tatsuya: I didn't tell anyone.

During practice, Minami was dropping the batons.

Tatsuya and Kayoko sat on a park bench to talk. Kayoko told the truth about herself to Tatsuya. Both of her parents died when she was in high school. So she lived with her uncle after that, and had a bad high school life. She just wanted to be a normal girl.

She came to Tokyo, worked and earned money for two years. Then one day she saw some beautiful cherry blossoms, and walked into Tatsuya's college. Then she began to play the role of a college student.

Kayoko said that her fantasy life was over. But Tatsuya said that she should just keep living this life.

Meanwhile, things weren't going well for Minami during practice. She thought to herself that maybe she had another dream..

Kayoko said that she had one more wish, a date with Tatsuya.


Nishimura was pitching for the Mariners, against the Dolphins at Yokohama Stadium. But he was doing badly. He had a pain in his elbow, but he didn't tell anyone about it. Nishimura was doing so badly that he got changed in the third inning.

The next day Minami came back home from her practice. She was going to go wake up Tatsuya, but Tatsuya's mother said that Tatsuya had left already. Minami was surprised that Tatsuya was up so early.

Meanwhile Tatsuya was out with Kayoko.
[It looks like they are in Shinjuku.. The names are different, but the buildings look the same. (^_^;)]

Minami had nothing to do at home, so she went out.

Kayoko dragged Tatsuya to see Summer of Angel. But Tatsuya said that he didn't want to see it. So they decided on another movie in the same building.

Minami arrived at the same movie theater (across the street). She saw Tatsuya and Kayoko together. Just as they were going into the elevator, Kayoko spotted Minami. She told Tatsuya to go ahead by himself. Then Kayoko went to Minami.

Kayoko: You know Tatsuya is a very kind person. In fact, too kind to say his true feelings because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Tatsuya feels very sad when he's with you, because he will think about Kazuya too much. So he feels at ease with me. Tatsuya even sleeps over at my apartment sometimes.

Then Kayoko went back to catch up to Tatsuya.

That evening when Tatsuya came home, Minami was in study room, in the dark.
Minami: Was it fun?
Tatsuya: What?
Minami: The movie. Was it good? We said we were going to see it together. Of course we didn't make a promise or anything, but..

Minami: You should say it.
Tatsuya: What?
Minami: I always believed that I would be with you.

Then Minami ran off.

Minami went to park, and sat alone on swing.

[flashbacks, to when they were kids and played together.]

Minami recalled the words by Kayoko.

Then Nitta came by on his motorcycle. He went to talk to Minami, and Minami started crying.

Meanwhile Tatsuya was running around, looking for Minami. He arrived at the park, just in time to see Nitta holding Minami.


Tatsuya was working at a gas station. Kayoko also worked there.

Meanwhile Minami was looking at some old pictures. Then she told her father that she wouldn't return for a while, and left.

Nishimura struggled in his next start too.

Nitta was waiting for Minami at her college, to go out on a date.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya and Kayoko were having a good time together. Yuka and Sasaki were spying on Tatsuya..

Nitta and Minami went to an aquarium. Tatsuya and Kayoko went to an amusement park. Nitta and Minami went to a museum.

Nishimura kept struggling, and eventually got dropped to the minors.

It was raining in Shibuya. Nitta and Minami were on a date, and so was Tatsuya and Kayoko. When they were at a large intersection, Minami spotted Tatsuya. But she didn't say or do anything. She just looked away. Then Tatsuya spotted Minami. He just ignored her too.

One day, Harada returned to Japan.

Koutarou was coaching the Meisei baseball team. Harada came to watch them. He had been going around the world for three years after winning the lottery.

That evening, Harada was waiting for Tatsuya.

Harada: You quit baseball.
Tatsuya: Is it that famous in Tibet?
Harada: If you play baseball, they will talk about Kazuya. Then why don't you find a baseball that's not related to Kazuya?

Minami was practicing gymnastics. She got a visit from Suzuko. Suzuko said that Nishimura will pitch the day after tomorrow, in the minors, and it will be his last game. His elbow is totally broken now, and he knows he won't be able to play baseball any more.

On the day of the game, Minami, Nitta, Koutarou, Harada, Yuka, and Sasaki were at the stadium watching Nishimura.


Tatsuya also came to watch Nishimura's game. But Nishimura was struggling. He couldn't throw strikes. All the other fans were getting angry at Nishimura. He was getting slaughtered 8-0 in the 4th inning. But it started raining, and the game got canceled.

After game, Suzuko went to Nishimura. Nishimura laughed and laughed.. and then started crying.

The next day, Tatsuya started training.

Kayoko went to see Tatsuya when he was training. She handed Tatsuya a scrap book, that was full of newspaper clippings of Tatsuya. Then she finally told him the truth about herself.

When her parents died, her younger sister died too. She was a very cheerful sister, who was liked by everyone. She wanted a new chest, so she went shopping with her parents. But they never came back.

Kayoko hated her sister for taking her parents away. Then at that time, she saw a news story of Tatsuya, a high school baseball star who lost his good, younger brother. Kayoko thought that Tatsuya was just like herself. So she started reading up on him.

When Kayoko came to Tokyo, she saw the cherry blossom tree, and went into the university. It just happened to be the school that Tatsuya went to. So she wanted to see what kind of person Tatsuya was. Kayoko said that Tatsuya was a very nice guy.

Kayoko: You just don't want to hurt me. But that's just hiding from yourself. Minami is waiting too. Give her your true feelings.

Kayoko: My younger sister was a twin sister. Her name was Kaori. I don't think we will meet any more. Good bye.

Minami and Nitta were at a summer festival. Minami was wearing a yukata.

Nitta: Do you have feelings for me? I always loved you. I'll make you happy.

They were about to kiss. Minami closed her eyes. But at the last moment, Minami said "Tacchan, tasukete," and cried.


Minami was getting ready for the gymnastics tournament.
Minami: If I don't break something, something new won't begin. I'm going to start new now.

Tatsuya was working at the gas station. Then Nitta came by on his motorcycle, and told Tatsuya to go see Minami's gymnastics performance. He said that Minami might quit gymnastics.

Nitta: Are you going to let her compete in her last match by herself?

Then Tatsuya ran off.

Minami started her performance.

Tatsuya was running.

Minami thought to herself, "I've decided. I won't be swayed."

Minami was doing well, but then she dropped her baton.

Minami thought: There's something I have to do. I have to go for it, without being confused.

When Minami finished, she saw Tatsuya in the crowd.

Later Tatsuya and Minami were near the river.

Tatsuya: Minami, is it really all right to quit gymnastics?
Minami: It's ok.
Tatsuya: You're very strong.
Minami: Tacchan, are you weak? I know you haven't thrown away baseball.
Tatsuya: Why do you know?
Minami: When I decided to quit, I knew. I'm sorry. I was only thinking about myself, so I didn't know how difficult it was for you.
Tatsuya: Minami, I'll play baseball.
Minami: Ok.
Tatsuya: I don't know how many years it will take.
Minami: It's ok.
Tatsuya: You might be a grand mother..
Minami: It's ok.
Tatsuya: Really?
Minami: It's ok, I've decided that I won't be swayed.

Then Minami stood by the river, facing Tatsuya who was by the street.
(just like the final scene of the TV, with places exchanged)

Minami: Asakura Minami loves Uesugi Tatsuya, more than anyone in the world.

Then they kissed.

[ED "Hi Hi High" by Kumagai Sachiko]

Minami got an air mail.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya was trying out for the Red Sox in America.

The cast is as follows.

TatsuyaMitsuya Yuuji
MinamiHidaka Noriko
KaoriSawai Natsumi
NittaInoue Kazuhiko
KoutarouHayashiya Kobuhei
NishimuraNakao Ryuusei
ShingoChiba Shigeru
HarukoKomine Kazue
ToshioMasuoka Hiroshi
YukaTominaga Miina
HaradaGinga Banjou
NishioKitamura Kouichi
SuzukoItou Miki
AyakoChihara Eriko
MakiSasaki Yoko
SasakiIshida Akira
man ATsuboi Tomohiro
catcherKase Yasuyuki
managerOgata Mitsuru
girl AYoshida Miho
construction managerTakemoto Eiji
coachKawakami Tomoko
teammate ASuzuki Yumiko
old manOwada Kouhei

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