Aozora Shoujotai episode 3

Roll Scissors
Aozora Shoujotai Fox-1 CD-1 track 9
Konishi decided that Miyuki and Arisa were going to fly as a pair. Both of them were very surprised, as they still did not get along very well. They didn't want to fly together, but Konishi said that he had made his decision and he wasn't going to change it.

Takuya and Sakura went to Konishi and asked him to reconsider putting Miyuki and Arisa together. But Konishi laughed and said that it was reverse psychology. He wanted Miyuki and Arisa to get along because of this. But Sakura was thinking that it might even make their relationship worse.

The next day, Kengamine talked to Arisa about her flying with Miyuki. He tried to con her into making trouble by saying that it would actually be good for the squadron.

Miyuki said that she would try her best, and the girls went into the air.

Takuya was still worried about them.
Sakura said, "I'll bet 3000 yen on something happening."

Right after Miyuki and Arisa went into the air, Arisa started going into dogfight/combat training, instead of normal flying. "What are you doing!?" Miyuki asked.
"Show me how good you are!" Arisa yelled to Miyuki as she flew closer to Miyuki.

Takuya wondered what was happening, and Konishi said that they were doing combat training.
Sakura said, "I'm happy to get 3000 yen, but what should we do.."

Arisa's plane got closer and closer to Miyuki's plane. Then the wings bumped into each other.

Miyuki called Arisa, "What happened, Mitaka?"
Arisa answered, "My left flap doesn't go down. I can't balance the plane, so I can't land!"
Arisa said to herself, "Shit. It's my fault. I'm always rushing to do stupid things."
Miyuki said, "Calm down, Mitaka. I'll try to support you with my wing. With your skill you should be able to do it."

Then Miyuki supported Arisa, and Arisa was able to land.

After they got back to the base, Arisa thanked Miyuki.

Meanwhile Kengamine was upset as the 801 got closer, instead of breaking up.

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