Aozora Shoujotai episode 4

The Trouble Maker
Aozora Shoujotai Fox-1 CD-1 track 12
Shimorenjaku Yoko, the newest member of the 801 TTS, was late on her first day. Kengamine yelled at her for being late, and also bringing her pet bat, Chii-chan. Then Chii-chan bit Kengamine's finger and started sucking his blood.

Yoko wandered around and finally found the 801 TTS building, as she saw some panties hanging out to dry. She thought that the building was very broken down. Then Chii-chan flew to the panties and bit it. Yoko scolded her bat and took the panties, but there was a hole in it.

Just then Takuya came out and found Yoko. Takuya said, "You were late, so I was going out to look for you."
Yoko said, "Oh, it's so big, I got lost."
Takuya said, "What are you holding in your hand?"
Yoko said, "It's nothing."

Then Arisa came out. After saying "Hello" to Yoko, she noticed that the panties that she had left hanging to dry was gone. She accused Takuya of stealing it, and pounded him. Yoko was very scared of Arisa, and thought that she had to hide the panties right away.

Meanwhile Miyuki was taking a shower. When she finished and went to her clothes, she discovered that her panties were gone. She thought that there was a pervert somewhere.

Yoko was in the 801 TTS building looking for a place to hide the panties. Then Chii-chan came flying by with another panty in its mouth.

Miyuki came running and asked Yoko if she didn't see any strange man. Miyuki told Yoko that someone had stolen her underwear. Then Miyuki ran off, saying that she would pound the thief.

Yoko was very scared and just tossed the panties into the closest room that she could find.

Arisa was with Takuya, and accused him of stealing her panties. Takuya said that he was innocent. Miyuki was with them and said, "Wait Mitaka. I know Isurugi is an otaku and ecchi and sukebe and a weirdo.. But I don't think he's a panty thief."

Then Arisa suggested that they go to Takuya's room to see if the panties weren't hidden anywhere. Takuya agreed, and they all went to Takuya's room. When they opened the door, they saw the panties! Takuya couldn't believe it. "It's not me. Please believe me!" But Arisa and Miyuki started pounding Takuya.

After a while, Chii-chan came flying in. Chii-chan was biting Sakura's panties in its mouth. Then Arisa and Miyuki looked closer at their panties and discovered that they all had bite marks on them. So they all found out that the real suspect was Chii-chan.

Shimorenjaku Yoko turned out to be a very bad pilot too.

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