Aozora Shoujotai episode 6

One Holiday
Aozora Shoujotai Fox-1 CD-1 track 18
Guest voices
announcer (Shimamura Kaoru)
Miyuki asked Takuya if he was free on Sunday. Her father's birthday was coming up, and she wanted him to help her choose a birthday present. Takuya was very happy, as it was just like a date.

Takuya was so excited that he couldn't sleep at night.

On Sunday, Takuya and Miyuki went to the department store together. Then they ran into Arisa. When Arisa saw the two of them together, she thought that they were sneaking around on a date. Then they ran into Konishi, who had come to buy a new expander. Konishi suggested that they eat lunch together.

As they were going to go eat, they ran into Sakura. Konishi thought that Sakura was at the horse races. Sakura had gone to the races, and she got very lucky and won big. So she was going around spending lots of money. Then she suggested that they all go out to eat, as she was going to treat them all.

They went to the department store restaurant, as they all wanted to eat different things and that was the only place where everyone would be satisfied. Kengamine (who was complaining about being with the 801 people) had also joined them.

After ordering, Sakura said that it was a little crowded, so Miyuki moved closer to Takuya. Arisa saw this and said, "Oh, you're getting close to each other.."
Miyuki snapped back, "It's crowded, that's why I moved over. Why do you always have to say such things. Aha.. maybe you're jealous."
Arisa said, "Stupid! Why do I have to get jealous."
Miyuki said, "What, you wanna fight!"
Takuya tried to stop them, but Arisa pounded him.

Then the food came. When Arisa put some pepper on her chaashuumen, some spilled over to Miyuki's shrimp doria. Miyuki accused Arisa of doing it on purpose. Then when Miyuki put some tabasco sauce on her doria, some spilled over into Arisa's chaashuumen.

[chaashuumen = ramen with sliced pieces of roast pork]

Arisa accused Miyuki of doing it on purpose, but Sakura said, "What? You don't put tabasco sauce in your chaashuumen?"

Everyone was shocked by Sakura's comment..

When everyone got home, Yoko complained that she got left out.

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