Aozora Shoujotai Karaoke no Koibitotachi

  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.02

Taikai Isshuukanmae (大会一週間前)

[One week before the contest]

The 801 TTS members went shopping. They bought a lot, and the girls made Takuya carry all the bags. Yoko spotted a cake store and wanted Konishi to buy her some. Then she spotted a toy store and asked Konishi to buy her some toys too.

Takuya said that he was going to buy some games. Mitaka asked for Virtua Battle 3. Yoko asked for a Pyogora game. Sakura asked for Super Shimoren Sisters. Kengamine asked for a mahjong game (one where the girls take their clothes off). Konishi agreed with Kengamine, and told Isurugi to go buy it. The girls didn't like it, but Sakura said that she didn't mind mahjong.

Then Yoko spotted a poster of a karaoke contest. The winner was going to get a trip for two to Australia.

Taikai Muikamae (大会六日前)

[Six days before the contest]

Takuya was playing the mahjong game. He finally won, so the girl in the game started taking off her clothes.. Takuya was getting excited, then Miyuki came to his room. She told Takuya that she would enter the karaoke contest. She asked Takuya to enter too, so they can double their chances of going to Australia. Takuya was shocked. He couldn't believe that Miyuki wanted to go to Australia with him.

Later Mitaka came to Takuya. She also told him that she was going to enter the contest too. She told Takuya to try hard.

Taikai Itsukamae (大会五日前)

[Five days before the contest]

Miyuki went to the deserted roof to practice her song. She was all alone, and she had the chibi kara mark II karaoke machine that she had bought in Shinjuku.

Then Miyuki sang 50,000 Feet no Blue Bird.

When Miyuki finished singing, Sakura was there! Miyuki was shocked.

Miyuki: Since when were you there?
Sakura started to sing the beginning of Miyuki's song.
[VERY cute!]
Miyuki: Eh! You were there from the beginning!?
Sakura:: It looks that way. You're all psyched up for this.

Miyuki was speechless. Then Sakura started to sing another part of Miyuki's song.
[VERY cute!]
Sakura: That anata is Isurugi-kun?
Miyuki: It's just a song..
Sakura: Really? You really had your feeling in this one.
Miyuki: Are you going to enter the contest too?
Sakura: Yes.
Miyuki: What are you going to sing? Hisame?
Sakura: What will I sing? Ho, ho, ho..

Taikai Yokkamae (大会四日前)

[Four days before the contest]

Arisa went to another empty room to practice her song. She had her chibi kara mark II turbo karaoke machine that she bought in Ikebukuro. Then Arisa sang Twilight Flight.

As Arisa finished singing, Sakura started clapping. Arisa was shocked! Sakura had been there from the very beginning. Sakura asked if Arisa was singing about Isurugi.

Arisa: It doesn't matter.
Sakura: I'm looking forward to competing against you.
Arisa: So what are you going to sing? Fuchuu Shigure?
Sakura: I wonder.. Ho, ho, ho..

Taikai Mikkamae (大会三日前)

[Three days before the contest]

Takuya was worried about the karaoke. If Miyuki wins he had to go with her. If Arisa wins he had to go with her. But if he won himself.. he would have to pick either Miyuki or Arisa.

Takuya played his guitar (which he hadn't played in a long time), and sang Ima ha Kotoba ni Dekinaikeredo.

After he finished, Takuya: What should I do if I win?
Sakura: That won't happen.
Takuya was shocked that Sakura was there.
Sakura: You have a lot of confidence. But things in this world do not come that easily.
Takuya: You're going to enter too?
Sakura: Yes, the next time we meet, we will be rivals.
Takuya: Eh? I think we will meet tomorrow and the next day too..

Taikai Futsukamae (大会二日前)

[Two days before the contest]

Yoko went to the control tower with Chii-chan. Since there were no flights at night, it was empty.
Yoko: Let's go to Australia together, Chii-chan.

Then Yoko sang Hidamari, which was a fast song with a nice beat. While singing, Sakura called out, "Yoko-chan!" and Yoko just thought that it was part of the background music.

Yoko stopped singing after one verse, saying that the song didn't fit her image.
Sakura: But it was cute.
Yoko was shocked that Sakura was there. Sakura liked the song, but Yoko didn't. Then Yoko sang Sore ha Koi no Yokan, which was a slow song.

Yoko's song was being broadcast throughout the base as the switch to the speaker was turned on! Miyuki tried not to listen to it..

Taikai Zenjitsu no Asa (大会前日の朝)

[The morning before the contest]

Yoko was watching Shimo Ranger on TV. Arisa and Miyuki wanted to watch something else. But Takuya wanted to watch Shimo Ranger too. Then Hiyama and Akizuki came to the 801 building. They had taken a holiday until the next day, so they were planning on spending the night. But then Sakura told them that there was a karaoke contest the next day, and she was going to practice that evening. Then Hiyama and Akizuki both left immediately.

Miyuki was wondering who Sakura was going to Australia with, if she won. But she told Isurugi to concentrate on his own singing. Then Arisa came and wondered what Miyuki and Takuya were doing together.
Miyuki: Why did you come here?
Arisa: Me? Well I just wanted to play volleyball with Isurugi.

Isurugi was afraid of both Miyuki and Arisa. He knew that he would be in trouble if he won. He hoped that Sakura would win..

Taikai Zen'ya (大会前夜)

[The evening before the contest]

Sakura went to Konishi, who was alone.

Konishi: What are you doing? Don't you have the karaoke contest tomorrow?
Sakura: Yes, I'm going to practice tonight.
Konishi: Go ahead.
Sakura: I can practice?
Konishi: Yeah.
Sakura: Before you said that karaoke was banned form the 801 building.
Konishi: My hatred of enka hasn't changed. But a lot has happened here.
Sakura took out her duet microphone.
Sakura: I've decided from the very beginning that I'm going to do a duet with you in this contest.

Konishi was very happy, and they sang Karaoke no Koibito together.

Taikai Ikkagetsugo (大会一ヶ月後)

[One month after the contest]

Kengamine came back from Australia. His wife had won the karaoke contest.

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