Saraba Aozora Sentai Shimo Ranger

  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.02
The Shimo Ranger fought to protect the peace on earth..

The five Shimo Rangers were playing cards (babanuki). They suddenly said that there should be other things that they should be doing instead of playing cards.. But they couldn't decide what to do, so they just kept playing cards.

The five Shimo Rangers went to a restaurant. Mitaka Arisa was the waitress at that restaurant. The five Shimo Rangers yelled out the food that they wanted. They all said something different, and Arisa got upset. Arisa told them to repeat their orders, and the five Shimo Rangers shouted out something different from last time!

Next the five Shimo Rangers went to a dessert store.
Shimoren Red: Old woman, please!
Shimoren Blue: Old woman!
Shimoren Green: Can't you hear old woman?
Shimoren Yellow: Old woman!
Shimoren Pink: Oneesan?
Sakura: Yes, what would you like?
Then the Shimo Rangers ordered various desserts.

The Shimo Rangers wanted to do the drawing for some prizes. But Sakura said that there was something much more fun.
Shimo Ranger: What?
Sakura: Horse race tickets. This store is also a betting parlor.
Shimo Ranger: Hmm..
Sakura: We also have boat race tickets.

Next the five Shimo Rangers went to an aspiring manga artist, Isurugi Takuya. The Shimo Rangers were excited about the manga and various models. Isurugi told them to go away, because he was very close to the deadline. But the Shimo Rangers say that they will be his assistant.
Shimo Ranger: What is this sticker?
Takuya: It's called screen tone..
Shimo Ranger: Let's stick it on the dressor!
Takuya: Hey, that's expensive.

Then one of the Shimo Rangers spilled some tea on Takuya's manga that he had just finished drawing..

Next the five Shimo Rangers went to an OL (office lady) who spoke in Osaka-ben, Haneda Miyuki, who was thinking about committing suicide. The Shimo Rangers started crying. They said that they were lost and they didn't know which train to take. Miyuki recognized the girls as Shimo Ranger. She asked them where they lived, and gave them the directions to go home. But Shimo Ranger still kept crying.
Miyuki: It's that train. Hurry up and get in.
Shimo Ranger: I don't wanna go alone.
Miyuki: There are five of you.
Shimo Ranger: I want you to come with!
Miyuki: I'm busy.

The Shimo Rangers all started crying and grabbed Miyuki. Then Miyuki agreed to go with them..

The stereo locations of the Shimo Rangers are:
Shimoren Red, Shimoren Yellow, Shimoren Green, Shimoren Pink, Shimoren Blue.

The cast is as follows:

Shimoren RedNogami Yukana
Shimoren BlueNogami Yukana
Shimoren GreenNogami Yukana
Shimoren YellowNogami Yukana
Shimoren PinkNogami Yukana
Mitaka ArisaOrikasa Ai
Haneda MiyukiHisakawa Aya
Saginomiya SakuraInoue Kikuko
Isurugi TakuyaMiki Shinichirou
Konishi narratorWakamoto Norio

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(c)Shimizu Toshimitsu/Tokuma Shoten, Nihon Victor