Aozora Shoujotai

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----- Aozora Shoujotai (Blue Sky Squadron) is a story about an all-female squadron in the Japan Air Self Defense Force, called the 801 TTS (tactical training squadron).

The main character is Isurugi Takuya, a service technician with the 801 TTS. On the first day at 801 TTS Takuya got introduced to the other members of the squadron, who were all female pilots. As he got to the base, Saginomiya Sakura picked him up in her jeep, and drove him part of the way to the 801 TTS building. As Takuya wondered over to the broken down 801 TTS building, he was attacked by a blood sucking bat, which was a pet of Shimorenjaku Yoko. When he went upstairs and opened a door, he ran into Mitaka Arisa, who was taking a shower. Then he ran into Haneda Miyuki's room, where Miyuki was just getting dressed. Arisa and Miyuki quickly pounded Takuya.

The 801 TTS was an all female acrobatic pilot team. When Takuya heard that he was very excited. But all of it was just a farce. The 801 TTS was where all of the trouble makers were sent. Haneda Miyuki had hit her superior officer in her previous squardon. Mitaka Arisa was always getting into fights. Saginomiya Sakura was a gambler. Shimorenjaku Yoko was a very bad pilot. So what was wrong with Isurugi Takuya? He was... an otaku.

Takuya was really a kind person, but because of it he ended up in touble between Miyuki and Arisa. Miyuki was a little strong willed, but she was a nice person who started to like Takuya. Arisa was putting on her very tough act, but she also began to like Takuya, although she wouldn't admit it.

The manga was written by Shimizu Toshimitsu (清水としみつ), and it ran in Shounen Captain (少年キャプテン). There are also two OAV series, and two audio drama series.

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