Aozora Shoujotai RAP The 801

JASDF 801st Tactical Training Squadron
RAP The 801!! - Sukiyaki RAP

BMG Victor BVCH-8014
1500 yen
released 1995.11.21

The CD is a picture disc of Miyuki, Arisa, Yoko, Sakura, Takuya, and Konishi (same picture as the CD cover).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. RAP the 801! - Sukiyaki RAP
  2. RAP the 801! - Sukiyaki RAP (Original Karaoke)
The story in the RAP is about Miyuki, Arisa, Sakura, and Yoko eating sukiyaki. On the lyrics booklet, there is a cute SD picture of the four girls around a sukiyaki pot.

Konishi and Isurugi do not appear at all on this CD.

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