Aozora Shoujotai special video

Aozora Shoujotai special video
not for sale
sent out around 1996.fall (?)
around 30 minutes

This video was sent out to people who purchased all LDs of the second Aozora Shoujotai OAV series. It features "reports" by the main seiyuu at Iruma Air Force Base and Hyakuri Air Force Base (Ibaraki).

Miki Shinichirou, Hisakawa Aya, and Orikasa Ai went to Iruma, and Inoue Kikuko and Nogami Yukana went to Hyakuri. Everyone was wearing the 801 TTS jacket (with patch), and the 801 TTS hat.

The report switched back and forth between the two teams. The Iruma report focused on the locations that appeared in the Aozora Shoujotai OAVs, and the Hyakuri report focused on the fighter planes.

When Kikuko and Yukana were looking at the planes, they always kept saying, "Sugoi, sugoi."

When the guy was explaining things about the F15, Kikuko and Yukana said a lot of funny things.. Then Kikuko climbed up into the cockpit, and sat down.. "seiza" style (formal, on her knees), facing the wrong way. After Kikuko, Yukana went into the F15.

At the end of the video, there were some "NG" (no good) scenes as an "omake". Most of these were scenes where an airplane flew over them, and it was too loud to hear the talking.

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