Battle Skipper Katsuyaku Yokokujou!


Lightning Attacker Exstars Battle Skipper

Victor CDES-172 [not for sale]
released 1995.September

This CD single was given away (for a processing fee of 300 yen) to anyone who wanted a copy.

The cover has a picture of the five Battle Skipper girls, Reika, Rie, Kanami, Saori, and Shihoko, and their robots. The back cover also has a picture of the five girls.

This CD contains the following.

  1. Katsuyaku Yokokujou drama [活躍予告状ドラマ]
  2. Theme song Real Dream
There is only about the first 10 seconds of the theme song on this CD.

Katsuyaku Yokokujou drama [活躍予告状ドラマ]

The drama flows as follows.

Ayanokouji Reika was the manager of the manners club at Saint Igunachio Jogakuin. To introduce the manners club, she showed some clips of their video.

[begin video]

Saori and Shihoko were freshman at Saint Igunachio Jogakuin. They were running late to school because Shihoko had overslept. They saw Reika coming to school, and Shihoko thought that she was very beautiful. "I think I was destined to meet her." Then Shibusawa Rie came by and told them, in a very mean way, to get out of the way. Then Shihoko said that she was very cool. "I think I was destined to meet her." Then Kitaouji Sayaka, manager of the magnificent club, came by on a helicopter (jet?).

During the club introduction section, Sayaka stated that her magnificent club was where all of the elite girls belonged. She said that those from the magnificent club went on to top universities and top companies, and will run the country in the future. Rie commented that Sayaka was just gathering the members by using money. Reika warned her to be quiet.

Saori and Shihoko were listening, but they didn't understand Sayaka's speech. Then another freshman, Kanami, explained things to them. Kitaouji Kimisuke, Sayaka's father who was the president of Makuhari Heavy Industries, was providing most of the money for running the school. She also said that the elite girls of Japan come to this school just to enter the magnificent club.

Saori asked Kanami if she was going to enter the magnificent club, but Kanami said that she hadn't made up her mind.

Next it was Rie's turn to make a speech for the manners club. Reika asked if Rie was ready for it, and Rie said that she had spent a lot of time preparing. But when Rie looked for her speech, she discovered that she had forgotten it. Then Rie just yelled out, "The motto of our club is, one is strength, two is strength, there is no three or four, and five is strength. If you have confidence in your strength, come to our manners club. We're waiting."

Shihoko was very impressed with Rie..

Reika was very disappointed, and thought that they wouldn't get any new members this year. Sayaka then told Reika not to embarrass the school so much.

Later, Shihoko said that she wanted to join the manners club. Saori said that Shihoko had no strength or coordination, but Shihoko asked Saori to join with her. Saori didn't want to, but then they ran into Ezaki Kanami, who said that she was also going to join the manners club.

[end of video]

Reika forwarded the tape a little bit..

[begin video]

The three new students were in the manners clubhouse, as Reika, the manager, and Rie, the vice-manager, introduced themselves. Rie quickly told Shihoko to go home, as she did not pass the entrance exam.

Rie said that she knew of Kanami, who was great at all sports, although she placed fourth in everything. Reika added that she was also among the top three in the country in her studies. Reika asked her why she didn't go to the magnificent club. Kanami said, "I respect you from my heart. I want to be of some help to you. I think you are the one who should be at the top of Saint Igunachio, no the top of Japan. I don't like the way the Kitaouji family operates."

Then Shihoko said, "I respect Rie-sama too. Please let me join the manners club."
Rie said, "No. That's not possible. But you (Saori) can join."
Saori said, "Wait! I didn't decide yet. Anyway, I won't join if Shihoko doesn't."

But Reika allowed it, and the three girls joined the club.

[end of video]

Reika stopped the tape. "Secret? There is no secret in the manners club." Then Reika forwarded the tape some more..

[begin video]

Shihoko, Saori, and Kanami snuck into the manners clubhouse because they had heard that there was some secret about the club. Then all of a sudden, sirens went off and the clubhouse transformed.

[end of video]

Reika stopped the tape again. "That? That was nothing.." Then Reika played some more short bits from the tape, and there were some fighting scenes of the Extars. "Why are there pictures of the Extars in the manners club video? Well.. Umm.. I wonder why. Maybe if you watch the battle skipper video, you'll find out."

The cast for the drama is as follows.

Reika, narrationInoue Kikuko
RieNiiyama Shiho
KanamiShiratori Yuri
SaoriNishimura Chinami
ShihokoMiyamura Yuko
SayakaOrikasa Ai
ToudouMorikawa Toshiyuki
sisterIsobe Masako
police AMasuya Yasunori
police BYasui Kunihiko
underling ATouchika Kouichi
underling BShiichi Jun
BSX-3Ikezawa Haruna

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