Tonde Buurin book/manga information

The following are some of the books and manga relating to Tonde Buurin that have been published.

Tonde Buurin manga

Currently the following Tonde Buurin manga are available.

  • Tonde Buurin 1
    • ISBN4-09-136451-9 (390 yen)
    • released 1995.04.26

Miscellaneous Kids Books

Tonde Buurin Buhi Buhi Puzzle Book

  • Published By: Shougakukan
  • Catalogue Number: ISBN4-09-253251-2
  • Price: 800 Yen
  • Release Date: 1994.12.15
  • Pages: 80
This is a hardcover book filled with various Buurin games and puzzles for children.

Shougakukan Seal Picture Book 49

  • Title: Tonde Buurin! Karin-chan Henshin!!
  • Published By: Shougakukan
  • Catalogue Number: ISBN4-09-746049-8
  • Price: 780 Yen
  • Release Date: ?
  • Pages: 8
This is a children's picture book which includes background scenes with character stickers.

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