Kokubu Karin

Kokubu Karin (国分果林) was a cheerful and bright (but very clumsy) 13 year old junior high school student. Her birthday is November 23. She has long red/orange hair in a pony tail, with a large pink ribbon. She has large green eyes. Her blood type is O. She is 152 cm tall, and weighs 41 kg.

Karin went to Sei Ringo Gakuen junior hich school. She was very bad at sports, but she was on the school's tennis team. Karin liked classmate Mizuno Kouichi.

Karin was able to transform into the flying pig superhero Buurin, but it had to be kept a secret from eveyone. She used a compact that was shaped like the pig's nose for the transformation. This compact is called dream tonpact.

Karin said that she didn't like Buurin and wanted to transform into someone like Cutey Chao (a senshi in anime). Whenever Karin does a good deed as Buurin, she will get a pearl from a shell called yarigai. The pearl will be put into a container called buulette. When she gets 100 of these pearls, Karin will be able to transform into any form that she wants.

Karin's voice is done by Shiratori Yuri (白鳥由里).

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