Tonde Buurin TV episode 1

Episode Title
Chou Shoujo Buurin Tanjyou
[Super-Girl Buurin Arrives]
Broadcast Date
Opening Song
Ai ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
Ending Song
Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
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A glowing object is seen in the night's sky. After wildly darting around for a while, the object crashes to the ground in the city.

Kokubu Karin wakes up and sighs with relief,"A dream?" With a big yawn she plops her head back down on her pillow and goes to sleep.

The next morning Karin's mother, Kokubu Rikako can be heard yelling for her to get going on her way to school. Karin runs out of the house and down the city streets eating an apple. After commenting on how delicious her breakfast is, she hears a squeal from somewhere behind some bushes. She stops to look around for where the noise came from and finds a little, yellow piglet lying unconscious. Karin picks up the piglet and shakes it to see if it's all right. Karin wants to help the piglet, but doesn't have time because if she does she will be late for school. She tries to find someone else to help it, but everyone else is too busy also. She tries to stop a car with hopes that the driver can take the piglet to a hospital, but she gets knocked down by an oncoming vehicle. The piglet comes to, heads straight for Karin's apple and devours it. "Hey, that's my meal!" The piglet keeps making cute little noises and motions for more food, while Karin complains she can't stay and deal with the piglet. Because of him she is late for school. The piglet watches her leave for school with a suspicious look on its face.

While the school bell is ringing Karin is running into the school building, she walks into class after the teacher has already started. The teacher gets mad that Karin is late and while she is bowing to apologize her bag hits the floor with a squeal and starts moving. The teacher demands that he sees what is in the bag, but Karin replies that he shouldn't be looking in little girl's bags. Then Kuroha Keiko, the class president and Karin's rival, stands up and takes the bag from Karin (Keiko's background theme is very funny). When Keiko opens the bag two big eyes peek out and the yellow piglet jumps on her, messing up her hair. The piglet dashes around the classroom scaring everybody when Mizuno Kouichi, the soccer hero, jumps up and perfectly catches the piglet. At this Karin get starry-eyed and replies that Kouichi-kun is so cool (you can tell she has a crush on him). The piglet gives Koichi a big lick on his face and jumps away, heading for the hallways of the school. "Hey wait!" Karin and the whole rest of her class chase the piglet down the hallways into a dead end. "lucky! this way is a dead end." Right when she is sure she has trapped the piglet, she turns the corner to find that he has somehow escaped. Karin's teacher comments that he would like to see her later.

After school Karin is walking down the hallway when she sees Hidaka Kaoru, the class cutie, laughing while handing Kouichi a present. Karin tries to hide behind a corner, but Kouichi finds her. "Huh? What are you doing over here?" Karin tries to find an excuse. All of the people around her start whispering about Karin's piglet. Kouichi comforts her by saying it's ok. Again Karin gets stars in her eyes and replies that Kouichi-kun is so kind. Koichi then goes on to say that the piglet was quite funny however. Karin tries to laugh it off. The scene is interrupted by three little piglets each with one character of the word "kobuta" on their bellies. They then switch two of the characters to spell "Kokubu" and start singing that as well (very funny). The little, yellow piglet again peeks around the corner and watches Karin and Kouichi.

Outside the school Kouichi is playing soccer. Just as he kicks an amazing goal, Karin and her friend Yamakawa Masami are looking on. "Mizuno-kun is really great for a first-year student isn't he?" Hidaka Kaoru is also watching Kouichi play soccer. Kouichi's teammate notices her and comments to Kouichi that Kaoru is watching him. Kouichi says,"She's probably a soccer fan." "She's not a soccer fan, she's more like your fan isn't she?" Replies Kouichi's teammate. Karin and Masami are having a discussion when the three little piglets come on the screen again, interrupting them. This time they are chased off the TV by Karin yelling at them. Kouichi kicks a soccer ball which is headed straight for Kaoru. Before it hits her, Karin gets in the way and the ball nails her right in her face. Kouichi asks if she is all right and notices that she has a bloody nose. Karin says that it's nothing and runs off. Again the little piglet can be found mysteriously looking at Karin from between her classmate's legs.

Karin is walking home wishing that today's episode with Kouichi would have never happened, when the piglet appears from behind her legs. At first Karin is startled by the piglet, but when the pig takes off running Karin doesn't hesitate to start chasing it down the city streets. Just when Karin thought she had lost the piglet she sees it sitting on a nearby swing set. She runs at it, but it disappears leaving behind a pink, pig's head-shaped compact with the character "Bu" on the front of it. Karin looks at the compact suspiciously and says,"What's this?" She pokes the compact in wonder.

CM Break [begin]

First Eye catch
Buurin and Ton-chan are flying through the air while the announcer says,"Tonde Buurin!" The two are startled by a giant-sized Buurin dressed up like the Statue of Liberty holding an ice cream cone.
Second Eye catch
This eye catch is the same as the first one but the announcer doesn't say anything this time.

CM Break [end]

Karin is looking closely at the compact, wondering what it is. The compact opens up automaticly and inside there's a mirror with "Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin" written along the rim. Karin looks in the mirror and her face starts stretching and distorting. A pig nose appears on Karin's face in the mirror and then comes out of the compact. The pig nose floats in the air for a while and then heads for Karin's face. She ducks to avoid it, but the nose persists to chasing her down the street. The piglet sticks out his foot and trips Karin. The nose catches her and applies itself to her face. Karin pulls on it, but it will not come off at all. Karin begins to cry (you would too), and is interrupted by the piglet who starts to talk. Karin is surprised that the piglet can talk. The piglet goes on to introduce itself as Tonrariaano The Third. Karin bursts out laughing at the piglet's name, and at this Tonrariaano gets upset. Tonrariaano and Karin then warp to an area known as Buurin-go when the piglet says,"Buurin-go Warp!" (this area is somewhere out in the stars and has some kind of an apple with a pig nose and a ring around it.) A star comes out of the apple and comes down upon Karin, leaving her wearing a very cute pink suit. Tonrariaano then tells Karin to repeat the phrase "Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin." Karin says the words and undergoes a very Sailor Moon-like transformation to turn into the pink pig girl Buurin (this sequence is very funny). The show skips to a scene of Buurin using the Run Run Step which is a device used to lower the weight of Buurin to allow her to travel through space. When Tonrariaano sees Buurin his eyes turn into hearts as he remarks that she is beautiful. Karin asks what is going on and Tonrariaano explains that she has turned in the super heroin Buurin. Buurin looks in the mirror of the compact and is shocked at what she has become. Buurin thinks it is a dream and pulls on Tonrariaano's cheek to see if he is real. After realizing that it is not a dream, Buurin falls to the floor pouting. An alarm sounds and a child caught in a burning house can be seen in the compact's mirror. Tonrariaano tries to get Buurin to help the boy, but he must carry Buurin through the air because she is too busy crying.

Once the two of them arrive at the scene of the fire, Buurin sees the child crying out for his mom. Buurin immediately responds to go and help the kid. After comments from a few spectators,"What is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?" (sounds familiar) Buurin cannot help herself but to create a small self-introduction which goes,"The pig girl of love and courage, Buurin, is here!" Buurin stops and says to herself,"what am I saying?" With this she takes off and brings the kid down to his mom. A nearby photographer takes pictures of Buurin's daring rescue. Buurin then leaps to a nearby fountain and sucks a bunch of water up her nose. She then flies to the burning building and with the words,"Buurin Screw Water" she puts out the fire with a spinning windmill of water. The photographer takes some more pictures. Buurin gets a lot of praise from the crowd and tells them that if they ever need help to call for Buurin. She then flies off and crashes through a tree.

In the air Buurin meets up with Tonrariaano. Karin makes a mistake and calls the piglet Tondariino. Tonrariaano gets upset and corrects her, when the two of them see Kouichi walking down the street below. Buurin covers her eyes and hides along the side of a building.

Buurin and Tonrariaano head for Karin's house and the photographer who earlier took pictures of Buurin is calling around telling everyone about the big scoop he has.

Inside Karin's room Tonrariaano comments "so this is an earth-girls bedroom." Karin get upset and makes a mistake with the piglet's name by calling him Tonrarirurero. Buurin begs Tonrariaano to turn her back into Karin, and he tells her that all she has to do is pull off the pig nose. Buurin gets scared by this, but goes ahead and pulls off the nose, she turns back into Karin. The nose goes back into the compact and the cover closes. Karin sighs with relief and looks in the mirror of her closet to make sure she is back to normal. Once more Karin messes up the piglet's name and calls him Tonrarinchou. Torariaano corrects her and Karin decides to just call him Ton-chan because his name is too difficult. Ton-chan says that he guesses that is ok.

Ton-chan and Karin start discussing what happened earlier with Buurin when the compact comes alive and starts talking. The compact gives Karin a seashell which is called the Yarigai. Karin shakes the Yarigai and a pink pearl comes out of it. The compact informs Karin that every time she turns into Buurin and helps someone she will receive a pearl from the Yarigai, after she has 108 pearls she will be able to transform into any form she wants to. Karin sees a vision of the Super Heroin Cutie Chao whom she would really like to turn into, as she hates the form of Buurin.

The compact becomes still and falls onto the bed, Karin pokes it and is surprised that that was Ton-chan's father speaking. Ton-chan then gives Karin another item called the Pearl Buuretto. The Pearl Buuretto opens up and the pearl is absorbed into it, the counter on the Pearl Buuretto goes up to 1. Karin again gets upset at Ton-chan and starts shaking him. Karin's younger brother, Kokubu Shuuhei comes in and tells Karin to come downstairs because their father, Kokubu Shinichirou, has a big scoop. Ton-chan has now turned into a piggy-bank so no one will find out about him. Shuuhei then informs her that their father has some pictures of a great pig.

Karin runs downstairs to see her dad who shows her some pictures of Buurin. He and the whole family are very happy at how great of an event Buurin is. Karin's father is determined to find out Buurin's identity, as you can guess Karin is not too happy about this.

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