Tonde Buurin TV episode 2

Episode Title
Ai To Seishuun No Shuuto
[The Shoot Of Love And Youth]
Broadcast Date
Opening Song
Ai ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
Ending Song
Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
  • Summary Version 1.0 By Howie Voigt, 12/31/94
Karin walks into class to find all of her friends gathered around a newspaper with pictures of Buurin saving a child. Kouichi remarks that he is a big Buurin fan. Karin is happy about this and when Kouichi asks Karin what she's happy about she shows him her Buurin telephone card to change the subject. Again the three piglets interrupt with singing "Bu Bu Tereka Bu!"

Karin sighs and says that she has to be more careful because someone might find out that she is Buurin.

Karin is sitting along side a road commenting on how uncool Buurin is when she sees Kouichi walking by himself. She runs to Kouichi to give him the Kouichi-kun doll she had made but is knocked down by a bunch of guys riding bicycles. The group of guys start circling around Kouichi with their bikes and ask Kouichi if he is Mizuno Kouichi the soccer player. When he replies that he is Kouichi the group starts chasing him down the street.

Karin contemplates turning into Buurin in order to save Kouichi-kun. She doesn't want Kouichi to see her as Buurin because she hates this form. The group of boys knock Kouichi down on the ground and Karin decides that she has to save him.

"Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin!" Karin turns into Buurin and flies to save Kouichi from the thugs. "I am the pig girl of love and Justice, Buurin!" Buurin introduces herself to the group of thugs and attacks yelling "Buurin Kick!" and "Buurin Punch!" The thugs leave dragging their unconscious leader.

Buurin tries to wake up Kouichi. When Kouichi come to he is very happy that Buurin has saved him but wants to know how Buurin knew his name. Buurin tries to laugh it off and replies that she knows everything. With this she gives Kouichi-kun a slap on the back and he goes flying into a nearby bush. Buurin tells Kouichi that she is very busy so she has to go, but whenever he needs help just call for Buurin. Buurin departs by saying "Bye-bu."

At home Karin is feeling very uneasy that Kouichi has seen her as Buurin. Karin's dad talks to Karin about the soccer game between her school, Sei Ringo Gakuen, and the other leading school, Warasuno Junior High School. He tells her that he will be there as reporter for a newspaper and warns her about the rival school's soccer team. He tells Karin that her school's soccer team better be careful of their opponents. Karin remembers back to the group of thugs who attacked Kouichi and now realizes that they were soccer players from Warasuno Junior High School.

Kouichi is walking down the street when a strange guy stops him. He comments that Kouichi must be sore from soccer practice and that he will give him a massage to feel better. Kouichi tries to resist by saying that this isn't a good place to get a massage but the man pushes him onto the table and begins. Buurin clobbers the man on the head with a 5 ton hammer and takes off his disguise. It is the captain of the soccer players who attacked Kouichi earlier. He runs off and Buurin informs Kouichi that he is the Warasuno Junior High School's soccer captain, Tazamaki Goro. Kouichi thanks Buurin and says that Buurin is a good friend. Buurin's "Bu" mark on her belly starts to fade and she quickly flies off.

Buurin flies back to Karin's house and asks Ton-chan why her "Bu" mark is fading. Ton-chan tells her to take off her nose and turn back into Karin. Ton-chan takes the nose, puts it on his nose, and winds it up. As the nose unwinds Ton-chan tells Karin that when Buurin's energy gets low the nose must be recharged by Ton-chan. When the nose is done recharging it pops off and Ton-chan hands it back to Karin.

Again Kouichi is walking down the street when the same group of thugs attack him by throwing a net on him. Buurin cuts open the net and rolls over the thugs using the "Buurin Ball." Next Kouichi is attacked on the train and is again saved by Buurin. For the third and final time Kouichi is attacked by falling into a pit dug by the thugs. The thugs gather around the pit laughing when Kouichi starts rising out of it. He is being pushed up by Buurin who pins the Warasuno soccer players to a tree using the "Buurin Shuriken."

Buurin and Kouichi are sitting together in the sunset talking about tomorrow's soccer game. Kouichi tells Buurin to be at the game tomorrow and Buurin/Karin is not too happy about this. Then Kouichi holds Buurin's hand and says it's a date. Buurin gets hearts in her eyes and replies yes.

CM Break

The Sei Ringo soccer team and the cheerleaders are all getting into a school bus. Karin is dressed in a green gym outfit with a heart and a pig nose painted on her cheeks which is pretty cute. Karin's dad, Shinichirou Kokubu arrives and meets with Arashiyama-sensei who will also be going along. Kuroha Keiko and her group of cheerleaders cheer for the Sei Ringo soccer team as the crowd enters the bus. Kouichi is sad that Buurin didn't show up for their date as he gets on the bus.

On the bus someone is singing the song Ai Ha Kakkowarui with the karaoke machine when he notices that the bus is going the wrong way. The bus driver says that he was told to go to Nagoya Stadium on the phone by Arashiyama- sensei. Arashiyama-sensei says he didn't say that and starts choking the bus driver yelling that they have to get to the soccer game. Karin realizes that it must be the work of the rival team. The bus driver says it will take too long to get back on course so Keiko comes up with the idea of using a phone to call the soccer stadium announcing that their bus will be late. Arashiyama-sensei tells the bus driver to stop at the parking area ahead. He attempts to use the phone, but finds out he has lost the telephone number of the stadium.

Karin is sitting on the toilet in the women's bathroom where she turns into Buurin. Of course the other lady in the bathroom is very surprised to see Buurin come out of the toilet.

Outside the bus the students are trying to figure out what to do when all of a sudden Buurin arrives. Shinichirou takes some pictures of Buurin as she tells everyone to get into the bus. Just as Buurin is starting to fly with the bus Keiko comes out of a store with an ice cream cone. She yells to the bus to wait as she tries to catch up with it. She grabs a hold of the bus as it lifts off into the air, but when she looks down at the ground below her she loses her grip and falls. Buurin tries to help her, but can't let go of the bus so she uses the "Buurin Tail" to catch Keiko in her fall. Shinichirou takes more pictures of Buurin for his big scoop.

At the soccer field the judges decide that since Sei Ringo's team is late Warasuno's team wins the soccer game. At that moment Buurin and the Sei Ringo bus arrives. Buurin blames it all on Tazamaki Goro, but the judges say that late is late and they won't reverse the decision. The students of Sei Ringo protest while Tazamaki Goro accidentally reveals that he had them sent to Nagoya Stadium so they would lose the game. The judges now say that because of this the rival school is disqualified and Tazamaki Goro's team mates get very angry at him. Kouichi says that he doesn't want to win this way and requests that the game between the two teams still be played. Buurin asks everyone if they agree with this and everyone decides to play the game. This makes Goro happy beyond words and the soccer game begins. Just at the last moment when Sei Ringo is about to lose the game Kouichi shoots the winning goal! The rival team gives a very emotional speech about how they will practice hard until they are good enough to defeat Sei Ringo's team in next year's tournament. After the speech is finished they run off into the sunset and the Sei Ringo students laugh. Karin realizes that Kouichi isn't laughing and asks him what's wrong. He replies that Buurin didn't see him win. Karin comforts him and says to herself, "Kouichi-kun, Buurin is here."

At Karin's house Karin is very happy because she expects to get a large reward of pearls from the Yarigai. The Yarigai only gives her one pearl which makes Karin very angry. She asks Ton-chan why she only gets one pearl and he tells her he doesn't know and that she should ask the compact about it. She asks the compact why she only received one pearl and it replies that she only gets one pearl each time she turns into Buurin. Karin is happy that now she can become close to Kouichi by turning into Buurin to meet him. Ton-chan warns her she has to be careful about hiding her identity as Buurin. Karin then remembers that she doesn't want Kouichi to become close to Buurin, but she want him to get close to Karin. She gives a sigh as she wonders what to do.

Karin puts the pearl into the Pearl Buuretto and the counter goes up to five.

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