Tonde Buurin TV episode 3

Episode Title
Namida To Yuujou No Smash
[The Smash of Sympathy and Friendship]
Broadcast Date
Opening Song
Ai ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
Ending Song
Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
  • Summary Version 1.0 By Howie Voigt, 1995.02.08
Kouichi is playing soccer and makes a very nice kick right into the goal. Karin is marveling at Kouichi's abilities, and again thinking how great Kouichi is. Karin then gets a bit depressed because she realizes that she can't be too close to Kouichi because he will find out that she is Buurin. Then Masami cuts in commenting that Karin is watching Kouichi again.

Just as Karin is getting over being startled my Masami, she realizes that everyone is preoccupied with something and asks Masami what's going on. Over on the tennis court two guys are involved in a very impressive game. Masami explains to Karin that the two guys are Mushanokouji Takuma, the tennis club's number 1 player, and Kondou Masayoshi who is the tennis club's coach. Kondou Masayoshi curses as he hits the ball way up into the air, giving Takuma the point. Masami is very impressed with Takuma, but the same cannot be said for Karin. The tennis ball drops just behind Masami and Karin, and Takuma calls for them to retrieve it. Takuma stresses his ego by claiming that no girl can resist his smiling face, which seems to be true looking at his large posse of heart-eyed fans. Karin, now realizing that he meant for _her_ to retrieve the ball, starts looking around trying to find it. Karin is still looking for the ball when Takuma realizes that she is not affected by his beautiful, smiling face. He plans not to worry about this though, as he promises that he will get to her too. Just then Karin finds the ball lying next to the fence. She bends down to pick it up and is kicked in the butt by Kuroha Keiko. Karin's face smashes into the fence and Keiko, holding the tennis ball, claims that she is sorry.

Keiko immediately and very gladly offers the ball to Takuma, but he just ignores Keiko and heads straight for Karin. Karin is sitting on the ground, crying in pain from her encounter with the fence. Takuma kisses her finger and Karin, asking what he is doing, attempts to slap him. Takuma catches her hand and tells her that she has very cute fingers and that he doesn't want them to be in danger. All of Takuma's groupies, especially Keiko, cannot believe what they see. Kondou comes and asks Karin if she is ok. Karin immediately cheers up and tells Kondou that she is completely fine. A jealous Takuma pushes Karin out of Kondou's view and explains to him that Karin has a wound. He tells Kondou not to worry though, because he will take care of her. With that he picks up Karin and runs off, of course Karin is not too happy with this and neither is Keiko. Keiko curses that Karin won't get away with her Takuma-senpai.

Arashiyama-sensei rushes to the school-nurse's office to ask Karin if she is ok. Karin is just finishing talking to Nanako-sensei telling her that she will return to tennis practice now. Karin realizes that Arashiyama-sensei is probably not there for Karin, but to see Nanako-sensei. While leaving she comments to Arashiyama-sensei that she is fine and only hurt her finger, but he should worry about this boy's face. Takuma turns around and reveals his beaten up face.

On the tennis courts Karin and Masami are practicing against Keiko and her partner. Masami hits a very nice ball right past Keiko's partner and Karin congratulates her. Keiko isn't very impressed with their celebration. Then Kondou-sensei tells Karin that it is her turn to practice against Keiko, Karin is very cheerful and wants to impress Kondou-sensei. Keiko hits a very hard ball at Karin, who dashes in the opposite direction and completely misses it. Keiko hits another ball at Karin. This time she ducks it and Masami takes care of it, hitting the ball back toward Keiko. Keiko receives the ball and hits it directly at Karin. This time the ball hits Karin in her stomach. Karin falls to the floor as Keiko comments that Karin is really bad at tennis. Masami stops Keiko and tells her that that was not nice to say, and that they really are good. Keiko offers to have a tennis match on Saturday, the second, to test their true skills. Karin doesn't want to accept, but Masami, Keiko, and Kondou all decide to have the tennis match.

At night Masami and Karin are jogging, practicing for the upcoming tennis match against Keiko. Karin stops and falls to the ground complaining that she can't keep doing this. Masami tells her that she has to exercise her legs to be ready for the upcoming match. Masami tells Karin that whether or not they win and prove their abilities is all up to her. Just then Masami and Karin hear Keiko's background music playing. They look around to find the music coming from a boom-box nearby where Keiko and her partner are practicing some very strange looking formations. Masami and Karin start worrying about what secrets Keiko is planning to use in the tennis match. Karin decides that her and Masami better go and practice.

Karin is very hyped up and tells Masami to start. Masami hits a ball toward Karin, but Karin swings her racket much too early and misses the ball. Serve after serve Karin continuously misses the ball and soon gets tired out. Karin tells Masami to make the balls a little easier to hit, so Masami hits a whole bunch of balls at Karin all at the same time. Karin still cannot hit one of the balls and she complains that her legs are getting sore. Masami hits another bunch of tennis balls while telling Karin to hussle, but she stands still and again misses all of them. Karin sits down to rest while Masami continues to hit balls at her. Masami says that if they don't get better they won't win the tennis match and she gets ready to hit another ball. Karin yells out for Masami not to hit another ball and that she doesn't want to practice any more. With this an argument between Masami and Karin starts. Masami accuses Karin of not wanting to win the match at all. Karin says that she does want to win, but that Masami is just being impossible and overworking her too much. During the argument Keiko and her partner creep up behind a nearby bush and listen as Masami and Karin continue to yell at each other. Karin goes on to make fun of Masami for always exercising for sports and that she is being mean because the pressure is getting to her. Masami claims that she just wants to practice, but that Karin won't try. Of course Keiko, who had been listening to all of this, thinks the argument is quite amusing.

At the Kokubu home Karin is talking with Ton-chan about today's fight with Masami. Karin is sad that she and Masami fought and wants to make up with her. She tells Ton-chan that she will turn into Buurin and apologize to Masami for Karin. Ton-chan tells Karin that she should apologize to Masami herself, even though it would be easier to do it as Buurin. Karin agrees and decides to do it by herself...

The next day at school Karin is walking down the hall when she sees Masami walking toward her. After Karin thinks to herself about what she should do, she says good morning. Unfortunately the wrong person heard Karin's greeting. Takuma-senpai returns Karin's greeting and continues to talk on and on about himself. While Karin is busy dealing with Takuma, Masami walks by and Karin misses her chance to apologize. Karin sneaks away from Takuma who is still busy talking about himself.

During one of Arashiyama-sensei's classes Karin writes a note to Masami and asks her neighbor to pass it on. Keiko gets a hold of the note and opens it. It is a note to Masami saying that Karin is sorry, Keiko thinks that the note is kind of dull...

The note finally reaches Masami who reads it and then looks over at Karin. Karin looks at Masami and makes a big smile, but Masami, still looking sad, turns away. As Karin is wondering why Masami is being so stubborn Arashiyama- sensei notices that she is not paying attention to his lecture and demands that she stands up in class for a while.

[CM Break]

On the tennis courts Keiko is practicing against an opponent as Karin watches. Masami, who was standing behind Karin, walks off toward the school alone with a sad look on her face. Keiko comes up to Karin and taunts her that her companion doesn't feel like practicing much. Karin looks over to see Masami walking away as Keiko goes on to say that for two friends Karin and Masami don't make much of a pair. Karin gets upset and exclaims that she will not lose to Keiko.

That evening Masami is practicing tennis by herself using a wall to reflect her shots. Karin is watching from behind a bush and decides that she will confront Masami now. Karin reminds herself that for everything to be perfect again she must do this by herself and not use Buurin. After taking a deep breath Karin gets up and tries to go over to Masami, but realizes that she doesn't have any courage and jumps back behind the bush. Karin decides that she is going to have to turn into Buurin to help her out this time.

"Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin!" Karin transforms into Buurin and joins masami in hitting tennis balls. Masami is surprised to see Buurin and asks her why she has come there. Buurin replies that whenever people have problems Buurin comes to help, she informs Masami that one can't play tennis by themselves.

Buurin starts serving balls at Masami, but can't get a single good ball. After Masami comments that Buurin has to practice, Buurin hits a good ball right into Masami's court. Masami returns the ball, but her arm is shaking by the power of Buurin's serve. Buurin and Masami continue their game of tennis...

After the game Masami goes with Buurin to get a drink of water from a fountain. Masami brings up that her and Karin are in a fight and have to compete in a tennis match against Keiko, so this is a problem. Masami comments that she's sorry and Buurin tells her that Karin wants to make up too. Masami denies this saying that Karin wrote her a note about it. Masami shows Buurin the note that Karin wrote to Masami earlier during class. The note says that Karin will not say that she's sorry. Buurin slips and claims that _she_ didn't write the last part. Masami realizes Buurin's mistake so Buurin quickly changes the subject by showing Masami that "Gomen Ne!" was written by Karin, but the words "Nante Iiwanai You Da" looks different than that written by Karin. Masami agrees and realizes that "Gomen Ne!" is written very poorly. Of course Buurin gets angry about that statement, and says to herself that it is _her_ writing Masami's talking about. Masami wonders who in class wrote the bottom part then if Karin didn't. Buurin and Masami now realize that it was Kuroha Keiko who wrote it. Masami now feels bad that she blamed it on Karin, but Buurin tells her not to worry because it was Karin who requested Buurin to come and help. Masami, thinking that Karin would be listening, starts calling out for Karin to come over. Buurin stops Masami and offers to go and find Karin.

Buurin flies behind a bush and turns back into Karin. Karin is excited and runs to where Masami is, but trips over a railing in the process. Masami runs over to help and Karin and her make up.

It is now morning and the tournament between the teams of Masami and Karin and Keiko and her partner begins. After the first set things are not going too good for Keiko. The score is 6 to 4 in favor of Masami and Karin, the two of them are very happy about this. Keiko warns them that they won't be laughing for long...

The tournament starts again with Karin returning the ball to Keiko. Keiko yells out "Kuroha Formation X" and she and her partner form an X with their rackets. A ball comes from out of no where and scores a point for Keiko's team. Everyone is wondering what happened when Keiko remarks that this is her great ability. The match starts again and again Keiko uses one of her formations, this time it is the "Kuroha Formation Chicken". Just as with last time a ball comes out of no where and scores a point against Masami and Karin. "Kuroha Formation Tokyo Tower" "Kuroha Formation Kataguruma(model car)" Keiko continues to use her mysterious special attacks and in return wins the second set. Keiko sits down to drink from a thermos and, very arrogantly, comments that this game is hers. Just after saying this she sticks the straw of the thermos up her nose (very funny).

Masami is very worried and is feeling pessimistic about being able to beat Keiko's team because of all their special attacks. Just then Karin regains her confidence and is determined to win the next set.

As Keiko yells out "Kuroha Formation X" Karin closes her eyes and tries to concentrate. As the ball flies into her court, Karin runs over to it and hits it. Karin scores a point for her team! Karin, who is very happy, runs over to Masami and whispers something into her ear. Next Keiko tries to use the "Kuroha Formation Chicken". Karin explains that these attacks are useless. She explains her secret that to hit Keiko's ball she just has to deliver her smash a little late after Keiko begins. This time Masami tries it and manages to hit the "Kuroha Formation Chicken". Karin's idea works and she and Masami go on to win set 3 and the tournament.

Takuma-senpai is very happy and tells his "Koneko-chan" that he remembers her agreeing to be with him if she wins. Karin yells to Takuma that his memory has become bad and she didn't agree. Keiko also claims that Takuma's memory is bad, probably because she doesn't want him to be with Karin. Everyone, including the three piglets, starts making fun of Takuma-senpai saying that he is senile.

At the Kokubu house Ton-chan and Karin are in Karin's bedroom. Karin takes the Yarigai and tries to get some pearls from it, but none come out. Karin says that it's not a problem because soon she will be able to turn into a cool super-heroin. Karin looks at the counter on the Pearl Buuretto and sees that it is only at 3 pearls and is now rather depressed. Karin points it out to Ton-chan that she did a very good deed today and tries to convince Ton-chan to give her some pearls. Ton-chan won't agree which starts an argument between them.

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