Tonde Buurin TV episode 4

Episode Title
Ringu Ni Kaketa Seishun
[Youth Has Been Bet On The Wrestling Ring]
Broadcast Date
Opening Song
Ai ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
Ending Song
Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
  • Summary Version 1.0 By Howie Voigt, 1994.01.26
The episode opens up with Arashiyama Sensei teaching his class, well almost teaching his class as Karin is busy with other things. Karin has her head down on her desk and she is dreaming about Kouichi-kun again. Arashiyama Sensei gets very upset and throws his piece of chalk at Karin attempting to get her attention. Karin, reflex-like, sits up and catches the chalk between her fingers. The entire class begins cheering for Karin, all except one that is. Kuroha Keiko slams her hand down on the desk and starts complaining about how every day Karin always goofs off. Then some music starts to play outside of the school and everybody decides they have better things to listen to than Keiko. There is a truck driving by announcing the upcoming pro-wrestling tournament this Sunday. Kashiwagi is excited about the event and at the request of Kouichi, he tells everyone that he is a big pro-wrestling fan. He claims that one of the reasons he is a fan is because of the sexy female wrestlers, the rest of the class gives him quite a stare at this. He continues to tell the others about the event saying that a wrestler who dresses as Buurin named Buutan will be wrestling this Sunday. Kouichi is very excited about this and talks everybody into going to the match. Of course Kuroha Keiko bursts in saying that she is the class- president and that they will not go to the match. Then Arashiyama Sensei cuts in and says that this is supposed to be a class and tells them to stop talking. He is too late as the bell rings to end the class. Kashiwagi informs Arashiyama Sensei that Nanoko Sensei is a big pro-wrestling fan and of course this is enough to convince Arashiyama of going to the match.

Karin goes to the site of the upcoming match where she meets up with Kouichi, Kashiwagi, and Masami who also would like to catch a glimpse of the wrestlers. At the site, all of the wrestlers are busy getting the area ready for Sunday, including Pretty Koizumi who is the wrestler scheduled to wrestle against Buutan. Just as the group is wondering where Buutan is, she comes running up the road carrying some bags full of groceries. Buutan trips on a rock and falls down while the contents of her bags spill all over the street. One of the wrestlers gets very angry at Buutan and orders her to go back and buy the groceries all over again. Buutan screams "yes" and quickly runs back to the store. Karin's friends are looking on as Masami comments on how pitiful Buutan is. At this moment they realize that Karin is missing.

At the grocery store Buutan is busy collecting the things she needs when she meets up with Karin. Karin offers to get the other half of the things Buutan needs. Buutan is not too sure of this, but Karin say it is OK. Karin is very quick at gathering the things and Buutan thanks her for helping her out.

Karin is walking with Buutan back to the wrestling site and she asks Buutan if she is embarrassed about wearing the Buurin suit all of the time. Buutan replies that she is not at all ashamed about it and that she wants to be just like Buurin. Buutan says that Buurin is very cool. Karin doesn't agree that Buurin is cool of course. Buutan goes on to say that she looked at a picture of Buurin to make her costume she wears. Buutan asks Karin if she has ever seen Buurin in person and Karin responds that she has. Buutan is very excited about this and immediately asks Karin about it. "How was it?" "It was probably really cool!" "It is the greatest thing isn't it?" Buutan then says that she really wants to be like Buurin and goes off to practice.

Karin is on the tennis courts watching Kouichi play soccer when a tennis ball hits her in the back of the head. She turns around asking who did it and she sees Kuroha Keiko laughing. Keiko starts complaining about Karin again and during Keiko's speech Karin decides to leave. Keiko gets very angry and demands that she comes back. Karin pretends she doesn't hear Keiko yelling. Keiko says that no one does that to the class-president.

Karin again shows up at the wrestling site, this time she offers to help set up the place for Sunday. Buutan is very touched by Karin's offer to help. Karin finishes setting up all of the chairs, but as she is walking away she knocks them all down and has to start over again. She has similar bad luck with hanging up the laundry.

In the ring the wrestlers are busy practicing including Buutan. Karin is standing by the ring watching when one of the wrestlers picks her up and puts her into the ring. The wrestler wants to use Karin for practice. Karin tries to run away and Buutan tries to help her, but the two of them just end up colliding and falling on the mat.

Elsewhere a group of reporters, including Kokubu Shinichirou, are taking pictures of Pretty Koizumi. Shinichirou asks Pretty Koizumi if she has any comments about her upcoming match against Buutan. Pretty Koizumi directs her threats of winning at Buutan to try and scare her. Then the reporters all start taking pictures again and Karin appears in front of her dad's lens. Kokubu Shinichirou is surprised to see Karin and asks her what she is doing at this place. She replies that it's OK and for him to never mind. Then the reporters' attention is distracted by the wrestlers who are leaving and they follow them.

Karin looks over at Buutan who is very scared about what Pretty Koizumi had threatened earlier. Buutan is having doubts about how she could beat Pretty Koizumi who is a better wrestler than she is. Karin comforts her by saying that it's OK because she will be there too. Together they can beat Pretty Koizumi. Karin touches Buutan's hand and says that she can do it, and not to give up. Buutan says nothing but gives a very cute "bu".

Of course Keiko has to interrupt this touching moment. Keiko tells Karin that she is the class-president and that Karin must listen to her. She wants Karin to leave at once, but Karin resists saying that she must help Buutan. Keiko won't take that as an excuse and again demands that Karin listens to her. This time Keiko is interrupted by the wrestlers who ask her if she wants to wrestle. Keiko is very afraid and quickly runs out of the tent.

[CM Break]

It's now late at night and Karin and Buutan are still practicing in the wrestling tent. Karin is helping Buutan do sit-ups and Buutan is on her 106th one when Karin gets a phone call. Karin answers it and who else would it be than Keiko again telling her to go home. Next Karin is spotting Buutan while she lifts weights. Buutan is finished with her 100th repetition when Karin gets a telegram delivered to her. Again it is from the "lovely Kuroha" telling her to go home for the second time. Next we go to a scene of Buutan jumping-rope. Buutan stops jumping and lies down to take a rest. Karin gets flames in her eyes and tells Buutan that she must keep going. Buutan complains that she can't because she is very hungry, and then Karin realizes that she too is hungry at the moment. Just then the TV goes on and who else would it be other than Keiko again telling Karin to hurry up and go home. Just as Karin rushes to the TV and turns it off, Karin and Buutan hear a loud noise outside. They rush outside to have the spotlight of a helicopter shine in their eyes. Keiko is lowered down on a rope and this time, with a megaphone, very loudly demands that Karin goes home. Karin replies that she can't go home because she and Buutan are very hungry. Keiko calls for a limo which brings a table full of food for Karin and Buutan. The two of them devour the table of food. Keiko says that now everything should be all right and that she wants Karin to go home now. Karin again replies that she can't go, but this time it is because she ate too much and can't move.

It is now Sunday morning and Karin and Buutan are doing their last practices. Karin is wrapped up in a thick mat and Buutan is practicing her punches and kicks. Pretty Koizumi is watching and comments that it is funny watching Buutan practice. She says that today's match should be fun. This doesn't bother Karin who then tells Buutan to keep practicing, but Buutan's confidence has dropped. She tells Karin that she is afraid of Pretty Koizumi as she has an image of Koizumi standing on Buutan who is badly beaten up. "I just can't fight, Karin forgive me." With this Buutan runs out of the ring and disappears outside of the tent. Karin tries to follow Buutan, but can't because she is wrapped up by the mat.

It is now time for the wrestling matches to begin and everybody including Kouichi, Masami, Kashiwagi, Kaoru, and Nanoko Sensei are there. Then the group sees Keiko and asks her why she is there. Keiko explains that she is the class president and has to be there with the rest of them. Then Arashiyama Sensei shows up and sits next to Nanoko Sensei. Kashiwagi comments that he expected Arashiyama Sensei to show up since Nanoko Sensei was there. Then Nanoko Sensei says that she likes pro-wrestling a lot and Arashiyama Sensei claims that he also is a big fan to try and impress Nanoko.

Back in the dressing room, Pretty Koizumi is informed that Buutan is missing. The guy who informed her of this explains that they don't have any time so he must announce that there will be no match with Buutan. Karin is listening to all of this and decides that she will have to fight against Pretty Koizumi as Buurin to save her and Buutan's image.

"Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin!" Karin changes into Buurin and runs into the tent just as the announcer is informing the crowd that the match between Pretty Koizumi and Buutan is canceled. Buurin does a very nice flip from the ground onto the post in the corner of the ring. This time she announces herself as Buutan instead of Buurin. Buurin has no trouble fighting with Koizumi as she executes her "Buurin Punch" and "Buurin Kick" which sends Koizumi flying onto the mat. Buurin is very pleased with herself and begins another attack when she notices Kouichi cheering in the crowd. Buurin freezes and Pretty Koizumi hits her with a drop kick. Buurin gets up and charges at Koizumi, pushing her into the corner. Again Buurin gets distracted, this time by Kokubu Shinichirou who is taking pictures of her, and is hit by a flying body-slam by Koizumi. Next Buurin applies her special move to Koizumi which turns out to be an attack of tickles. In her laughter, Koizumi kicks Buurin out of the ring and onto the floor. As Buurin gets up she sees Buutan hiding underneath the ring.

Buurin asks Buutan what she is doing under the ring. Buutan is very surprised to see Buurin for her first time, but is too scared to fight against Koizumi. The referee, with some help from the three small piglets, is counting the time Buutan has left before disqualification. Under the ring Buurin is trying to pull Buutan outside, but Buutan is holding onto one of the posts. Buutan tries to explain to Buurin that she can't fight, but Buurin just answers with a punch to Buutan's face. The referee wonders what the commotion under the ring is and continues his count which is now up to 13. Buurin finally manages to convince Buutan to get into the ring and the two tag hands for an exchange.

Buutan comes out from under the ring just as the referee counts to 19. Kouichi notices that Buutan seems a little bigger than before.

Buutan is getting beaten pretty badly by Pretty Koizumi and the crowd is felling sorry for her. Karin is standing at ring-side and cheers Buutan on. Buutan struggles to get up and as Koizumi is charging at her she trips and conveniently lands on top of Koizumi. The referee counts to three and Buutan wins the match! The entire crowd including Karin is very happy and they all cheer for Buutan. Buutan looks to the sky and says, "thank you, Buurin."

That night Karin is talking with Ton-chan, who is eating apples, about today's event. Karin shakes the Yarigai and is very happy to find that two pearls come out. Karin puts the pearls into the Pearl Buuretto and the counter goes up to five. Ton-chan is commenting that Karin received a big reward today when the compact comes to life. The compact sounds surprised that Karin received two pearls this time and Karin hides them behind her back as to protect them. The compact says that it's ok and that it won't be strict this time. With this the compact stops moving and falls to the floor. Karin begins practicing some wrestling moves she had learned today on Ton-chan.

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