Tonde Buurin TV episode 5

Episode Title
Tsunahiki ga Musunda Yuujou
[The Friendship That Was Bound By The Tug-Of-War]
Broadcast Date
Opening Song
Ai Ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
Ending Song
Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
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Karin is worrying about the upcoming physical education festival, so Masami comes over to see what is wrong. Kashiwagi explains that Karin is "unchi". Kaoru leans over and tells Karin that it's not healthy to put up with this kind of talk. Kashiwagi explains that he used the abbreviation, "unchi", to mean "undou onchi" which means someone with a lack of excercise. The joke is that "unchi" usually means crap, Kaoru didn't know Kashiwagi was using it as an abbreviation and therefore thought he was calling Karin a piece of crap. Karin starts crying and says it's true that she is lacking excercise.

Kuroha Keiko comes and tries to make Karin feel even worse about the athletic festival. Masami says that Keiko is mean and reminds Karin that there is going to be a Run Run Step relay in the event also. Karin cheers up and says they can leave the Run Run Step relay up to her.

Just then a student comes with the news that they are going to call for Buurin to be at the athletic festival. Masami asks what is going to happen to Kuroha's tug-of-war event and the student said it's called off. Mizuno comes and explains that there is going to be a tug-of-war with Buurin. Keiko asks Mizuno how he is going to call for Buurin, and he says they can put posters up all over town telling Buurin to come to the festival. Karin seems unsure of the idea so Mizuno asks her if she is against it. Karin says she's not but she is concerned with Buurin's situation. Keiko comes in yelling about how Mizuno is taking a very big risk, and that if they go with her plan there is no such risk involved. Mizuno shuts her up and promises that Buurin definitely will come! Mizuno has become friends with Buurin so he is sure she will come.

Then Kaoru recommends that Karin paint the posters of Buurin. Karin isn't sure, but when Kouichi thanks her and shakes her hand she seems happy to help out.

Karin sings while painting the Buurin posters.

Karin thinks about the ways she will impress Mizuno at the festival. Her first scored point will be when she wins the Run Run Step relay, the second will be when she gives Mizuno a special lunch, and the third will be when Buurin shows up. Then Ton-chan reminds her that it will be difficult because she can't turn into Buurin in front of everybody. Karin starts to worry.

The next day at school Karin is worrying about not being able to change into Buurin at the festival. She hears Kashiwagi say that if Buurin doesn't show up Mizuno's honor will be ruined. Karin gets upset about this and promises that both Karin and Buurin will show up.

Karin and her friends go around town putting up the posters. Kashiwagi and Masami are wondering if Buurin will even recognize the painting on them. Kaoru says she will because "Kitare Buurin!" is also written on the top.

At the Athletic festival the Run Run Step relay starts. Karin gets her turn and runs very fast to win the race and therefore scoring the first point to impress Mizuno.

CM Beak [See Tonde Buurin Episode 1 Summary]

The students take a break for lunch before the tug-of-war contest. Karin is admiring her special lunch she made for her and Mizuno, she looks up to offer some to him but finds everybody standing in a big huddle with Mizuno in the center.

Everyone is concerned why Buurin hasn't shown up yet, Mizuno says it's ok and that Buurin will come. There is an announcment over the loud speaker for everyone to start getting ready for the next event, and everyone starts worrying even more. Kouichi says that if Buurin doesn't come he will take the responsibility to go and find her.

Karin decides to go and change into Buurin. Keiko stops Karin and asks her where she is going, Karin says she is going to the bathroom.

Karin transforms into Buurin.

Buurin immediately receives a distress call on the Dream Tonpact and goes to help someone. Buurin wants to return to the festival, but she keeps needing to help people.

Buurin uses the Buurin Eye to see how Kouichi is doing. She sees Keiko warning Mizuno that if Buurin doesn't show up soon they will hold Keiko's tug-of-war contest instead.

Buurin helps out another person and then uses the Buurin Eye again. This time she sees Mizuno sharing lunch with Kaoru. Karin lost out on her chance to score the second point.

Back at the festival everyone is waiting for Buurin to show up, but she is very late. Keiko tells Mizuno that his time is up and it's his responsibility to announce the Buurin event is off.

Mizuno tells everyone that he planned on having the tug-of-war contest with Buurin, but Buurin is not here.

Kouichi yells "What is that!?" Kashiwagi can't beleive Mizuno is still hoping for Buurin to come. "Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl, Buhi to Buurin ni Omakase yo!" It is Buurin! Kouichi thanks Buurin and says that he knew she would come.

The tug-of-war contest starts and Buurin is easily winning over the students' team. Everyone in the audience comes to try to help the students fight Buurin. As her power begins to fade, Buurin starts to loose ground to the opposing team. Buurin tries so hard to win that she turns red.

Mizuno stops pulling and starts cheering for Buurin who is now starting to lose. Mizuno runs over and helps Buurin pull, saying that their friendship is strong and alive and that they will combine their power. Buurin and Mizuno start gaining ground to eventually win the contest.

Buurin and Mizuno are about to embrace when Buurin's "Bu" mark starts to disappear. Buurin leaves and changes back into Karin.

Karin meets her friends who ask her where she was because she missed a very important time since Buurin showed up. Karin apologizes when Keiko asks her if she really was in the bathroom the whole time.

Karin is lying in bed and says that today was a tough day. Ton-chan floats by, eating an apple as though he doesn't notice her at all. Karin calls Ton-chan a cold person. Karin is very happy that she receives two pearls today and wishes herself luck from tomorrow on. Ton-chan makes a come-back by saying that Karin is only interested in money.

The counter on the Pearl Buuretto goes up to seven.

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