Tonde Buurin TV episode 6

Episode Title
Hakken! Buurin no Doguu
[Discovery! Buurin's Tool]
Broadcast Date
Opening Song
Ai Ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
Ending Song
Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
  • Summary Version 1.0 By Howie Voigt, 1995.10.18
Arashiyama-sensei calls out to the students and tells them that this zone called Tonkororin is an ancient ruins area. He tells them all that if they discover a relic to stand up and have everybody take a close look at it.

Then Arashiyama-sensei notices Karin and Masami eating candy. Karin comments to Masami about how delicious the candy was and is interrupted by Arashiyama-sensei. He says, "this is not about candy, don't you understand the romanticism of these ancient ruins?" Karin thinks about the word romanticism (roman), but still has her mind on sweets. She switches the word around and instead thinks of chestnuts (maron). Karin then says that she wants to eat some "monburan". Arashiyama-sensei gets angry and tells Karin that it's "ro-ma-n" and not "ma-ro-n". Karin and Masami leave and Arashiyama-sensei comments that they really don't understand this precious social studies field-trip at all.

Then Arashiyama-sensei looks over at Kouichi and Kashiwagi and comments at how serious they are about it.

Kuroha is complaining that there is too much dust in this area when a truck dumps a big pile of dirt on top of her.

Karin is digging in the dirt and commenting on how this place really is a bunch of ruins, when all of a sudden she uncovers a small statue of Buurin. She quickly hides the statue in her backpack.

Back in Karin's room she is showing the statue to Ton-chan. Ton-chan says that if he remembers correctly it looks like buurin, but he wonders what it's for. Karin says it seems to be a tool and made by people a long time ago. Karin asks Ton-chan about the strange characters written on the statue. Ton-chan starts to read the characters which talks about following the trail of hooves to find the Nose of the Messenger of Justice. Ton-chan tells Karin that the characters are Buurin-go and that he understands them. Karin asks Ton-chan if there is any connection between the statue and Buurin. Ton-chan says that he thinks he remembers his father telling him there is. Karin gets excited and wonders if there would be any literature still remaining that the old Buurin wrote about a way to collect pearls quickly. Ton-chan says he definitely doesn't remember anything about that and leaves. Karin is angry at Ton-chan and says that she will have to investigate on her own then.

Karin is walking in the library with a large stack of books when Arashiyama-sensei runs into her and knocks her down. He helps Karin pick up the books and notices the name "The Mysteries of the Ancient Ruins" on one of them. Arashiyama-sensei is very surprised and asks Karin about it. Karin says that archeology is very interesting and she wants to study more about it. Arashiyama-sensei gets very happy.

Karin is trying to study with Arashiyama-sensei talking behind her about how good this is. Takuma-senpai takes the book from Karin and says that he didn't know his "koneko-chan" was interested in archeology. Karin says that she is not his "koneko-chan". Takuma says this is very fortunate because he is also interested in it. Takuma tells Karin that he can teach her everything about archeology. Then Kuroha shows up and asks Takuma to give up on Karin and teach her everything. Karin yells about all of the noise and then notices Ton-chan outside of the window.

Ton-chan explains that Karin isn't doing too well searching by herself and gives her a map. Karin looks at the map and notices that it has the same writing as the statue. Ton-chan says that he is also interested in solving this mystery, but reminds Karin that it has nothing to do with finding more pearls. Karin agrees and tries to say that she will investigate strictly for the sake of romanticism (roman), but skrews up again and says "maron".

Karin and Ton-chan are walking through the cave indicated on the map when they meet up with Takuma-senpai. Karin asks him what he is doing here, and he says that since Karin likes archeology he is digging to find a present for her. After Takuma's song Karin leaves and meets up with Kuroha Keiko followed by Kouichi and Kashiwagi who are searching for Himiko's buried riches.

Keiko steps on a trap and her and Takuma fall in a pit. Karin wants to help them, but she can't turn into Buurin in front of Kouichi and Kashiwagi. A whole bunch of hands come out of the walls of the pit and start tickling Keiko and Takuma. Kouichi says that this isn't very life-threatening and he and Kashiwagi leave. Ton-chan tells karin that there are probably more traps set ahead to protect the nose so Kouichi is in danger.

Karin transforms into Buurin, saves Keiko and Takuma, and tells them to return home. Buurin hears Kouichi yell and starts flying in their direction.

CM Break [See Tonde Buurin Episode 1 Summary]

Kouichi and Kashiwagi are caught in a trap, Kashiwagi yells that he doesn't want to be buried here and become a fossil. Just then Buurin comes to save them. Buurin tries to pull them out, but isn't strong enough to. She ends up using the Buurin Boomerang to cut them loose and then ends up stuck to the wall herself. Buurin pulls herself loose and starts to riccochet off the walls and finally disappears in a trap door.

Karin and Ton-chan wake up in a secret room. Karin wonders how she got turned back into Karin, and Ton-chan says the shock must have taken her nose off. Karin notices a whole bunch of painting on the walls and says that the old Buurin must have been here. Then Ton-chan calls Karin's attention to a sealed box in the room. Karin asks if they should open the box. Ton-chan says the old Buurin's mummy might be inside. They open the box and find the nose inside!

Karin comments that this must be the nose of the ancient Messenger of Justice. Ton-chan wonders if maybe it is the old Buurin's transformation kit. Karin holds the nose up and says "Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin", but nothing happens. Ton-chan says that mabye the effect has worn off. Karin gets a very devious looks on her face and puts the nose on Ton-chan for him to re-energize it. Ton-chan is re-energizing the nose while he complains that it was mean to put that strange thing on him.

The nose stops charging and Ton-chan tries to take it off, but he can't! Karin and Buurin try to pull the nose off of Ton-chan, but both of them fail. Ton-chan yells about what to do.

Then the Ton-pact comes alive and asks what that pitiful voice was. Ton-chan's father notices the nose and says that it was his tranformation kit when he was on earth. Buurin is surprised to find out that Ton-chan's father was also on the earth. Ton-chan's father remembers that after his mission on earth was finished he gave the nose to Himiko to put away in this room. And he also gave Himiko the Doguurin (statue) as a present to remember him. Buurin asks him about the strange traps, and he says he made them to protect the nose. Ton-chan reminds them about the nose he can't get off and Buurin asks his father how to remove it. He says they have to escape from the building in order to remove it. Buurin tries to break the walls, but they are too strong. Ton-chan's father is trying to remember where the switch is that will allow them to get out, but can't. Then Ton-chan yells for them to hurry and get the nose off, which reminds his father that the switch is Buurin's nose. Ton-chan's father tells Buurin to stick his fingers in Buurin's nose and that will let them escape. Buurin follow his intructions and the whole cave begins to collapse.

As Buurin and Ton-chan are escaping from the cave, it explodes sending both of them head-first into the ground. When Ton-chan lifts his head out of the ground, the nose comes off! Kouichi comes up to Buurin and asks if she's alright, he then asks what happened to Karin and everybody starts to worry that she's still inside the cave. Buurin says not to worry because she brought Karin back home already. Buurin says that if they are ever in trouble they can always call for Buurin and leaves.

At Karin's house Ton-chan is treating Karin's injury. Karin yells that it hurts and tells him to be more gentle. Ton-chan replies that this isn't how a heroine of justice acts. Karin sticks out her tongue and wonders how many pearls she earned today. She is surprised with how many pearls she got. Ton-chan's father appears and explains that this is his big service for Karin being full of injuries. Karin doesn't think it's funny and asks if that's supposed to be a pun.

The pearls go into the Pearl Buuretto and the counter goes up to eleven.

Karin offers to return the nose to Ton-chan's father, but he refuses asking Karin to return it to the earth's soil where Himiko lived. He tells Karin that she will also become an excellent Buurin with a lot of effort.

The next day at school Karin finds Takuma with a whole bunch of ancient artifacts on a table. He tells Karin that as promised these are her presents and that he wants her to be happy. Takuma looks around and notices that Karin is no longer there. Takuma yells that he doesn't understand how she can ignore such a beautiful person as himself, but her running away from him only sets him on fire. Then Keiko comes and Takuma gives her all of Karin's presents and runs away. Keiko gets very happy and thinks that Takuma actually does like her.

Karin is sitting in the window holding onto the nose. She wonders what kind of girl Himiko was, when all of a sudden she sneezes. Karin drops the nose and it breaks into tiny pieces. Karin says it's ok, the nose has been returned to the soil.

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