Chacha's Items

Chacha has many magical items.

Chacha's second weapon is the "wing criss", a sword that comes from the "saint fairy bird". To activate the sword, the Princess shoots her "beauty serein arrow" into the sky while shouting, "Saint fairy navigation!" Then the "saint fairy bird" will appear out of the sky and fly to her arm. Then the princess shouts, "Lightning feather, skill up!" and the the bird transforms into the sword. To attack her opponent, the princess shouts, "Wing criss, burning flash!"

Chacha's attack was strong enough, but her defense wasn't. So Chacha needed the third item, the "bird shield". The bird shield could only be made by Muramasa, the son of the royal armorer. The bird shield is normally a bracelet on the Princess' left arm. To activate the shield, the Princess says, "Bird shield, build up!" This creates a invisible force field around her, and saves her from most attacks.

Chacha also gets earrings which detects danger even in the dark.

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