Akazukin Chacha episode 3

Episode Title Burikko ningyo Marin!
(the overacting cute mermaid Marin!)
Air Date 1994.01.21
OP Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
ED Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Keywords Beach side, sea, island, Marin's magical stick, broom bus
New Characters Marin (Sakurai Tomo)
Guest Characters Umibouzu

  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.10.15
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.25
Sorges' spy, the chalk brush, complains that he's all alone in the Banana Class because Rascal-sensei took all his pupils, on a very large flying broom, to the beach today.

At the Dark Castle, the Daimaou looks forward to 'enjoying' what Sorges prepares for Chacha this time. Then a red starfish appears in the blue fire behind Sorges..

[title screen]

The first embarrassing thing Chacha and Riiya do when they arrive at the beach, is to yell, "That's sea!" as many times as they can. Then a very angry Yakko yells at Chacha for not having brought "her beloved" Seravi to the beach. Chacha, Riiya and Shiine don't pay much attention to her as she tells them how deep her love for Seravi is, and leave her behind.

Chacha wants to play in the sea but Shiine keeps staying under his beach umbrella. Riiya, turned into a white wolf, wearing sunglasses and 'Hawaiian' T-shirt and flower collar, throws a ball at Shiine to make them move. Riiya wants to go to the little island he sees off in the distance, but has no broom nor knows how to swim to get there by himself. So Chacha proposes to create a ship to get there.

But her ship rather looks like a clockwork teddy bear, which floats though, so they can have a ride on it. On their way to the island, the teddy bear stops rowing, therefore Riiya has to wind it up. Then a very big wave gets closer, and eventually swamps their little boat. The 3 kids are sinking when Chacha remembers she cannot swim either, so she creates a little raft to rescue herself, while Shiine uses a life buoy of his own. Much to their surprise, they hear Riiya happily yelling out he can swim after all. But Chacha, willing to help her friend, blunders and instead of a buoy, creates a large anchor that knocks Riiya out and makes him sink.

Under the sea, a giant, Umibouzu, is confessing his love for Marin, a cute purple-haired mermaid. But she turns him down, and doing so, digs his own grave. Then she leaves him, wishing him to find another girl to love, and wishing herself to find a more handsome man to tally with her beauty.

On her way to the surface, Marin finds the knocked-out Riiya and immediately falls in love with him. She takes Riiya to the rocks and, wondering if he likes mermaids, gently pats his forehead.. which makes him wake up, wondering where he is, who Marin is, and.. who he is. Being hit by Chacha's anchor seems to have erased his memory. So Marin jumps at the chance and tells him he is her lover. That makes Umibouzu getting out of the sea with anger.

In the meantime, Chacha and Shiine are still looking for Riiya, because, unlike Shiine, Chacha believes in Riiya's strength and is sure he's not dead. She then spots Umibouzu, now arguing against Riiya for Marin's love. Riiya shows Marin his strength by sending Umibouzu flying in the air.

Chacha is very happy to see Riiya again, but Riiya doesn't recognize her, even though he has vague memories about her name. When Marin takes Riiya away, and Riiya tells Chacha he is Marin's lover, Chacha starts crying and falls off her broom. Then she slaps Riiya in the face. Shiine wants to take revenge on Riiya for making Chacha cry, but when Riiya asks him who he is, Shiine sees the chance of his life to win Chacha's heart since Riiya doesn't remember her.

In the sea, Umibouzu complains to himself about Marin's coldness toward him, when the red starfish we saw at Daimaou's castle encrusts itself into Umibouzu's forehead, making him very dangerous and out of control.

[CM break]

Chacha, crying by herself on the beach, still can't believe Riiya claims to be Marin's lover and doesn't remember her. Shiine can't believe in his chance to make up to Chacha and tries to cheer her up, with little success.

Meanwhile while they were on the rocks, Marin uses her own magical stick to turn herself into a very cute mermaid princess with lots of jewels, make-up etc.. but Riiya still doesn't pay much attention to her, because he's still worried about the 'other girl' (Chacha) that he made cry. So Marin, to fool him, forces herself to cry her tears out. But Riiya still worries more about the other crying girl than his own crying fiancee. When Marin asks him what he'd like to do, he replies, "Go to that little island".

Now on the island, Chacha isn't in a better mood, without Riiya. Shiine turns himself into a white wolf like Riiya, but that only makes her cry more. She then dashes away on her broom, yelling that Riiya isn't acting as usual and that she believes in him, leaving Shiine behind.

Flying over the sea, Chacha spots Marin giving swimming lessons to Riiya. But Marin protects Riiya from Chacha's moves, who is suddenly face to face with Umibouzu, his eyes red with anger at her, who tries to knock her down.

Shiine, willing to protect Chacha and show her how nice he is, plans to fight against Umibouzu but the giant kicks him down before he can say his magical spell in full.

Then Chacha and Umibouzu fight against each other, Chacha with a hammer, Umibouzu with a water ladle, that Chacha easily destroys. Shiine wants to do his comeback but is kicked down for the second time by Umibouzu.

Watching Chacha's and Shiine's fight against Umibouzu, a strange turtle family, who is actually made of Seravi, Dorothy, and Elizabeth dressed up as turtles, shows up. Seravi (father turtle) starts kicking Riiya's head to get his memories back.. and Riiya eventually remembers who he is.

In the meantime, Chacha and Shiine are in a pinch, but can't use the Beauty Serein Arrow since Riiya doesn't remember anything. Then Riiya arrives at full speed and kicks Umibouzu in the stomach. Now that Riiya has got his memory back, Chacha can transform herself, and her arrow goes right at the red starfish, who tries to escape but in vain and is destroyed. The Princess' magical powers make Umibouzu return to his normal self, and also make snow fall over the sea.

The end of the day comes, and Rascal brings all his pupils back to school on his broom bus. Riiya spots the turtle family and waves his hand at them. Marin swears she will take revenge and will have Riiya for herself.

In the Dark Castle, Sorges apologizes to the Daimaou, who just witnessed that Chacha wasn't just a normal little girl, and tells Sorges not to worry.

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