Akazukin Chacha episode 4

Episode Title Hissatsu sanbiki no kobuta kougeki
(Deadly! Attack of the 3 little pigs)
Air Date 1994.01.28
OP Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
ED Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Keywords Love potion, soup, pigs, straw, trees, wooden blocks
Guest Characters butterfly monster
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.10.19
    I cannot write quick summaries, there are too many funny things to say!!
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.26
The principal is enjoying the beautiful weather in the garden when she witnesses the mermaid Marin, who has come there to attend the same courses as "her" Riiya, coming out of the fountain and now seeking him frantically.

[title screen]

As the students arrive at school, Marin spots Riiya, jumps at him and kisses him on the cheek, in front of Chacha. Chacha wonders what Marin was doing there, and also why she has real legs (under her skirt). Marin retorts that these are legs she borrowed from a lender when she went ashore. Marin is a bit disappointed to hear that Riiya, Chacha, and Shiine are all in the Banana class, while she is in the Apple class. As she goes to her class, Chacha shouts that she'd better not come again/go back to her sea/etc..

As Marin looks at herself in a mirror and finds herself too cute to be true, Chacha's rival, the black-hooded Yakko, introduces herself to her and tells her she has a secret weapon that she will give to Marin, but NOT for free even if they're going to be friends: a magical love potion.

Marin eventually buys Yakko's VERY expensive potion and follows the instructions: she pours the liquid into a plate and looks into it for three seconds. The green color turns into pink, and the potion now "remembers" Marin's face.

Then Marin goes to the Banana class to meet Riiya, but instead it's Chacha who "welcomes" her. Then Shiine brings the white wolf to Marin, who is Riiya turned into a white wolf, but Marin doesn't know this and kicks the white wolf away, yelling that in no way it can be Riiya. Then Marin, very angry, leaves, scaring the other pupils in the corridor.

Not long after, Riiya and Shiine are running on the playground, then Marin shows up, holding out the potion to Riiya, pretending it's some juice to drink. But Riiya dashes away. So Yakko offers her NOT FREE services again to make Riiya drink the potion.

At the Dark Castle, the Daimaou calls on Sorges to quickly find a way to get rid of Chacha, for his own sake.

It's now lunch time so Riiya, Shiine, and Chacha head for the dining hall. Yakko, who is on duty there today, secretly pours the love potion into Riiya's egg soup that she was going to give him. But Rascal says that Riiya's portion is too much, takes Riiya's bowl, and pours it back into the big cooking pot where the soup for everybody simmers. Yakko, seeing this, is at stake, and can't eat her own soup bowl later.

As Marin wonders if Riiya finally drank the love potion, the door of her own dining hall opens and Riiya sneaks in, looking for her. "I don't know why but suddenly I wanted badly to see you", Riiya says, blushing. Marin is overwhelmed with joy, because Riiya now loves her and because she also beats Chacha hollow.

But then Shiine kicks Riiya away, and gives Marin a bouquet of flowers, confessing his love for her. He is soon followed by Rascal-sensei, who corners her and tells her to stay with him only.

Much to everybody's surprise, Chacha angrily steps in and yells Marin is hers, scaring Marin to death.

[CM break]

"I am serious. I love you", adds Chacha, with loving eyes. Still Shiine and Riiya fight over Marin, while Chacha tries to kiss Marin.

Seeing Yakko nearby, Marin grabs her to make her talk. But Yakko shyly replies she only did what she said: pouring the potion into Riiya's dish.

As she runs away, Marin angrily chases her, followed by the entire Banana class (who drank the soup with the potion too).

Soon Chacha, Riiya, Shiine, Rascal, and the others start fighting against each other, to "win" Marin.

To make everyone stop, Chacha creates a dinosaur, which scares nobody because she made it of the size of a snail. Then to get rid of Rascal who cracks his whip over her head, Chacha creates "whatever-will-do-the-job", and a giant piece of rock falls onto Rascal's head, knocking him out. But it's of no effect on the other belligerents.

Soon everybody gets knocked out, with Chacha and Riiya being the only two left, still fighting against each other. Chacha creates three "small" pigs, who are three times taller than her, and each of them attacks Riiya. The first one, tapping on his tambourine, fills up the corridor with tons of straw, that quickly run like a river, flooding out of the building; but Riiya eventually kicks the first pig, and the straw vanishes. Chacha's second pig makes giant trees grow through the building. But Riiya, with one of the trees, kicks the pig away, and the trees vanish. The third pig creates lots of wooden blocks that fall everywhere around. Chacha, very scared, begs Riiya to kick the pig, that he does, so the blocks vanish.

Then Sorges' spy, the chalk brush, hears his master's voice, calling on him to do something.

Chacha and Riiya are still at each other, but are too tired to fight any more. Besides, they seem to have forgotten the reason why they fought. The effect of the potion seems to be limited in time!

Then the chalk brush, now turned into a giant butterfly-like monster, starts yelling angrily at Chacha, Riiya, and Marin, and throws needles at them. So Chacha creates a giant fan, that the monster turns off by simply pulling on its AC cord.

Chacha is eventually pinned onto a wall, and is about to be killed when Riiya/white wolf catches the lethal needle on the fly into his mouth. Then Riiya and Shiine make Chacha turn into the Magical Princess Holy Up, who easily defeats the monster.

Seeing this in his blue fire, Sorges isn't very happy at all.

Later when the principal comes back from her stroll, she sees that her school has been torn down very badly.

When the Daimaou asks Sorges to account for his failure, Sorges shyly apologizes to his master and calls for his next "trick" to come, Kyuu-chan the vampire..

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