Akazukin Chacha episode 5

Episode Title
Kyuu-chan to date
(Date with 'Vampy' Kyuu-chan)
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Bats, shell, cross, garlic, coffin, fax, signs, camp
Guest Characters
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.10.20
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.26
Rascal-sensei has taken his pupils to a forest near a river, and asks them to build their tents. Chacha creates her own one, unfortunately upside down, but she, Riiya and Shiine have a very nice time playing with it that way, while Marin is spying on them, angry at Chacha for monopolizing her Riiya.

[title screen]

At the Dark Castle, Sorges is very happy because Chacha and the others are camping, which means Seravi won't show up. Then the Daimaou remembers that there is a vampire living there, and asks Sorges to get in touch with him. At the vampire's castle, while he is sleeping in his coffin, a fax arrives on his bat fax machine, with Chacha's picture printed on it..

At the camp, Rascal shows the kids how to fish the dinner with his whip. Seeing that Chacha is alone in the forest, picking up some dry wood for the fire, Marin jumps at the chance and goes after her.

When she meets her, Marin tells Chacha that she has found a place where there are lots of wood. Chacha is a bit worried to lose her way, since Rascal told them not to go too far away from the camp, but Marin shows her some signs with which she can safely get back to the camp.

So Chacha happily leaves, and just after she passes by every single sign on her way, the red crab that Marin has created with her magical stick turns the signs the opposite way.

After a while, Chacha finds the wood Marin told her about, but is misled by the wrong signs, and goes deeper into the dark forest. She eventually thinks she has lost her way, and cries in despair, when the red stone in her Princess Medallion starts flashing, and jumps out of the medallion. Chacha runs after the stone and catches it, but wonders why it did that.

Then a strange owl family introduces herself to Chacha. They are actually Seravi and Elizabeth, dressed up as owls [they use the same trick on Chacha as in episode 3, and it works just fine again: she doesn't recognize them]. Seravi/father owl tells Chacha that this stone is very important to her, and that she should snap it back into her medallion. The stone will lead her back to the camp. So Chacha thanks him and follows the light of her stone.

[Note: whenever Seravi/Dorothy/Elizabeth show up, dressed up as any animal they might think of, they always call themselves "ordinary [xxx]"= "tada no..", that is "Don't pay much attention to us," and keep calling each other that way. When Seravi tells Chacha to follow her medallion, Chacha thanks him the same way, "Thank you very much, Mr ordinary owl!" VERY funny ^_^;;]

A few seconds later, Dorothy, dressed up as a horned owl, shows up holding a big hammer with which she intends to knock Seravi out, but he spots her just in time. He doesn't want to tell her the reason of his presence here though, he only says that Chacha is very important to him.

At the dark castle, it's time for Kyuu-chan to wake up. He then reads the fax, and looks forward to meeting such a cute girl, Chacha.

Back at the camp, now at night, Rascal has made a big fire. Riiya and Shiine were a bit worried about Chacha since she disappeared for a long time, but she happily replies that they could make such a big fire with the lots of wood she brought back thanks to Marin (not very happy to see her back), and even thanks her.

Then time comes to go to bed. Unbeknownst to them, they are spied on by Kyuu-chan. But he doesn't remember well Chacha's face; he only remembers that the girl he is supposed to take care of is a cutie.

Marin is so worried about Chacha sleeping in the same tent as her Riiya that she comes to their tent and pulls Chacha's bed outside, waking her up. As an excuse, Marin tells her she found another interesting place she wanted to show her, and drags her deeper in the forest.

Kyuu-chan still doesn't remember Chacha's face, but then he spots Marin and Chacha going to the forest. To him two cuties are better than one, so he makes his move and captures them both.

A bit later, Riiya wakes up and realizes that Chacha isn't there any more, so he wakes up Shiine, but can't stop laughing at his silly hair style. But then they think Chacha might be in danger and, not seeing Kyuu-chan's castle afar, they go into the forest.

[CM break]

At the castle, Marin and Chacha really are in deep trouble, but Kyuu-chan can't make up his mind about which of the two cuties to start with. He finally chooses Chacha, making Marin wake up with anger for not having been considered the cutest of the two. Chacha then wakes up, and wonders who this strange guy is.

Now realizing who they must face, Chacha and Marin start quarreling about who will be the first one to be sucked dead, but then Chacha creates a large golden cross to freeze the vampire. But, with an evil grin, he tells them he fears no garlic, cross, nor holy water any more. Chacha is very disappointed because once in a long while she really created what she wanted.. To prove them he doesn't fear the cross, Kyuu-chan puts his finger on the cross, laughing, showing off, but his finger gets injured slightly.

Next, Chacha creates a giant garlic bulb, that she slices into small pieces, making her and the vampire cry, but it is of no effect on him. So they decide to run away at full speed.

Kyuu-chan quickly sends his bats after them, and the bats capture them. Then Marin whispers something to Chacha. Both of them seem to have resigned themselves not to try to escape, and instead beg Kyuu-chan to go out on a date with them. Marin and Chacha pretend to be sorry for having not been that kind with him since the beginning. So he says that's all right for them to stay alive a bit longer.

Meanwhile in the forest, Riiya and Chacha have found no trace of Chacha so far, so Riiya decides to turn himself into a white wolf, so he can follow Chacha's trace by sniffing up his smell. Seravi/father owl, looking over them, wonders if they should follow them as well. Dorothy sarcastically says that it's funny for an ordinary owl to worry about humans that much.

Locked into the ladies' restrooms, Chacha and Marin decide to team up against the vampire, and decide to make things last as long as they can to give Shiine and Riiya enough time to come and rescue them. As Kyuu-chan knocks at the door, wondering what they are doing, the door opens, showing Chacha and Marin wearing beautiful dresses. When they ask him where they will go on a date, Kyuu-chan tells them they will stay in the castle, since he has plenty of things (such as disco, video games) to entertain them with. No use saying Chacha and Marin are very disappointed that they're not going outside.

Marin fools the vampire, saying that she wanted soooo badly to see the sunrise with him, but Chacha wonders aloud if he is allowed to see this. Kyuu-chan says that's no problem to him.

At the top of the very high stairs, Marin and Chacha enjoy the sunrise, so does Kyuu-chan but only through the helmet of his space suit, bearing a big no sun mark.

Just when Chacha thinks that they cannot escape, Marin, to the contrary, thinks that the vampire, wearing such heavy suit, cannot run after them, but on their way to the exit, following Chacha's stone, they are captured again by the bats.

To avoid this from happening again, Kyuu-chan ties them up, but becomes very mad when they tell him about Shiine and Riiya, especially when they say that Riiya is MUCH nicer and handsome than him. He doesn't want to hear more, and is now about to bite Chacha for real, when Riiya and Chacha appear, blasting the wall nearby.

Shiine introduces himself and Riiya, still turned into a white wolf. Kyuu-chan can't see in which way this mere wolf can be nicer/stronger/cuter.. than him. But Chacha says he IS.

So now Kyuu-chan is very mad at them, and holds out a sword to slice them down. Shiine keeps throwing various objects at him, that he easily slices, until he realizes he has just sliced his own bed (the coffin). So he angrily runs after the four kids, waving his sword, and eventually corners him.

Marin imagines she is safe in a shell she creates, but the vampire's sword easily breaks it. Marin being in danger wakes up Chacha's stone, making Riiya return to his normal self, so that Chacha can be transformed into the Magical Princess Holy Up.

Kyuu-chan is very stunned to see her, but after a while he waves his sword against Chacha's Beauty Serein Arrow. But she cutely smiles at him, taking him off guard by surprise, and defeats him. He finds her VERY cute though..

At the Dark Castle, Sorges bows lower than ever, begging the Daimaou to forgive him once more, reminding him he still has the magical twins left for later. This makes the Daimaou spitefully laugh loud, as the shape of two people form in the blue fire.

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