Akazukin Chacha episode 6

Episode Title
Akachan ha mahou ga oheta
[Babies are bad at magic]
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Guest Voice Actors
Ranran (Shimamoto Sumi)
Kankan (Matsuno Taiki)
explosive bread, youth potion, panda items, merry-go-round, drunk
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.12.02
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.05
    This is one of my favorite episodes.
Dorothy arrives at Seravi's house, and finds him busy cooking, wearing an apron. She brings him some fresh bread she just baked, in which she has wickedly hidden some nice TNT bombs. She is already seeing herself being the World's Best Magician, but then Seravi tells her that since the weather is fine today, he, Chacha and the others have planned to go hiking. So he asks Dorothy to come along, adding that they will ALL eat Dorothy's bread..

[title screen]

At the Dark Castle, the Daimaou looks forward to seeing Sorges' new "guests", the pair of magicians that will get rid of Chacha. He warns Sorges though that there's no laughing matter and he'd better see Chacha die..

In the woods, Chacha, Riiya and Shiine are singing.. the OP theme [^_^], when a colorful stage and two people (a girl and a boy) pop out from nowhere, introduce themselves as Ranran and Kankan, and tell the kids they have come there to teach them some "magical exercises". Then they invite the kids to dance on stage, while a (very stupid) song is being played. Only Chacha seems to have fun.

Then Kankan and Ranran hand out some "panda soft drinks" to Chacha, Riiya and Shiine, that they happily accept and drink. But the magical beverage they just drank has transformed them back to their younger selves. Ranran, with a wicked smile, seems very pleased with her invention, but when she takes baby-Shiine in her arms, Shiine's clothes, now far too large for him, drop down, uncovering 'the lower part of his body', making him and Ranran blush [^_^;;]. Kankan advises her to change their clothes so that they fit them again.

The three babies start yelling at them at once, wondering out loud what it is all about. Shiine and Chacha want to get rid of Ranran and Kankan with their magical powers, but now that they are babies, their magic has lost its power. Next, Riiya turns himself into a baby white wolf, who is easily tricked, just like every single baby animal, with a mere ball to play with.

Kankan then feels that somebody's coming, so they make the stage vanish. They see Seravi, Elizabeth, and Dorothy coming, so they hide themselves in the bushes. Dorothy doesn't look very happy and keeps begging for something to eat, but Seravi retorts they have to find Chacha and the others first. Kankan has a good idea: if they can make Seravi and Dorothy drink the same magical beverage, they will also be turned into powerless babies, so that Kankan and Ranran will become the World's Best Magicians' Couple.

Dorothy keeps saying out loud that she's starving, so Seravi remarks that she's particularly troublesome today. As always, Elizabeth adds, and hands out to Dorothy one of the breads she baked. Dorothy does NOT want to eat any of these, so Seravi remarks out loud that Dorothy might be hiding something to them.. Then Seravi spots a tea house, and takes the other two there.

The tea house is actually one of Kankan's and Ranran's tricks, just made to lure Seravi. Baby-Chacha, baby-Shiine and baby-Riiya intend to warn him of the danger, so Kankan throws at them some rubber teats to keep them quiet. Then Seravi comes in. He immediately spots the three babies, and even says that the girl is Chacha's look-a-like. As Dorothy remarks that he likes kids a lot, Seravi replies that's because they are NOT crooked like ANOTHER person he knows.

When Ranran gives them some oolong tea brewed long ago, the babies make even more noise, but it doesn't make Seravi and Dorothy stop drinking their tea. So baby-Chacha grabs baby-Shiine and baby-Riiya, and throws them at Seravi and Dorothy, who let their tea cup go and break on the floor. But they had already drunk some of the tea. Thankfully it was not enough to turn them into babies, but into teenagers nevertheless.

Kankan and Ranran show off a bit, asking Seravi how he liked their magical potion he has just drunk. Seravi realizes that the baby he has in his arms is Shiine. Then he turns back and sees a _VERY_ cute girl, with big brown eyes and long blond hair. She is the teenager version of Dorothy, and Seravi is very happy to see her transformed that way. Chacha, Shiine and Riiya can't believe their eyes (..that Dorothy was that beautiful).

Seravi then uses his magic to turn her dress and her hair style into what they used to be, transforming her into an Elizabeth look-a-like, and he happily starts to take lots of pictures of her. Dorothy isn't so proud of her new style, and kicks him down, yelling she's NOT his toy.

When Seravi complains that Dorothy USED to be such a nice person, Dorothy yells out, shedding tears, that he's entirely responsible for this, for never being nice to her. Hearing this, Seravi turns her into a bride and intends to marry her at once. Despite Dorothy's anger, trampling Seravi, he cannot refrain from loving her.

Then Kankan reminds them that he and Ranran are still there, and proposes him to fight a duel, now that he's a teenager and his powers have decreased accordingly. But, with a meaningful smile, Seravi wonders out loud if they really think his powers have become weak enough to be defeated by them.

Kankan and Ranran have heard enough, and create a giant burning tire ("TAIYA yaki") that they throw at Seravi who easily turns it into a giant carp cake ("tai yaki"). As a counterattack, Seravi throws Dorothy's bread sticks at them, blasting them.

As a final trick, realizing Seravi is still too powerful for them, Kankan and Ranran kidnap baby-Chacha, baby-Shiine, and baby-Riiya, yelling that they will bring them to the Daimaou, and if Seravi and Dorothy don't drink Kankan's own magical potion to get back to their normal shape, they'll be stuck into their teenager's body for life. Seravi looks very happy nevertheless, and keeps taking pictures of Dorothy.

[CM break]

Kankan and Ranran have taken baby-Chacha, baby-Shiine, and baby-Riiya to a cavern nearby, and proudly and wickedly show them the bottles that contain the antidote that will return them to normal size.

Note: the bottles bear a big "panda" sticker, and Ranran has panda-shaped earrings.. Everything seems to be related to pandas.

To make them shut up, Ranran creates a flying musical merry-go-round [with a panda in the center ^_^], the kind of stuff that makes babies sleep at once usually. Chacha and company aren't to be fooled that easily, but Ranran adds that whoever listens to its music falls asleep that once, and soon the babies sleep soundly. But later in his sleep, Riiya turns over and pats Chacha's face with his fist, waking her up. In turn, she wakes up him and Shiine, and find out that Ranran and Kankan have fallen asleep as well.

But before they escape, they have to get some of these magical bottles to get back to their normal selves. Climbing on top of Shiine and Riiya [who both complain about her weight..], Chacha manages to pick up some bottles, but they soon get stone-drunk, and the noise of empty bottles crashing on the ground wakes up Ranran and Kankan. The drug, transforming Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine back to teenagers [and tearing down their baby outfits at the same time], reveals their true drunken behavior: Shiine can't stop crying, Chacha can't stop laughing, and Riiya wants to beat the tar out of everyone.

To get rid of Kankan and Ranran, Chacha creates a giant rabbit, who rather looks like a bad mix of a rabbit and a dinosaur [since she's drunk, this might explain that]. Then she takes a ride on him and sends him after Kankan and Ranran. The rabbit monster blasts the cavern on his way out.

Kankan and Ranran manage to hide themselves, but are soon rejoined by Shiine, the "hooded whimperer" as he calls himself, who clings to Ranran, and Riiya, who angrily bites Kankan's leg (and doesn't like its taste !).

When Chacha finds their hideout, Ranran and Kankan can only escape on their flying brooms, and use a panda-remote control to blast the entire mountain where the cavern was. But Chacha, Shiine and Riiya aren't killed, since the rabbit monster grew some wings, so it can fly and save them all. As punishment, Chacha begs him to burn Kankan and Ranran alive [he has dragon powers too !], only making them angrier.

So the two create their secret weapon, a giant reddish dragon, which holds a golden "treasure" disc, that Chacha, still drunk, mistakes for a giant shrimp. The dragon, with a mere kick of his tail, kicks the rabbit monster down to the ground, making it (being Chacha's magic) vanish.

Ranran intends to give them the final blast, but then Dorothy, of whom Seravi is still frantically taking lots of pictures, yells at them to stop and at Seravi to do something. So Seravi thinks of a good way to cure the kids' drunken state. First he drowns them in hot water, then in hot coffee, and then he restores their normal outfits. Chacha, Shiine and Riiya seem to have waken up and wonder what they are doing there.

Seeing the dragon, they remember everything, and as Ranran asks the dragon to go and gulp them down, they use their magic to transform Chacha into the Magical Princess Holy Up, who easily defeats the dragon by destroying the "treasure" golden disc he was holding.

Dorothy is now frenzily looking for a bottle of curing beverage, but Seravi states they might have all been destroyed in the mountain's blast. But when he spots one of them, thankfully undamaged, he accidently drops it on the ground, breaking it, much to Dorothy's despair. She kicks Seravi out for wanting her to remain in that teenager's form. In the meantime, Shiine, Chacha and Riiya aren't in a good shape, suffering from a hangover.

At the Dark Castle, Sorges desperately tries to apologize to his master, who angrily crushes the Chinese brass balls with which he was playing.

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