Akazukin Chacha episode 7

Episode Title
Samusa bakuhatsu! Sensei ha yukionna
[Cold explosion! Teacher is a snow woman]
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
truck accident, holes, snow storm, magical potions
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.12.12
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.14
In the morning, Chacha takes a ride to school on her broom, so does Rascal- sensei on his bike. On Rascal's way though, a mole, in Daimaou's service, is digging a large hole.

[title screen]

At the Dark Castle, the Daimaou looks forward to seeing Sorgess' new nasty trick, a potion which turns weak things into the world's strongest monsters.

On his way, Rascal is caught in the mole's trap but it doesn't stop him at all. So the mole, very mad, is about to drink the potion he got from Sorgess when a large truck 'swats' Rascal who wanted to avoid a cat with his bike. The mole never expected things to turn out that well.

At school, the Principal, crying her eyes out, has come to Chacha's class to tell them what has just happened to Rascal, and startles them when she adds that he'll just take a day off [they were expecting the worst]. She then wants to introduce them their new teacher for today.

In the corridor, the mole, digging another large hole, plans to catch the new teacher in the same good old trap, but she just passes round the hole. The mole realizes that HE is caught in his own hole, too deep to get out of, as some snow starts falling in the hole.

The new teacher turns to be a cute tall girl with long white hair, who, introducing herself as Oyuki-sensei, freezes her pupils with a snow storm of her own. She shyly apologizes for being tense thus not being able to behave herself, since it's the very first time she teaches.

The mole's next trick is to dig a hole right under Chacha's chair, so that she'll be caught in his trap.

As Oyuki-sensei begins to read aloud to her pupils, Shiine realizes she just made a mistake [the spell is supposed to be from the Fairy Land, not from the Goblin Land] and tells her so. Blushing, she buries herself under embarrassment.. and her pupils under another snow storm. Chacha suggests Oyuki-sensei to skip this lesson, while Riiya suggests Shiine not to say a word more to their teacher, but the 2nd lesson turns to be even.. 'colder' :)

The mole is eventually done with her hole, but he has dug too far and right into the Principal's office.

Oyuki-sensei wonders what to do next, so Chacha and Yakko suggest her to do the language lesson. Oyuki-sensei asks them to read the essay they wrote for homework. Chacha starts reading hers, which is all about Seravi-sensei, and which doesn't delight Yakko at ALL. Yakko angrily gets up and smacks Chacha's face; both start quarelling because they wrote exactly the same essay.

Oyuki-sensei, seeing that her pupils are quarelling in the middle of her lesson, yells and spreads snow around once more, but Chacha and Yakko quickly make friends, pretending they are the best friends in the world. So Oyuki-sensei calms down [some of her pupils have been turned into ice blocks though].

It's now Riiya's turn to read his essay, which is involving Riiya's tail and Chacha too much to Marin's taste and makes her 'dash in'. She yells at Chacha for sticking to Riiya's "tail", and doesn't understand what the white wolf does in her arms now [she has been completely mistaken about the story since she still hasn't realized that Riiya could transform himself..].

To force Chacha to tell her where she has hidden Riiya, Marin decides to torture Chacha's "pet". Oyuki-sensei tries to pacify Marin who yells at her to shut up. So Oyuki-sensei, in despair, bursts into the stronger snow storm ever, sending everyone flying, including the mole who had finally dug his way to Chacha's classroom.

[CM break]

A moment later, Chacha and the others 'land' into the snow and stick their head out, wondering where they are. Yakko believes that they are now trapped into the coldness of Oyuki-sensei's heart. But the teacher is nowhere to be seen. So Riiya, Shiine/wolf, Chacha and Yakko decide to aim at what seems to be the source of the snow storm in this world, despite the wind around.

In turn, the mole pops out, wondering what he's doing here, and soon starts digging another hole in the snow, being too dumb to think about anything else.

Soon Chacha and the others find a giant snow ball, which might be where Oyuki-sensei is hiding into. Riiya/wolf throws a powerful punch at it, but it's too hard to break and he is turned into an ice statue.

Then Yakko takes a magical snow-melting potion of her own and intends to pour it onto the snow ball, but the liquid is frozen in the bottle.

Next is Shiine, who turns himself into a giant candle to melt the snow down, but the strong wind puts out his fire.

Only Chacha remains, and creates a giant white bear who easily tears the snow ball down. Inside, Oyuki-sensei, all alone and very sad, can hear them come. Scared by the white bear, who almost stepped onto her by mistake, Oyuki-sensei creates a stronger wing that sends the bear and Chacha flying.

But the cold is too severe to withstand. Riiya, Shiine and Yakko are about to fall asleep in the snow, when the mole pops out from the ground and starts yelling at Chacha, who is more worried about her friends and doesn't pay much attention to him. So the mole decides to sing a lullaby to make them fall asleep, but he's singing too loud and too out of tune, and he awakes them all instead.

Chacha even thanks the mole very much for what he just did, then she, Riiya, Shiine and Yakko gather to find a way to leave this snow world. Seeing this, the mole gets very mad, hands out the magical potion Sorgess had prepared, and drinks it all. The potion turns him into a giant monster, who attacks the kids at once.

In the neighborhood, Oyuki-sensei is looking at them, wondering what to do to help them. She finally remembers they are her beloved pupils, thus she intervenes between the giant mole and the kids. As she is asking the mole, in a VERY cute voice [^_^], to make friends with them again, the snow storm suddently stops.

But the mole doesn't like it that way, and angrily ensnares Oyuki-sensei in his paw. Since she's in great danger, Chacha, Riiya and Shiine use their magic to turn Chacha into the Magical Princess Holy Up. As the monster charges, the Princess throws her Beauty Serein Arrow right at the red scar on the mole's forehead, forcing him to open his paw and let Oyuki-sensei go. Then the mole vanishes in mid air.

Oyuki-sensei is safe but very sorry for having been of little help, but then all her pupils tell her how much they like her anyway. She becomes so happy that she can't refrain from creating another snow storm that turns everyone into snowmen.

Back home at night, Chacha, Shiine and Riiya are confined to bed with strong snow burns and fever. Dorothy wonders what happened at school.

The next day at school, Rascal-sensei makes his comeback, with a plaster cast around his left ankle and arm. But all the pupils have caught cold thus are stuck at home.

At the Dark Castle, Sorgess swears, once more, that he will succeed next time without fail..

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