Akazukin Chacha episode 11

Episode Title
"Kettei? Sushi CHYANPYON" (Determination? Sushi champion)
18 Mar 1994
Kimi iro omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga suki dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Sushi, speed, festival, stalls
Susshi, Riiya's father
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.02.14
A festival will be held at school soon, so Rascal-sensei encourages his pupils to find a nice idea for a stall of their own. Chacha can only create "food signs", Yakko creates a fancy kissaten [tea salon], and as Riiya is about to create a ramen & gyouza [Chinese ravioli.. well, sort of ^_^] shop, his father shows up with an idea of his own : preparing sushi. But the only sushi he prepares and likes are tamagozushi [omelette sushi]. Marin then strikes in and creates enough sea food to bury everyone.

>From the corridor, a strange old man, called Susshi, is spying on them. When Marin spots him, he turns her into a giant "live" makizushi [sushi roll]. He's about to do the same with Chacha, who has come to "play" with Marin, but Seravi appears, and shows his sushi technique to everyone. Yakko, Rascal, then Riiya's father want to try Seravi's sushi first. They are too delicious to believe.

But, much to Susshi's surprise, Seravi is also very fast : preparing a sushi takes him less than 0.1 second, while it takes 0.5 second to the old man to do the same. When Chacha comes to him to give him some of Seravi's sushi, he doesn't know what to do : jump at the chance and kill her, or learn from Seravi first. Susshi goes for the second idea.

After a few "ika" puns, the old man begs Seravi to teach him how to be faster. But Seravi isn't in the mood of teaching him, because there's something wrong with his face.. until Susshi puts on a Seravi mask [^_^].

[CM break]

Now at Seravi's place, the old man is having a bit of training, lifting heavy weights, then is asked to look at the clouds in the sky for 1 hour. They all think there must be a reason why Seravi asks them to do that, sushi being shaped like clouds.. but surprisingly there's absolutely none [^_^].

Soon they resume the cooking practice. First, the old man has to make perfect rolls out of napkins, "supported" by Chacha and co. Then it's time to prepare real sushi. Chacha, Shiine and Riiya will be Susshi's first customers. Riiya keeps asking for types of sushi that Chacha keeps mistaking for totally different and _not eatable things.

Next Susshi must improve his speed. At first, it takes him 0.4 second per sushi, but after a while he breaks Seravi's own record with 0.0999 second per sushi. Searvi thinks he has nothing else to teach to him, and leaves "a la Messiah" [see by yourself ! indescribable ^_^].

So Susshi can now concentrate on his first task, "taking care" of Chacha, and turns himself into a giant "sushi-man" (with the head like a maki, shoulders shields made of ebi and torso made of ika). To counter Riiya/white wolf's attack, Susshi stuffs his mouth with a big load of wasabi [very hot green mustard put in a sushi between the raw fish and the rice ball]. As they try to escape, Chacha, Shiine and Riiya are caught by the giant squid tentacle Susshi just created, then turned into "live" sushi. To finish them off, Riiya and Shiine are about to be eaten alive, while Chacha is stuck into a giant o-bento [lunch] box.

Seravi, dressed as a raw prawn [no wonder why nobody ever recognizes him ^_^], tells Susshi his sushi's weak point : Chacha's, Riiya's and Shiine's rice balls don't have the same number of rice grains ! Susshi is then too busy counting the grains to realize that all 4 have escaped. But then he uses his bamboo tools that he turns into scissors and sword that he sends after them, blasting the ground under their feets.

Susshi is about to give the final blow to Chacha, but her medallion starts shining, and turns her into Holy-Up. The Princess easily dodges and defeats Susshi.

As expected, once more, Sorgess begs the Daimaou to give him one more chance.

At the festival, Chacha wonders why nobody comes to their sushi stall and yells out loud for customers.. [her sushi are simply the worst looking].

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