Akazukin Chacha episode 24

Episode Title
Watashiga densetsuno oujo-sama?
[I'm the legendary queen?]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.06.
The graduation was taking place at Urara Gakuen. Seravi, Dorothy, and other "parents" were watching. Dorothy was feeling very emotional. She brought lots of handkerchiefs and was ready to cry. Seravi said that he had caught a cold.

[title screen]

It was time for Banana Class to get their diplomas. Rascal said that it was too much trouble to call them one by one, so he called all of his students to the stage at once. He said that he would give the diploma to one representative. Everyone looked at Chacha. Chacha was very scared. Riiya, Shiine, Orin, and the others told Chacha to give it her best. But when Chacha went to walk toward Rascal, she was very stiff.

Shiine said, "Chacha-san, your feet and hands are moving together. Relax!"

Then Urara Principal called Chacha. Urara said, "Chacha-san, it was a short time, but thank you for the very nice memories. Your smile is wonderful like the sun. You're a real magician today. Please don't lose the love, courage, and hope in your heart, and stay very cheerful as you are."

Dorothy started crying. Riiya's grandfather also started getting emotional.

Then Rascal told Chacha to do one magic for the graduation. Urara asked Chacha to do it too. Chacha said, "I'll bring out the firefly's lights." (hotaru no hikari) But when Chacha did her magic, a giant hotel with lots of bright lights came out. Seravi said that it was, "Hotel no hikari."

Chacha was very scared as Riiya went up to her with his whip. She apologized, but Rascal said, "Nice joke. Even if you graduate, don't forget that 'genki'." Then as Rascal started to leave, Chacha saw a tear come out of his eye. Then all of the students ran to him and they all held each other.

Then Riiya's grandfather started to cry. He had so much tears that the auditorium started to fill up with water. Everyone started drowning, except for Seravi who had brought a float.

After the graduation, Chacha, Riiya, Shiine, Seravi, Dorothy, and Riiya's grandfather walked back to Chacha's house.
Riiya said, "Bye, Shiine-chan."
Shiine said, "What?"
Riiya said, "There's no school from tomorrow. So we won't meet again. I'll take care of Chacha, so you have a nice life in Urizuri Mountain."
Chacha said, "What!? We can't see Shiine-chan any more?"
Shiine said, "What are you talking about! I'm going to come here every day."
Riiya said, "But it's pretty far from Urizuri Mountain."
Chacha said, "Then why don't you live here too." Shiine became very happy.
Dorothy said, "No you can't do that! Shiine-chan is my disciple. If you go, who is going to clean the house, do laundry, cook, etc..??"
Seravi laughed and said, "That means you left all of the household chores to Shiine-chan."
Elizabeth said, "Maybe Dorothy can't do any of it by herself."
Seravi said, "So that's why she still hasn't gotten married."
Dorothy said, "Shut up!" Then Dorothy used her magic so that Shiine would be able to stay with Chacha. Dorothy moved her house and mountain next to Seravi's house. But Seravi put it back right away. Since Dorothy had used up a lot of her powers, she was very upset.

Then Seravi suggested that they have a party. The kids were very happy, and they rushed to Seravi's house. When they opened the door, they all stopped. Yakko was inside making cookies. Yakko said, "I had my mind made up already, that I would become Seravi's disciple when I graduate. Then I'll eventually marry Seravi."

But Chacha quickly said that she was already Seravi's disciple. Yakko said, "A klutzy girl like you is an embarassment to Seravi! His disciple should be as good as me."

Shiine and Riiya quickly said that Chacha was much nicer and cuter. But Yakko said that a wolf boy and a child couldn't appreciate her. Then Dorothy commented that Seravi probably could. Seravi got embarassed and said to Chacha, "I'll leave this to you.

Then Chacha came up with an idea to test Yakko.

Meanwhile the Daimaou was getting mad at Sorges. Than a falcon flew to the Daimaou. It had a message stating that Access was going to return. When Sorges asked about Access, the Daimaou got mad and started blasting him. Sorges quickly escaped and started cleaning to try to please the Daimaou.

While Sorges was cleaning, he saw the seal of the old king. He started wiping it, and it opened a secret door. When Sorges went inside, he saw a statue of the king and queen. When he commented that it looked a lot like the real thing, the Daimaou came and said that it was. [The Daimaou was finally shown on TV!]

[CM break]

Outside of Seravi's house, Chacha started the quiz game to test Yakko. Chacha said that Yakko had to answer all of the questions in order to win.

The first question was, "What is the name of the cute doll that Seravi carries? 1. Eririn, 2. Elizabeth, 3. Erizaimon." Yakko had no idea, and she was getting worried because the first question was so difficult. But then Chacha said, "So what number is Elizabeth?"

Yakko quickly said, "2!" and Chacha was surprised. Chacha wondered why Yakko knew the answer. Then Shiine pointed out that Chacha had given the answer away.

The second question was, "What is Seravi good at cooking? 1. Hot cakes, 2. Omlettes, 3. Curry rice." Yakko didn't know the answer again, so she just guessed, "1." Then Chacha laughed and asked Seravi to give the answer himself. But Seravi said that the answer was "all of them", so Yakko said that she was correct.

Meanwhile the Daimaou said to Sorges, "I'm the one who turned the king and queen into statues."
Sorges said, "Then it's a lie that they gave the kingdom to you?"
The Daimaou said, "That's right. If it hadn't been for their one daughter, I would have control of this kingdom."
Sorges said, "It can't be. That daughter is Chacha?"
The Daimaou said, "Yeah! Now that you know the secret, you will have to die! With Access coming back, I have no need for you."

The Daimaou took out his sword, and Sorges started running away, after turning himself into a mouse. The Daimaou used his magic to keep popping in front of Sorges. Sorges eventually tumbled outside, but he was injured and he couldn't run away any more. The Daimaou went up to him and raised his sword to deliver the final blow. But just as he swung, and force field caught him and immobilized him. There was a force field surrounding the entire castle, that had been put up by the daiou (Chacha's grandfather). Sorges recalled that the Daimaou had never left the castle ever since he had come.

Sorges escaped on his broom, but the two other magicians followed Sorges. Sorges told them to escape too, but they said that they were going to catch Sorges for the Daimaou.

Yakko was looking very bored as Chacha's "tough" questions were too easy. The 9th question was to pick out Seravi, who had put on a disguise. Dorothy, Shiine, and Riiya had also put on the funny looking glasses and Seravi's "turtle" costume. Yakko easily picked out Seravi, although Chacha couldn't. So Yakko only had one question left.

Then Chacha and Yakko saw something flying at them through the air. When it got close, they discovered that it was a strange man (Sorges). Sorges crash landed near everyone. Chacha went to him and found him unconscious. Seravi, Dorothy, and the others had fallen over because of the crash, and couldn't get up either, because of their outfits.

When Sorges got up, he was surprised to see Chacha and Seravi. He explained that he was the one who had always gone after Chacha. When he mentioned that Access had come back, Seravi looked worried.

Then another strange man crash landed near them. It was one of the guys chasing after Sorges. He turned himself into a dinosaur-like monster and went afer Chacha and Seravi. Yakko went out sand said that she would save them. She threw her bottle of medicine at the monster. She thought that it was the medicine to make things smaller, but it was actually the medicine to make things bigger.

Then everyone started running away, and the monster went after them. But Chacha transformed and used her beauty serein arrow to defeat the monster.

Sorges said, "Thank you very much, princess. You're the real princess of this land of magic."

Chacha and the others were surprised. Then Seravi said, "It's true. It's time to explain everything."

In the distance, there was a man on a horse watching. [It was Access.]

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