Akazukin Chacha episode 25

Episode Title
Naze naze! Arrow yabureru
[Why why! The arrow gets beaten]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.06.
In the previous episode, Sorges said that Chacha was the real princess of the land of magic. Chacha couldn't believe it, but Seravi said that it was true. They all went to Seravi's house and Seravi started to tell the story.

In the past there was a big war caused by the evil ones who wanted to take over the world. The people got together and fought back, but it was a bunch of magicians who had never fought before. They were losing, but at the last moment, the Magical Princess Joan the first appeared. Joan used three items, that were said to be given by god, and defeated the evil ones. The bad ones were driven to an island in the north, and a force field was set up so they couldn't escape. Then Joan the first because the first queen of this land.

While Seravi was telling his story, Chacha and Riiya fell asleep. Shiine was awake, but he already knew this story because he had learned it in school already.

Yordas was nearby plotting to kill Sorges. Then Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine spotted him and went after him. But they lost him, so they decided to split up.

Yordas set up a trap for Shiine, using a piece of chicken under a basket. Shiine spotted it and said that it was a stupid trap. Then the chicken turned into a picture of Chacha in a swimsuit. Shiine knew that it was a trap, but he went and got the picture and got caught. Shiine was going to use his magic to escape, but Yordas used his magic to hypnotise him.

Later, Chacha and Riiya returned, saying that they had lost Yordas. Chacha was worried because they had also lost Shiine. But Shiine was already there. Shiine was in a trance, so he snapped at everyone. He even called Dorothy a woman with thick makeup. Chacha and Dorothy were scared of Shiine.

Seravi continued with his story. The land of magic was peaceful as the evil ones were stuck in the north. But one day a very powerful magician appeared. He destroyed the force field and came to the land of magic to fight the king. This was the Daimaou. He used his magic to trap the king and queen in bronze. (The king and queen were Chacha's parents.) Even the powerful Genius (Chacha's grandfather) couldn't defeat the Daimaou.

12 years ago, right after the king got captured, Genius and Seravi fought the Daimaou. Genius told Seravi to carry the baby Chacha and escape. Genius said, "If something happens to me, you musr raise Chacha. Bring this. It's the Princess Medalion and the items to use for the holy up."

Genius fought the Daimaou. But the Daimaou was too strong. Just before getting defeated, Genius put large crystals around the castle to create a barrier. He said, "Daimaou, you will not be able to set foot outside of this castle."

Then the Daimaou used his magic to trap Genius in a crystal. (This crystal was the one inside the Princess Medalion.) Chacha was shocked when she heard the story. Sorges said that the barrier still existed.

Chacha asked, "How can I return my grandfather, my father, and my mother to normal?"
Seravi said, "The only way is to defeat the Daimaou."
Chacha said, "What! Seravi-sensei, good luck."
Seravi said, "You're the one who is going to do it."

[CM break]

[A CM for a new item with Chacha saying, "Saint Fairy Navigation!"]

Access had returned to the Daimaou.

Chacha and Riiya went outside with Sorges. Sorges said that he would become good and live far away from the Daimaou. Then someone came tooting horns like a bousouzoku. It was Shiine!

[bousouoku = motorcycle gang who went out making a lot of noise.]

When Chacha and Riiya called him, Shiine-chan, Shiine got upset and told them to call him Shiine-sama. Shiine said that he had become a bad boy. Then Riiya and Shiine started fighting, becasue Shiine had attacked Chacha. Chacha told them to stop fighting, because they wouldn't be able to use the power of love and courage. Yordas appeared and said that tha was his plan. He also said that he would kill Sorges.

Yordas was in the shape of a giant crab. Chacha and Riiya started fighting the crab. Chacha used some of her magic, but none of it worked. She tried to transform, but the transformation stopped in the middle because Shiine wasn't cooperating.

Riiya went to Shiine and told him to cooperate. But Shiine said that he didn't want to. He said that he wanted to be after Chacha instead of Riiya. He wanted "ai-kibou-yuuki" instead of "ai-yuuki-kibou".

Meanwhile Sorges also got caught and Chacha was struggling. Chacha called out for help.

Riiya said, "It doesn't matter if you're first or second. We just have to cooperate together, the three of us. We've fought together until now. We've been together, the three of us." Then Riiya's words broke the spell and Shiine returned to normal.

Chacha transformed and used the beauty serein arrow to easily defeat Yordas and Haideans.

After their magic was broken, Sorges asked the princess to use her arrow to clean the evil hearts of Yordas and Haideans. The princess used the beauty serein arrow, toward Yordas and Haideans, but the arrow was blocked by Access. The princess fired again, but the arrow got blocked again. Chacha couldn't believe it. Sorges flew off to escape.

Then Seravi came and Access rode off on his horse. Chacha cried to Seravi and told him that the arrow didn't work any more. Seravi scolded Chacha for crying. He told her that she was the only one who could save her parents. Seravi also said, "In the past, Joan had three weapons. The serein arrow was just one of them. You have to find the fushichou no ken (the phoenix sword). I've never seen it myself, but this sword has more power than the serein arrow."
Chacha asked, "Where is this sword?"
Seravi said, "I don't know, but it's somewhere in this land of magic. Chacha, go out and find the phoenix sword."
Chacha said, "Ok. I'll go find it, and I'll save my father and mother."

Riiya and Shiine said that they would go to.

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