Akazukin Chacha episode 32

Episode Title
Kiken na koi no triangle
[The dangerous triangle of love]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.06
The Daimaou was not happy with Access' failure. He orders the knight to get rid of Chacha. He also created a robotic knight to destroy Chacha, in case Access fails. He sent Haideans and Yordas to spy on Access.

Access didn't attack Chacha but rode towards Dorothy's palace. Dorothy doesn't seem too surprised to see Access. We then discover that Shiine is his son and the Daimaou is his father.

Shiine overheard their conversation and thought that Dorothy is having an affair with Access. This then bothers him because he knows that Seravi has feelings for Dorothy. The "love triangle" bothered him a lot.

Meanwhile, the mechanical knight surfaced and attacked Chacha and Riiya. Seravi had noticed the knight but decided to use it as practice for Chacha. He rode to Dorothy's castle and sent Shiine to save his friends.

Chacha and Riiya were faring badly against the mechanical knight until Shiine flew in with beams blazing. Chacha then transforms and defeated the knight with her Phoenix sword. The episode ends with a celebration while Shiine and Dorothy worry about each other.

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