Akazukin Chacha episode 50

Episode Title
Ai to yuuki to kibou no daikessen
[The Final Battle of Love and Courage and Hope]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.28
The eight, having dispatched all of Daimaou's servants, reunited to fight Daimaou himself. But most strangely, he has disappeared from his throne. An ominous blue flame illuminates his lair, and it guides the paladins straight to the throne room. Daimaou's disappearance puzzled the others, so Riiya and Shiine shouted to draw him out. The evil lord appeared and threw a red blast at the group. Seravi blocked the blast, but the others were swept off their feet.

Seravi started to battle Daimaou. He evaded the blasts and threw three of his own but Daimaou reflected Seravi's fireballs back. While Seravi was simply too fast to hit, Dorothy was not. Daimaou's blasted at her. Fortunately, Seravi spirited Dorothy away from danger.

Seravi battles Daimaou and appears to have destroyed him. The others ran up to congratulate him but Seravi warns them not to do so. His lapse allowed Daimaou to recover. Seravi was blasted at the back while Elizabeth was sent flying. Then, Daimaou imprisoned Seravi and Dorothy in energy bubbles. Having rendered the adults useless, Daimaou levitates them and flings them against the wall and turns his attention to the children.

Riiya transforms to his wolf form and leaps to Daimaou. He simply bonked Riiya and knocks him out. To avenge Riiya, Marin summons hot sand to envelope Daimaou but he simply blows them back. The sand covers Marin and heats her until she faints.

Shiine builds up his fireball and throws it at Daimaou, who simply reflects it back to the boy. Shiine tries to run but was knocked out. Then Orin whips out her gun (do ninjas use guns?) and fires at Daimaou. The bullets were harmless against Daimaou, but the recoil throws Orin back. She was flung until she hits a rock and lost consciousness.

Yakko runs up to Daimaou and whips up a potion. She breaks the potion on Daimaou's clothes, but this doesn't affect him. She whips out another and tries again, but it was useless. Finally, she whips out her sleep potion to throw at Daimaou. He broke Yakko's potion, spilling it on her. Yakko then fell into a deep sleep.

Finally, it was Chacha against Daimaou. She cast spell after spell, all of which do not affect Daimaou. Seravi notices Elizabeth lying on the floor. He zaps some life into her and used her to wake Shiine and Riiya up. He chases her and prepares his death blow. Fortunately for Chacha, Shiine and Riiya made it back in time to let Chacha transform.

The Magical Princess takes out her Phoenix Sword and delivers her burning flash. This envelopes Daimaou in dust but fails to kill him. He then powers up and blasted at the group. The princess tries to block this with her bird shield, but Daimaou's bolt is too strong for it.

He fights the Princess and forced her to retreat. Finally, he shows Chacha her parents' stone statues to make her lose hope. Magical Princess loses hope but was encouraged by Elizabeth. Then Marin wakes up, and Orin does too. The mermaid wakes Yakko up, and Yakko threw a love potion at Seravi. The potion destroys Daimaou's energy bubble. Seravi jumps down and pierces Dorothy's energy bubble. It pops, and Seravi caught Dorothy on her way down. The Eight Paladins of Love, Courage, and Hope have returned!

Chacha and the others reformed into the circle of paladins. Daimaou blasts at them but it is protected by a shield. Chacha is unfused with strength from the paladins. She forced Daimaou back and deflected his sword. He blasts at her but she blocks them with the phoenix sword. Daimaou loses hope and plans to destroy Chacha's parents.

Riiya and Shiine blocks his attempt. For the final time, the Magical Princess charges up her phoenix sword as she delivers the burning flash against Daimaou. Shiine, Riiya, Orin, Marin, Seravi, Dorothy, and Yakko shouted out the burning flash. The red flash is merged with 7 different flashes of different colors. The final burning flash is pure white, and hits Daimaou hard. He can't believe it, but he is finally defeated.

Daimaou's defeat destroyed the old facade of the dark castle. But it did not change Yakko's infatuation for Seravi, Marin's love for Riiya, and Orin's attraction to Shiine. But it did change Chacha's serein jewel back into Genius, Chacha's grandfather. The stone statues of Chacha's parents and their courtiers glittered and transformed back into real people. Chacha and her family are finally reunited!

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