Akazukin Chacha OAV 1

Episode Akazukin Chacha OAV 1
Title Popi-kun ga Yattekita!
[Poppy-kun is coming!]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew (writing), and YS (translation/assistance), 1996.03.27.

Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine are preparing to watch a TV show called "Magical Champ" who is staring their heroes, Seravi and Dorothy. Riiya is sitting right in front, stuffing his face with chips. Shiine appears in a fancy suit, saying that it's the least that he could do to support his mentor, Dorothy. Chacha agrees with him. She transforms into a classic baseball cheer outfit. As she begins cheering obnoxiously for Seravi, Shiine yells at Riiya to move from in front of the TV.

Meanwhile, the principal of Chacha's rival school, Momiji* is also watching this show. Both Seravi and Dorothy are from Urara Gakuen just like Chacha and her friends. Completely furious that none of her students have become as good of magicians, she decides to send a spy on them to see what their secret is. Incidentally, she is playing a CD of the school song.

* Note: The school's name is Momiji Gakuen. I am assuming that the principal is named Momiji, just as Urara is the name of Urara Gakuen's principal.

Momiji means "maple" or "red leaves". If you notice, the teacher has a red maple leaf on her head. The school is surrounded by maple trees with red leaves.

You see Poppy, a short red-haired, caped boy walking toward a school. He realizes that from the kindergarten students that he went to the wrong school. When he finally gets to Urara Gakuen, a hand busts out of the ground trying to grab him. Then a net appears above him. Finally, you see Rascal-sensei's whip come out and pull him away from "danger". As he runs with Poppy under his arm, Poppy wonders what the hell is happening.

In the principal's office, the other teachers, Mayachon (the female) and Barabaraman (the guy) are bitterly jealous that Rascal got the new student. Apparently students are assigned to teachers on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Poppy tried to read Urara's mind, but he got a mental whiplash, because all he could see was Urara's HUGE eyes in her mind. (I.e., Urara is completely air-headed). Then Poppy read Rascal-sensei's mind, and he was thinking, "I'm going to show him off to my students."

Rascal-sensei skipped with glee down the hallway toward banana class, singing "Poppy-kun, Poppy-kun, it's a cute name, Poppy-kun!" He was dragging Poppy-kun, who was wondering what kind of a weirdo this guy was.

Rascal-sensei makes it to class, and excitedly cracks his whip as he introduces him to the students. All the students congratulate insanely, throwing streamers and confetti.

Poppy decided to see what his "competition" was, so he read all the students minds. Chacha was yelling, "It's a (new) friend for me! A friend, a friend!" Riiya was thinking that the swirl patterns on his cheeks looked like fish cakes on ramen (note that he's thinking about food).** Shiine was thinking that he might have finally found a "normal" person to talk to. Yakko was simply daydreaming about how she wanted to marry "Seravi-sama". Marin had snuck in, thinking that the new student better not stand in her way between her and Riiya (and was deeply relieved when she discovered it was a boy). Poppy couldn't figure out how they could all be so stupid.

** Note: These are naruto, as in the fish cakes that make up the pattern on Ranma's pajamas. They have a swirl pattern in them.

Rascal-sensei asked for Poppy-kun to do a "trick". Shiine said that he made a flower. Chacha said that she made a cow. Riiya transformed into his wolf form.

Then Barabaraman-sensei appeared and tried to take Riiya. Rascal-sensei told him that he couldn't have one of his students. Mayachon-sensei was starting to drag off Shiine, but Rascal-sensei stopped her too. Mayachon said that Rascal was stingy.

Finally, Rascal-sensei asked to see Poppy-kun's trick. But Poppy-kun said, "You can't make me, STUPID." The class went into complete horror as no one had ever said anything so rude to Rascal-sensei. Rascal-sensei said, "You little...", but quickly shouted that he thought that having a student talk back to him was cool (because it was different). Everybody clapped at how cool Poppy-kun was. Except for Yakko, who was deeply praying that nothing bad would happen.

Finally, recess started, and everybody started chasing Poppy-kun to go play with him. Poppy was trying to get away from them, but the others assumed that he wanted to play "tag". As Poppy-kun was running, Orin-chan appeared next to him, saying that he was pretty good at running, and that she was good at it too. Then Poppy-kun used his teleport spell to get away.

However, he ended up in the chemistry class with Yakko. She threw a beaker of explosive chemicals at him, and everybody went flying. Yakko didn't seem as if that was supposed to have happened.

Outside, Marin was in the fountain (as a mermaid) and saw Riiya flying in the air with the others. She quickly put on makeup and grabbed Riiya (in wolf form) and hugged him. But she quickly threw the wolf into the wall, and started to shake an unconscious Chacha: "Where did you hide Riiya-chan?!"

Everybody was chasing Poppy. Urara-enchou asked if they were playing tag. Everybody said yes. Poppy yelled, "NO, WE'RE NOT!!"

Later, Poppy-kun was reporting back to Momiji-enchou. Momiji-enchou was wearing an ESP defense kit on her head so Poppy couldn't read her mind. Poppy said that the school looked like a bunch of idiots, and he couldn't figure it out. But he would continue his investigation. (Note that Momiji fans herself with a maple leaf-shaped fan).

Back in Urara Gakuen, Poppy leaves class, and when Rascal-sensei asks, he replies, "I'm going to satisfy my curiosity." Everybody "oohs" and "aahs" in amazement. He sneaks over to apple class (with Marin) to see what they are doing. Orin-chan is right with him, saying, "Are you good at ninjitsu, too? It's hard, isn't it?" Then Poppy teleports again.

Poppy decides to sneak into Urara's office to see if there is any special training that must happen as he's not seeing anything. Urara comes in, and he hides. Urara says (to her bird), "It's time to do our special training!" Poppy is pleased. Then she says, "Yes, our special diet and exercise training!"

Poppy leaves, but is only confronted by Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine. Apparently, it's another recess. Poppy said that he wanted to be left alone (literally, "to be by one person"). He heard everybody's thoughts. Chacha couldn't figure out how to be his friend if he wanted to be alone. Riiya was thinking that perhaps he wanted to be chased by one person instead of all three ("to be by one person"). Shiine said that he was something... like a wet rag!

Poppy was angry, and said that if they could catch him before the end of recess, then he would be their friend. The others are excited, except for Marin and Yakko. Then Mayachon-sensei says that whoever can catch them would get an "A" in P.E. They quickly agree to do it.

Marin and Yakko appeared at the end of the hall, and challenged Poppy. But the two of them got into an argument at to what to call themselves ("Beauty charming ladies", "Sexy dreaming powerful girls", etc.). So everybody simply left.

Later, Poppy showed off his psychokinesis, which is the ability to pick up objects and move them. He picked several objects and blocked the hallway.

Chacha said that she knew somebody with ESP powers, too. So she summoned out a rabbit person. The rabbit pulled out a spoon, and began concentrating. Chacha and her friends were concentrating very hard, too. At last, the spoon bent, and everybody began celebrating (except for Poppy, who was unimpressed).

Then Chacha summoned "Pakun Pakun" (which is like Pac-Man) to go and chase after Poppy. Orin and Riiya were around the corner, and were going to jump him as they had him cornered. But Poppy simply teleported away, and the pac-man ate Orin and Riiya instead.

Finally, Chacha made a HUGE pac-man. Poppy couldn't use his psychokinesis, as it was too big to move. Poppy couldn't teleport either, as he couldn't go long distances. So the pac-man ate him.

Everybody was very happy that they had "won". Poppy told a sad story that he was always a powerful ESP person, and that people always feared him and so he never had any friends. Chacha then said that meant that they couldn't play any card games with him (!). But the others said that they could play ball, jump rope, board games...

Poppy said that they were a little weird. The others freaked out in shock. Riiya quickly said that he could call Shiine weird, but not him or Orin-chan. Shiine whapped Riiya on the head, saying that he was the most weird. But Poppy agreed to be friends, and everybody was happy.

Momiji got a letter saying that Poppy-kun was transferring to Urara Gakuen. She became even more infuriated that Urara had "won" again.

Later, everybody, including Poppy, went to Seravi's house for dinner. Seravi said to Dorothy that she looked pretty on TV last night. Dorothy started to blush, but Elizabeth said that she put on too much makeup. Dorothy gave Seravi a black eye... Riiya said that Seravi was a weirdo too, since he played with dolls. Then Seravi bopped him on the head.

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(c)Ayahana Min/Shuueisha, TV Tokyo, NAS