Furukawa Nagisa

Furukawa Nagisa (ŲϽ) is the main heroine of Clannad. She was a third year high school student (class 3-B), but this was her second time in the third year, as she was often sick and missed a lot of days of school.

Nagisa's birthday was December 24.

Nagisa's dream was to join the drama club, and have a good time doing things with her club mates. But the high school drama club had disbanded the previous year because there weren't enough members to keep the club active.

Nagisa lived at home with her parents, who ran a bread store. She didn't have any siblings. Nagisa didn't like cigarette smoke, but her father was a heavy smoker, so she couldn't go into his room.

Nagisa loved dango daikazoku.

Nagisa's voice is done by Nakahara Mai (渶).

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