Creamy Mami Eien no Once More

Title Creamy Mami Eien no Once More
Released 1984.10.28
Running Time 92 minutes
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.05.02

The OVA Eien no Once More consisted of two parts. The first half was just a recap of the TV series, and the second half was a new story. The following is a summary of the second half.

[the end of the TV series]

Creamy Mami had the farewell concert in the race track just before Pinopino came to take away her magic because it had already been one year. It was held in the heavy rain. Also Pinopino's ship appeared before the concert was over, and Toshio was getting his memory back about Mami's true identity. But after Mami and Poji pleaded with Pinopino, he let Mami sing her last song, and the concert ended successfully.

[new story begins here]

Two months after the final concert, Yuu and Mamoru found two cats at a nearby shrine. Yuu took them home and called them Nora-nega and Nora-poji.

Tachibana returned from Los Angeles. Megumi met him at the airport. But Tachibana said he had a "big project", and he wouldn't tell Megumi anything about it. He said that he would assign Kidokoro as her manager. Tachibana brought back a young girl, Hayakawa Ai, from Los Angeles. Megumi was wondering who that little girl was.

There was a rumor going on that Creamy Mami would come back. The rumor also said that Creamy was in the US at some dance school.

Nega and Poji had a vacation, so they went to see Yuu. Nega wanted to go back, but Poji noticed that Yuu had some problems. So they took over the bodies of Nora-nega and Nora-poji. They just had to make sure nobody knew that they were around.

Toshio, Yuu, and Midori went to Kidokoro and asked about the Creamy Mami rumor. Kidokoro said that Tachibana met Mami in Los Angeles. But Tachibana didn't tell Kidokoro anything else because he was not part of the project team.

Megumi was asking Snake Joe about the rumors. Joe did some investigation and found out that Mami used to be at some dance school in Los Angeles. But he said that Mami was already back in Japan somewhere. Megumi said that she wouldn't let Mami make a comeback. Toshio and Yuu agreed to work with her.

The next day Tachibana was on a TV interview. He was saying that Creamy Mami would make a comeback. He set up a concert in one week.

Kidokoro told Toshio and Yuu that Mami's concert was just by invitation only. No regular people were allowed. Since Kidokoro was Megumi's manager, he couldn't do anything to help them.

Toshio was thinking that someone was impersonating Mami. But Yuu said that there might have been some other person who saw the Featherstar ship on the night of the concert, and received the magic from Pinopino. Yuu thought it might be the mystery girl, Ai-chan.

Megumi also thought that Ai had something to do with Mami's comeback. Megumi (and Kidokoro) followed Tachibana's car. They drove around the highways, but Megumi lost control of the car, and Tachibana got away.

Yuu went to the studio to talk to Ai. They didn't talk that much about Creamy Mami. But just as she was leaving, Ai asked if Yuu had seen the ship. Yuu said that she hadn't.

Megumi, Kidokoro, Joe, Yuu, Toshio, and Midori got together to find a way into the Creamy Mami concert. Joe came up with a plan to "destroy" the concert. Since the concert had been very secretive, they were not the only ones who wanted to go see Mami. So they spread the word about the time and location of Mami's concert.

A lot of fans appeared at the concert hall just before it was time for the Creamy Mami concert. Tachibana was shocked and the guards could not keep all of the fans back.

Yuu, Toshio, Megumi, and the others snuck in. They got up onto to stage and looked out at the seats. They were surprised because nobody was there. There was no Creamy Mami either. Then Tachibana appeared. He said that he faked all of it thinking that Mami would show up.

Then they all wanted to know Ai's involvement in this. Ai said that in Creamy Mami's last concert, she saw one boy who said that he saw a ship above the stage. But Ai didn't see anything herself. So Ai came up with this plan to see if that ship really existed.

Meanwhile the crowd of fans had poured into the seats. They were all waiting for Mami to appear. Then Poji used his magic to create an image of Creamy Mami. Yuu and Toshio could not believe it when they saw Mami singing on the stage. Then Nega used her power to create an image of the Featherstar ship.

After it was all over, Nega and Poji left the bodies of the cats and went back to their star. Yuu noticed that the cats were not as calm as before, and realized that Nega and Poji had been with her.

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