El Hazard 2 special radio drama 2

Drama El Hazard 2 special radio drama 2
Title Kaitei no Sekai El Hazard
[The Underwater World El Hazard]
Air Date 1997.06.29
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.07.06

Fujisawa and Makoto talked about sushi. Someone's stomach grumbled. It was Lune Venus. Fatora said she wanted to eat some too. She would pay anything, and then Nanami appeared. She said she would bring it.

When Makoto asked if she can really get the sushi, Nanami said that it would be up to Makoto and Fujisawa.

Makoto, Fujisawa, Nanami, and Uura went underwater and started catching fish. Uura did most of the catching.
[everyone talked with special effects, like they were underwater and had mouthpieces.]

Fatora and Areere followed Nanami to the sea. She said that it was all her plan to get Nanami, so she can have her way with her. Fatora had to get away from her older sister, so she can have fun.

Fatora told Areere to take off her clothes. But it wasn't what Areere had in mind. Fatora wanted Areere to wear a fish kigurumi, in order to lure Nanami.

Makoto and the others had finished catching the fish. Then they spotted a strange fish. Nanami wanted to go after it, but Makoto said that it didn't look ver tasty. But then the fish talked and said that it was. Since it was a talking fish, Nanami wanted it badly. Nanami caught it, but then Fatora appeared.

Nanami got mad at Fatora for tricking her, and they started fighting. This fighting caused an earthquake..

The next day, they brought the fish dish.. Lune Venus and Strellbaugh said it wasn't what they were expecting. Makoto said that the underwater volcano burned all the fish, so they had fried fish instead of sushi..

[El Hazard audio drama]

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