Girl in the ruins/Efreet/Ifuriita

There was a beautiful girl who had been sleeping in the ruins that was discovered in the basement of Makoto's high school. She said that had been waiting for Makoto for 10,000 years, and she was the who sent Makoto and the others to El Hazard.

In episode 4, it is revealed that the girl was Efreet (イフリータ).

TV series

Efreet/Ifuriita's character is totally different in the TV series. She is a very cute and boke character. She caused a lot of destruction because of her airhead-ness.

Efreet/Ifuriita was actually a humaniod weapon. She was 170 cm tall.

Efreet/Ifuriita's voice is done by Amano Yuri (天野由梨).

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