Jinnai Nanami

Jinnai Nanami (陣内菜々美) was Katsuhiko's younger sister. She was a lively girl who worked hard at part time jobs.

Nanami liked Makoto, but had not expressed her love to him yet. [In the TV series, Nanami was Makoto's "girl friend".]

Nanami was born on May 12, 1979. She was 165 cm tall and her three sizes were 82-56-80.

Even though she was sent to El Hazard, she had great vitality. She worked at various part time jobs in El Hazard.

When the humans got sent to El Hazard, all of them got some "supernatural" powers. In the OAV series, Nanami got the ability to see through the illusions of the illusionists. In the TV series, Nanami got the ability to talk to the Bagurom.

Nanami's voice is done by Natsuki Rio (夏樹リオ).

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