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Kazuya was working on his computer, trying to perfect his squid robot, Ikariya. His room was dark, as his curtains were closed. Kazuya also was listening to music with his head phones, so he couldn't hear anything. He didn't realize that it was already morning.

Across the building from Kazuya, Kasumi had gotten up and changed into her tank top and very short mini skirt. She walked across the ladder (which connected Kazuya and Kasumi's balconies) to Kazuya's room. Kasumi snuck into Kazuya's room, and watched him trying to get his squid robot to work.

When Kazuya said hello to Ikariya, Ikariya tried to answer. But Ikariya malfunctioned, and squirted black ink all over Kazuya's face.

Kasumi wiped Kazuya's face and glasses for him. Kazuya was feeling dejected, so Kasumi told him to cheer up, as it was only his 38th failure with the squid robot. But Kazuya quickly said that it was his 37th failure, and added that he was trying to make Doraemon, not a squid robot.

Then Kasumi said that Kazuya should work on making Shizuka-chan instead of Doraemon. She added that she would be his Shizuka-chan, but Kazuya wasn't listening, as he was staring at Kasumi's breasts..

As Kasumi was leaving, she told Kazuya to hurry for his exam. Then Kazuya rushed to school.

After the exam, Kazuya was feeling dejected. He was with a couple of his friends, when Nanbara Koutarou came by. Nanbara was a rich childhood "friend" of Kazuya, who always competed with him in everything, but lost.

Nanbara gave Kazuya a DVD RAM (Nanbara Special Deluxe), saying it has the access password for a secret site that will improve the performance of his computer.

Kazuya got home and turned on his computer. Then he inserted the DVD that he got from Nanbara.

Meanwhile Nanbara was outside of Kazuya's apartment building waiting for his virus to destroy Kazuya's computer.

When Kazuya accessed Nanbara's DVD, a picture of Nanbara came onto the screen, and said that a deadly virus will infect the computer unless Kazuya could type in the password. The password was everything that Nanbara was going to say. Then Nanbara started talking very fast (rapping). Kazuya tried to type very fast, and he was keeping up with everything. But at the very end, Kazuya hit the enter key even though Nanbara hadn't finished talking.

Then Kazuya's computer started flashing. Ikariya, who was connected to the computer, started talking very fast. Until now Ikariya could only speak very slow.

Then a site for a company called Cyberdyne (www.hand-maid.net) came onto the screen. Kazuya tried to shut down his computer, but it still kept going wild.

Meanwhile Kasumi had gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a towel. She went up to her room and saw the flashing in Kazuya's room. She thought that this was Kazuya's 38th failure.

Nanbara was outside feeling very happy about the flashing in Kazuya's room. When he saw the ladder coming out of Kazuya's room, he climbed the wall to try to get a closer look. Then he saw Kasumi (still only wearing a towel). Kasumi saw him, and then threw a flower pot at Nanbara.

Then a cyber doll order screen came up on Kazuya's computer. Kazuya still kept trying to shut down his computer. The order for the doll went through, even though Kazuya didn't notice. But eventually the flashing stopped.

Then the doorbell rang. Kazuya went to the door, and found out that it was a delivery for him.

Kazuya's address on the label of the package (a small box) was:

 Kanagawa-ken, Momijiyama-shi
 Momijioka-chou 1-28-8
 Kasumi sou 204

Meanwhile, Kasumi had come to Kazuya's room to see what was going on. Kazuya had returned to the room, and just when Kasumi was going to step in Kazuya's room she slipped and fell. Kasumi landed on top of Kazuya.

Then Kasumi heard some noises in the room door. Mr. Shikishima (the person who lived next to Kazuya) hadn't paid his rent for six months. Kasumi was determined to catch Shikishima, so she rushed back to her room.

Kazuya said that it would be quicker to go through the front door, but Kasumi said that she couldn't go see him dressed like this. Kasumi was wearing her very loose tank top and very short mini skirt.

Then Kazuya heard a voice coming from the delivery box. "It's dark in here. Please open the box."

Kazuya opened the box. A small girl, wearing a red maid outfit, popped out. This surprised Kazuya, and he dropped the box (out the window). The girl fell, and was going to fall to the ground below, but Kazuya caught her leg.

Back inside the room, the little robot May was rambling on with the instructions. Kazuya was shocked, and wasn't paying that much attention. Then May asked Kazuya for his birthday. Kazuya replied 10/18. May said that this had finished the user registration.

May introduced herself as a cyber doll, a 1/6 sized maid robot. Then Kazuya introduced himself, and stated his student number as E5523-99. May said that she had the same number, as her doll number was G99. May took off her stockings to show Kazuya the ID number that was printed on the bottom of her foot.

Then May demonstrated some of her skills. She used her power to turn on the TV. May even changed the channels. Then May suddenly collapsed.

Kazuya asked what was wrong. May said that the cyber dolls only had a small amount of power upon delivery, and that she needed the battery charger that was included in the box.

Kazuya rushed outside to get the box, but discovered that everything had broken during the fall. Kazuya took the power charger apart and tried to fix it. After fixing it, he grabbed May to recharge her. But Kazuya couldn't find the socket (USB port). Then Kazuya started to undress May, one piece of clothing at a time. But he still couldn't find the socket. May was down to just her panties and stockings..

The next morning May woke up, and she was fully recharged. Kazuya was sleeping, while sitting at his desk.

Kazuya woke up, and gave May a small white ribbons, which he put around her waist.

Kazuya was explaining to May that since he broke her power charger he had to build another one using the USB port of his computer. Then Kasumi came into Kazuya's room via the window. She asked if he got Ikariya working. But to her surprise, Kasumi discovered May. Kazuya tried to explain the situation, but Kasumi was still speechless.

[the OP animation was at the end of the episode (Jump by P-chicks)]

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