Hand Maid May episode 2

Hand Maid May episode 2/10
Oyaku ni Tatterunokana?
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.16
Kazuya was asleep at his desk, and his computer had an Ikariya screen saver running on it. Then his window shades started to open. Kazuya woke up and saw May struggling to pull the cord. They both said good morning to each other.

May said that there was lots of work to do. She had to wipe down the tables (much like how you clean the wooden floors). She also helped to make breakfast--she cracked an egg for his noodles by headbutting it. Then she turned on the TV with her "special power". They had a program about cats.


The title screen was very cute as it showed May in a cat-girl outfit sleeping with a bunch of kittens in a pile of catnap.

May was cleaning Kazuya's computer keyboard as he ate his noodles. If you look carefully, you can see that May uses an ear pick for a broom. Then May tripped over her USB cord and Kazuya probably saw her underwear.

Kazuya asked if she was okay, and May said that she was fine. Then she asked why Kazuya's face was all red. She thought that she might have a fever, and began to fret. But Kazuya said that he was fine.

Then Kazuya left to go to the university, and May wanted to go with him very badly. But he told her to stay at home because he was worried that she might get into trouble. May was very disappointed.

When Kazuya was gone, the phone rang. May tried to climb up to answer it. In the end, she just grabbed the handset and fell. The handset was lying on top of her (in an erotic position) and she talked from underneath it.

Nanbara was talking from his cellular phone in his car. He couldn't believe that somehow Kazuya had gotten some kind of female assistant. He was hoping to hear Kazuya at home weeping because his computer had crashed from his virus. He thought that Kazuya must have done something special so he drove off to spy on him.

Meanwhile, Cyberdoll Sara was eating ramen at a booth. She had her delivery outfit sitting next to her. The other customers were shocked because Sara had eaten at least 30 bowls already and she asked for another one. But then they quickly refocused on Sara's very large bust.

Sara ate the entire bowl in a few seconds and quickly asked for another one. The other customers in the booth clapped at this incredible display of eating. But then the cook asked her about her bill. Sara then remembered that she was supposed to collect money that day and ran away. The cook's wife then updated Sara's "tab", which apparently was very large.

[Kev's Note: If you listen, almost all of the background music in the series is often mixes of the songs sung by P-chicks.]

May was watching a cooking show. She was trying very hard to do the recipe, but she ended up knocking the bowl over because she was too small to reach over the top.

Then there was a knock at the door. But before May could answer, Nanbara just burst into his apartment and started yelling at Kazuya. Then he noticed that Kazuya wasn't in the room and he started calling for him. May said that Kazuya wasn't at home.

Nanbara looked and saw May. Nanbara was very shocked to see her. May thought that Nanbara was Kazuya's friend, and then left to make tea. Nanbara saw Ikariya (who said "Hello!") and concluded that Kazuya must have made May in secret.

Nanbara decided that he wanted to know how he did it. He grabbed May by her USB cord and held her in the air upside down. He began questioning her about what Kazuya did, but May said that she didn't know.

Just then, Sara appeared in the doorway. She came inside and assumed that Nanbara was Saotome Kazuya. She mentioned that the free trial period had ended for CBD May, and he now needed to pay in full. Apparently Cyberdoll May cost millions and millions of yen (I can't hear the exact amount). Nanbara acted very arrogant and said that he wouldn't pay. Sara said that if he couldn't pay then she would have to take back the merchandise. But Nanbara fought over it because he wanted May for himself.

Then Kasumi came into the apartment and wondered what they were doing. She got on the phone and told the police that there were two strange people in one of her tenant's apartments. She wanted them to come immediately. Nanbara grabbed Sara by the foot and dragged her out of the apartment and off into the street. Kasumi then stuck her tongue at them as she had only pretended to have dialed.

Then she picked up May (Kasumi's hands were heavily bandaged) and asked if she was okay. May looked very dizzy and said in a slurred voice that she was fine. Kasumi wondered where he had went.

May looked over the room and realized that it was a total mess since the other two were fighting in it. But Kasumi said not to worry about it as she'd help. She put the table upright. Then she handed a package to May. But then there was a loud pounding coming from Shikishima-san's room next door. Kasumi told May to give the package to Kazuya as he'd know what to do with it. Then she climbed out the window and left to go collect the rent.

At the university, Kazuya was programming using the school's computers. He was also talking to his two friends (insert names here).

Back at home, May was trying to wipe down the table. She had turned on the TV for background noise. There was a new romantic drama series that was starting called "The Whirlwind of Love". In the program, Mika handed Yamazaki a package to show her love. May imagined that handing Kasumi's package to Kazuya would also make him like her.


May downloaded from the computer the directions to the university. Then she left, not realizing that there was a cybernetic man standing outside the window. He was standing on a tall pole and he was looking for Saotome Kazuya.

Meanwhile, Kazuya was in his car with Sara. Sara gave him her business card and introduced herself. Then they saw May walk past them. Kazuya wanted to go grab her immediately, but Sara said not to worry because she could find May any time. She wanted to talk to Mr. Saotome about the payment first.

May was walking down the street but she had to be careful because others didn't see her and they almost stepped on her. Later, a cat grabbed her and carried her off. May rode on the cat's back and watched the sunset over the buildings and said that it was pretty. However, she wondered if Mr. Cat was really taking her to the school. She started to feel tired and realized that she needed to recharge. Then the cat stopped suddenly and she fell off him. The cat went to go meet up with his girl friend.

Nanbara found Kazuya and began taunting him. Then Sara knocked him out of the way and introduced herself. But before she could explain about the payment, Nanbara interrupted again. Kazuya suggested that they go to his apartment.

When he got there, the place was still a total mess. Nanbara started mocking him, suggesting that perhaps his maid wasn't very good. Sara kept trying to ask him about whether or not he liked the product he ordered. Kazuya was too distracted to listen, and kept looking for May. He went to his computer to see what was her last log, and realized that she had gone to the school. Nanbara and Sara, on the other hand, were furious that Kazuya wasn't listening to them. Then Kazuya apologized and said that he would talk to them later since he had to find May. He ran out into the street.

Sara said that she was going to recall the product. She jumped on top of a telephone pole with a single jump. Nanbara then climbed it and said that there was no way that she could see May from there. But Sara used her radar and located her with her bionic eyes. She ran after her, and Nanbara tried to follow but a delivery bicycle hit him.

May was in an electronics store and she had plugged herself into one of the USB ports of the display computers. The computer screen said "May is charging" on it. May was flustered and said that she looked like a mess. She opened her purse and started brushing her hair.

But then Sara appeared and said that she found her. Sara suggested that she come quietly with her. But May was trying to escape. When she pulled on her cord, it disconnected from the PC and it smacked Sara in the face. Sara became very angry and chased after May. She ran through the store and down the street, and anybody that was in her path got thrown off to the side.

Meanwhile, Kazuya was trying to look for her, but he was in the middle of a shopping plaza and there were hundreds of people. He got on his hands and knees and began crawling around looking for her. The other people quickly assumed that he was some kind of weirdo. But Kazuya didn't see the strange cybernetic person was watching him.

Kazuya thought that he had found May, but it was just a little doll. May had actually left and was trying to squeeze through a crack in the wall. Sara was wondering what was she trying to do, as she couldn't escape. But then there was an alley with a bunch of stickers everywhere that said "This Way".

May was walking trying to escape, and Sara was behind her. Sara said that she should give up since she was almost out of battery power. But May kept walking. Then Kazuya saw her, and May jumped into his arms (like in the silly TV drama). Sara was going to snatch her, but then Nanbara appeared on the delivery bicycle that had hit him. He was screaming that he found her and began chasing her because she left him behind.

Kazuya said that he shouldn't have come after him for this reason, and May said that she really wanted to give him the package. But then May passed out because she was out of batteries. Kazuya went home, leaving Nanbara to chase Sara in his bicycle. Nanbara was trying to run over Sara to see how she liked it.

That evening, May said that she didn't mean to make trouble and apologized again. Kasumi said that it wasn't a big deal since nothing bad really happened. Apparently the package was full of clothes for May.

Kazuya saw Kasumi's injured fingers, and figured out that she injured them from sewing them. Kasumi quickly hid her hands behind her back and asked if the clothes were okay. But May was undressing in front of Kazuya, and his eyes were bulging out of his head. Kasumi criticized him, and Kazuya quickly turned his head.

Then May shrieked in excitement as the clothes were good on her. Ikariya began saying the same thing. Then Kazuya told May not to go out any more because she could get hurt since she was small. May had many clothes and all of them were very cute or sexy. May said to herself that she wouldn't make trouble any more, and she wanted Kazuya to keep looking at her. (Or something like that).

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