Hand Maid May episode 3

Hand Maid May episode 3/10
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.15
May was helping Kazuya work on some computer parts at his desk. May was handing him tools and patting his brow like a nurse during surgery. When he was finished, he plugged Ikariya into the USB port. It said, "Ikariya, version up!"

Ikariya started having a simple conversation with May. May was very excited saying that Kazuya made something very wonderful. Ikariya kept saying "Wonderful, wonderful". Then Ikariya and May "danced" happily, but it was really May moving him and his arms.

Kazuya thought that he was far away from making a good robot since Ikariya couldn't move on its own. He thought that maybe he could examine May and learn how she was built. But then he started having a fantasy. In it, he grabbed May and forcefully cut her clothes off. Then he got a big scalpel and went after May while she screamed...

Kazuya was brought back to reality when May asked him what was wrong. He quickly said that he would never use a scalpel on her, but May didn't understand what he was saying. But she wished him luck on completing his project.


Nanbara was in his mansion talking about his plans to ruin Kazuya. Sara was with him eating a bowl of ramen. She didn't seem interested in helping Nanbara, but then Nanbara brought out a special bowl of ramen. Sara quickly said that she would help him. She said that she had a secret manual that would handle recovering unpaid merchandise. (I think there was a program that would cause all robots to return to the maker if loaded). But then she dropped the data diskette into the bowl of ramen. (Nanbara screamed, "Aaahh!! The disk!!" but Sara screamed "Aaaaahh!! The ramen!!")

Later, Kazuya was at a hardware store buying parts for Ikariya. He told May that if anybody came near her to act like a doll. Nanbara and Sara were spying them to see what would happen. Sara said that the company had assigned a collector to take May away from him that day.

The cashier was very pretty. She gently put Kazuya's change into his hands and said in a cute voice, "Please count it to make sure it is correct". Nanbara thought that it was the collector. But Kazuya only blushed and said that the change was right and he left the store.

A girl was watching Kazuya and then she tripped him. Kazuya fell and May fell out of his pocket.

A pretty schoolgirl went up to Kazuya and asked if he was okay. He said that he was fine. She handed the "doll"--May was very stiff and had a very silly expression on her face--to him. Then she said, "This doll is so cute... I wish that I could have it."

Nanbara and Sara quickly thought that this was the collector, and the schoolgirl would try to get Kazuya to give up May. But then the girl just gave him the doll and told him to be careful. Then she left.

The girl that had tripped Kazuya teased him about wanting to go on a date with the pretty schoolgirl. Kazuya quickly denied it, and she accused him of lying. The girl then asked about the talking doll. But Kazuya said that it couldn't talk, and she said that he was lying again.

Meanwhile, Nanbara and Sara continued to look for the collector, and wondered where she was.

Kazuya just moved May with his hands and pretended to make May "talk". "She" asked for her name, and the girl said that she was Lena. Kazuya (as "May") said that dolls couldn't talk so it must just be her imagination. But Lena got very frustrated and cried loud enough that it shook the buildings.

Kazuya was hunched over trying to cover from the sound blast, and then Ikariya fell out of his backpack. Lena stopped crying immediately and picked up Ikariya. Ikariya introduced himself and Lena become very enthralled with the robot.

Kazuya and May said that they were saved by Ikariya. But Lena said that she was right and his "doll" could talk.


Kazuya treated Lena to a coffee. Kazuya was hoping that this would hopefully prevent Lena from telling May's secret. Lena tasted the coffee and said that it was bitter. Then she started to add many cubes of sugar.

Kazuya asked about her parents, but Lena said that she was on her own (I think?). May and Kazuya thought that maybe she was a runaway child. Meanwhile, Nanbara was sitting at the next table wondering about the collector. Sara complained that the coffee shop didn't have any ramen.

Then Lena spilled coffee on May. May said that it wasn't a big deal, but Lena said that it would stain if not treated immediately. A pretty waitress came over and asked if everything was okay. She took the "doll" and began wiping the stain. She said, "This doll is so cute... I almost don't want to give it back."

Sara and Nanbara got excited, and they thought that this was the collector. But the waitress gave it back to them and left. Lena seemed troubled by this.

After leaving the coffee house, there was an old woman by the crosswalk that had trouble carrying her packages. Kazuya offered to help her. Sara and Nanbara wondered if she could really be the collector.

The light was going to change, and they were still in the crosswalk. May tried to change the signal, but Kazuya stopped her because she might be seen. Then he offered to carry the old woman on his back so they could move faster. She did so, but then Lena snapped her fingers and the signals changed so they could walk again. Lena skipped to the other side of the street and told Kazuya to hurry.

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Lena bid the old woman good bye. She started to turn and walk again, but she didn't see the crack in the sidewalk. She almost fell, but Kazuya swooped and caught her in time. Kazuya thought that it was dangerous to leave Lena out in the streets or she might get hurt. Lena thought that he was going to let her stay with him.

However, Kazuya took her to the police station and reported her as a lost child. Lena was wearing a dog kigurumi (what she wears when she's depressed) and sat in the corner. She was pretty upset.

That afternoon, Kazuya upgraded Ikariya again. May poured him a glass of milk. May seemed worried about Lena, but Kazuya said not to worry.

The doorbell rang, and it was a pretty policewoman was there. She said that the police was lucky to find the little girl that apparently lived with him. Lena came into the house and yelled, "Tadaima!"

The policewoman (who was very busty and attractive) said that Kazuya was terrible for losing a little girl like that. But she said it while she was smiling. She then said that she was going to take him to the police station to give him a "lecture", and she dragged him to her car. Lena just bid them good bye.

Nanbara thought that the female cop was the collector. But Sara said that she wasn't her because the collector would have taken May.

Then Lena walked out of Kazuya's apartment carrying Ikariya and May. May asked where they were going and Lena just said, "Home." May was protesting saying that if they weren't back in time, then Kazuya would get angry with her. Lena said that they had to go NOW. May begged her to reconsider, but then Lena looked like she was going to cry. May plugged her ears and quickly said that it was okay if they took a little walk. She wondered what she should do.

Later, Kasumi had brought Kazuya back from the police station. He apologized for the trouble, but Kasumi said that it was okay. Kasumi's skirt was very short and he could almost see her underwear.

Then there was a loud pounding sound in room 203. Kasumi went and pounded on the door, demanding that Shikishima-san pay his rent. But then Kazuya noticed that his door was ajar and realized nobody was home. He ran past Kasumi and out into the street.

Meanwhile, Sara and Nanbara were watching Lena. They were surprised that she fell down often when she was walking. May asked Lena to return home. Then Nanbara and Sara jumped out as they were tired of waiting and they were going to return May themselves. But Ikariya squirted ink at them as a smoke screen.

Lena ran across the street and taunted the two of them. When they ran after her, Lena started to change the lights quickly. The traffic was going in different directions and they danced to avoid getting hit. Lena was laughing and screaming, "More, more!"

But then Kazuya grabbed her hand to stop her. He said that she shouldn't do such things. Lena didn't understand. Kazuya said that she must be also a Cyberdoll, and Lena agreed.

Kazuya said that she shouldn't ever change lights again. May said that Lena saved her from being taken, and Kazuya understood. But in the street was a huge traffic jam. Kazuya said that she was a good person, and good people didn't do whatever they pleased just because they had the power. Lena screamed that she didn't understand. She threw Ikariya back at him and ran.

Lena was sitting in a pipe wearing her kigurumi. She was very upset and didn't understand what Kazuya meant.

She heard a scream from May. May was being chased by Ikariya (who was wearing sunglasses like a gangster), and she ran down the pipe past Lena. Ikariya shot a cloud of ink and it hit Lena. Lena got mad asking why he hit her. Ikariya said that he could do whatever he wanted because he could. Then Lena went to Ikariya and said that he was a good person. She said that good people didn't do as they pleased just because they had the power. May and Kazuya were watching and saw that their plan had worked.

That evening, Kazuya was begging Kasumi to allow another person to live with him, but Kasumi stopped him. She said that she was going to let Lena live with her since it would be trouble to have two women living with him.

Then Lena sent a message back to headquarters. Sara and Nanbara were watching the message. She said that she wasn't going to go back to return Cyberdoll May, and she was staying with Kazuya instead. Nanbara got furious and he argued with Sara. Meanwhile, Lena was told to undress so she could take a bath. Lena started to take off her shirt, but then she snapped her fingers and the TV screen went blank.

That night, Kasumi and Lena slept in the same futon. Kazuya fell asleep at his desk, and May pulled a blanket over him.

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