Hand Maid May episode 4

Hand Maid May episode 4/10
Minaide Kudasai!
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.17
Nanbara was wearing computer goggles and was playing shogi. Sara and his opponent both said that he would lose in two or three moves. But Nanbara said that he had bought the most powerful shogi-playing supercomputer to help him. He said that he could get out of this situation. The computer thought and said that it didn't know what to do, and it exploded. Nanbara couldn't believe it because he said that the computer could calculate 400,000 moves in advance. (Did I get this number right?)

But then the girl, who was wearing a hat and glasses, said that she could calculate 500,000 moves in advance. Sara explained that she was the smartest of all the cyberdolls and had an equivalent human I.Q. of 5,000. Sara said that she was the new collector. The cyberdoll said that she had already analyzed Kazuya's movements and knew what he would do, and she said that the operation had already started.

Meanwhile, Kazuya was at the university working. He got a video e-mail from the pretty girl. She introduced herself as Kei and said that she was interested in his project and was thinking of sponsoring him. Kazuya then got very excited by this prospect.


Back at Kasumi Sou, Cyberdoll Lena had just finished watching "The Whirlwind of Love". Lena said that she wanted to have a passionate relationship like that. May was surprised that she knew about such things (probably because Lena looks only about 9). But Lena teased May by saying that she was very naive. May was impressed that Lena knew so much.

Then May saw the time and ran over to pour a glass of milk. Lena wondered what she was doing, as May was using some kind of siphoning device to get milk out of the carton. May said that Kazuya built this device so she could pour the milk easier. Lena seemed to look a bit suspicious.

Then Kazuya came in the door, and Lena said "Welcome home!" and hugged him. But Kazuya just went to May who handed him the glass of milk. Kazuya said thanks and seemed happy to see May, and ignored Lena.

Lena became very jealous. She pointed to the siphon and said that she wanted something made for her, too. She began crying loudly again, and Kazuya covered his ears and said that he would. Lena immediately stopped crying and hugged him. Then she said that she had to go back to Kasumi's place or she'd get worried. She said good bye to Ikariya and ran across the ladder.

Both May and Kazuya seemed exhausted by Lena's wild behavior. Then Kazuya said to May that he brought dinner. Then May and Kazuya sat down to eat. May was using a small doll house table on top of the regular one. (Isn't it strange that May needs to eat and use electricity?)

Kazuya was talking about the girl that wrote to him that day. May got a bit depressed hearing about it. But Kazuya saw her expression and quickly said that it was only because she was interested in his robotics. Then May told him to come closer, and she pulled a grain of rice off of his face (just like a stereotypical married couple).

The next morning, Kazuya went and put Ikariya into his backpack and bid May good bye. But then Nanbara called him from a ramen stand. Sara was with him and ordered two bowls of ramen. Nanbara was telling Kazuya that he was cruel to leave May alone since she was so lonely and all. Because Nanbara was screaming into the phone so loudly, he surprised the cooks who dropped two jars of hot pepper powder into one of the ramen bowls.

Anyway, Kazuya got convinced into bringing May along on his interview. When Kasumi and Lena went over to Kazuya's place later, they saw that nobody was at home. Meanwhile, Nanbara was laughing saying that Kazuya was so easy to predict, and Kei would be ready for him. Then he had a taste of his ramen and blew fire out of his mouth.

Kazuya went to the restaurant to meet Kei. Kei looked very refined and was very pretty. They sat down at a table, and Kazuya showed her Ikariya. Ikariya started talking to Kei. Kei said that his prototype was very cute--just like him. Kazuya turned very red.

Kei discussed the findings of his report with him. May watched them in her smaller backpack. The strap of Kei's sundress slipped, and Kazuya got embarrassed and he looked the other way.

Meanwhile, Nanbara and Sara were gaping at the unfolding scene. Nanbara's lips were swollen and red from the ramen. The folks in the adjacent booth were wondering why they were staring.

Kei kept talking to Kazuya and giving him compliments (almost as if she was coming on to him). May was getting a bit jealous and finally stood up out of her backpack. But Kei saw her and May tried to hide, but only ended up falling out and hitting the floor. May screamed loudly "OUCH!" A waitress came over and asked if something was wrong. But Kei quickly said that Kazuya had accidentally kicked her in the leg, and the waitress left.

Then all three of them went to the university. Kei was going to talk more about the "Doraemon Project", but then she said that this other robot (May) was even more impressive. But Kazuya said that Kei wasn't allowed to examine May. He was stammering trying to give a reason, but then Kazuya's stomach growled and it broke the mood.

Then May said that she knew what he wanted right now. She said that he wanted to have some unagi (eel). Kazuya said that she was right. Kei asked May how did she know. May said that while they were going to meet her, Kazuya stopped at the unagi stand and smelled the food for a bit.

Meanwhile, Nanbara and Sara were inside the storage room watching them. May said that she knew many things about Kazuya. She began listing out his favorite things, such as his favorite color and such. Then Kei asked Kazuya to go get some drinks from the hall.

Kazuya left, and Kei went into the storage room. Sara asked why was she delaying the collection. Kei said that there was something strange about this cyberdoll. She said that a CBD May doesn't have the programming to be able rationalize and draw conclusions. Outside, Kazuya had returned and didn't know where Kei went. But May climbed up and sat on his shoulder.

Nanbara didn't care and told Kei to do her job. But Kei had a blank stare on her face and her mouth was agape. Sara explained that this meant that Kei was doing some complicated analysis. Kei returned to normal and said that she didn't have enough data to explain May's behavior. Kei wanted to analyze her some more, and Sara allowed her the privilege but she had to complete her job later.


Kasumi was watering the flowers outside the apartment. Kei stopped by and told her that she was only going to visit one of her tenants, Kazuya. After Kei left, Kasumi looked a bit shocked.

Kei was looking at his data on his home computer. She was talking about the programming and was making some suggestions. Kei was standing very close to Kazuya, and May was getting upset. She grabbed Kazuya's glass of milk and began drinking it. (Surprising, since the glass is almost as big as herself).

Kei saw this out of her corner of her eye and continued discussing changes. She was bending over and she had her arms pushing against her blouse. This allowed Kazuya to get a good look at Kei's large breasts, and Kazuya's face turned red and he couldn't stop staring at them.

There was a thud in the background and it broke Kazuya's trance. May quickly said that she accidentally spilled the glass of milk. Then Kasumi, who had an angry look on her face, entered the room by taking the window off of its hinges. She laughed nervously and said, "Hello!" But the window that she removed fell over and broke. Kasumi was laughing nervously and scratched the back of her head while Kazuya got a broom and swept up the broken glass. May was getting a towel and was wiping the spilled milk on the table.

Kei was thinking to herself that she could understand that the human girl did something like that on purpose. However, she wondered if May spilled the milk intentionally as well. How can a simple robot express such complicated emotions?

That evening, Kei thanked Kazuya for letting her come by the apartment and seeing his work in person. She seemed to be very friendly with him.

Kasumi looked out her window and saw May sitting on the balcony. She asked where was Kazuya, and May said that he was still talking to Kei. Kasumi became furious. When Kasumi saw Kazuya, she yelled at him saying that she was glad that he had such a pretty coworker. She slammed her window shut. But Kazuya was most surprised when May went inside without saying anything to him.

Nobody saw that Kei was still by the playground thinking about why Kazuya refused her offer.

That night, when Kazuya slept, May went to a mirror and put on lipstick. She thought about how mature and pretty Kei was and she wondered if maybe she should be something like her.

Meanwhile, Kasumi was in her bedroom (in very cute cat pajamas). She looked and noticed that her makeup was gone. She ran over to Lena and started to yell at her for playing with her things.

The next morning, Kazuya left to go the university. May went and pulled out the makeup and was trying on the lipstick. But Lena came into the room and thought that she was trying to do something silly. Lena figured out that May was the one that stole Kasumi's makeup. The two yelled at each other.

Meanwhile at the lab, Kei asked Nanbara and Sara to step into the storage room for a bit. They went inside but then Kei closed the door. Kei said that they had to stay in there for a bit. Sara tried to punch open the door, but nothing happened. Kei said that it was a 31 mm thick steel door and left. Nanbara asked Sara about her limits, and she said that she could only punch through 30 mm of steel. They were both upset at Kei's intelligence.

Lena and May were watching "The Whirlwind of Love". May kept sighing. Lena suspected that May was emotional because she was feeling her "first love". May emphatically denied it, but Lena said that she only joking. Meanwhile, Kei was walking to the apartment.

Lena said that Yamazaki on the TV show reminded her of Kazuya. They showed Yamazaki and Miki in an embrace on the show. In May's mind, she saw Kazuya holding Kei in the same way. Then Kei knocked on the door and went inside the apartment. Lena panicked and ran to get Kasumi. But Kei was interested in May because she looked like she was crying. She asked May what was wrong, and May said that it was nothing. Kei was wondering about how May could be able to cry since it wasn't in her programming.

Later that afternoon, Lena told Kazuya that Kei stopped by earlier. However, she left with May. Kazuya panicked and ran out to find her.

At the lab, Kei said that she wanted to examine her program, and not to worry. May said okay.

Kei said that Kazuya was very stubborn the other day when she asked him. There was a flashback to when Kei was talking to Kazuya in the playground. He told Kei that he didn't want to see May's program. He said that it was invading her privacy and he didn't want to know what she knew. May seemed moved that Kazuya respected her in that way. Kei said that she wouldn't tell Kazuya about what they were doing.

Kazuya ran very hard to the university, and he barely missed getting hit by cars and such. He got to the lab, but Kei hadn't gotten finished yet. Kei said that he was slow. May asked him not to look. Kazuya was angry at Kei saying that they had an understanding about May. But May said that it was okay since she gave consent.

Kei was looking at the program and said that the Maid Program was different. Kazuya asked what she meant, and Kei said that "we" cyberdolls have the Maid Program as the central core. Kazuya asked what she meant by "we", and Kei said that she was a cyberdoll as well.

Kei continued saying that she couldn't analyze her core with her computer. She tried to upload the program into herself so she could analyze it better. As she started, she said that it wasn't a regular program any more, and somehow it had evolved. But then the program started to overload Kei and she couldn't disconnect. Kei started screaming in pain, and Kazuya grabbed Kei and managed to get her away from the machine.

"Why did you save me back there?" Kei asked. "Why?" But Kazuya couldn't give a straight answer. Then Kei's face turned a bit red.

Later, the storage closet door opened. Nanbara and Sara went out and saw that Kei had left a video e-mail. Back at home, Kazuya and the May were watching it too. Kei said that she apologized but she was not doing the collection, and instead she was going to leave forever. Nanbara and Sara got very angry.

The next morning, however, Kei showed up at Kazuya's apartment. Kazuya asked about her journey (or something like that), but Kei blushed and said that she had unfinished business. May became very angry saying that Kei promised to leave. Then Kasumi came in the window, and Kei introduced herself to her. Kasumi was very angry with Kazuya over this. May was wondering what was happening between all of these girls.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kazuya opened the door and Sara was standing outside. (Kei hid behind the bookshelves). Sara said that she was a representative of the Cyberdyne Corporation. She said that unless Kazuya could come up with the payment for CBD May, then tomorrow afternoon she would come to return her to the company.

(There was a VERY cool transition to the CM break, as it showed the eyecatch falling down from the top of the screen and it made a dramatic slamming sound.)

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