Hand Maid May 5

Hand Maid May episode 5/10
Kyou made.. Hontou ni..
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.20
    Slight editing by Hitoshi Doi
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At 9:30am the next day, Kazuya was very quiet and didn't eat breakfast. Instead he was reading some computer magazine. When May asked him about eating, he said that he wasn't in the mood at the moment. May seemed disappointed, but Kazuya avoided eye contact with her.

Outside apartment 201, Lena was talking to the tenant. The tenant seemed very excited to see somebody as cute as Lena. Lena said that she was just here to take the rent. The man said that if she came every month, he'd be glad to give her money. Then Kasumi appeared from the other side of the door and angrily said that she never treated her that way. The tenant went inside quickly, and Lena and Kasumi thanked him and shut the door quickly.

The apartment was covered on the walls and the floor with anime and manga goods. Kasumi told Lena that she made collecting rent so much easier. The man was smiling and quietly said, "Lena-chan". Outside, Lena shivered and said, "I felt a chill go up my spine..."

Kei had taken off her hat and her apron. She was working on something mechanical and looked a bit dirty. She said, "It's finished."

It was 10:43am and Kazuya still hadn't eaten breakfast. He glanced over at May and saw that she was very sad. But Kazuya went back to his computer and kept typing.

Then there was a strange sound and Kazuya's closet door opened. Kei asked if there was any breakfast and came into the room. As Kei got out of the closet she lifted her skirt VERY high, allowing Kazuya to get a good look at her long legs.

Kei tried to have a conversation (perhaps about why he hadn't eaten) but Kazuya's mouth was gaping open from the shock. He went immediately to the closet and opened it. The closet was now gone and instead there was this strange electronic compartment in there. Kazuya asked what did she do. Kei got very close to Kazuya and whispered that it was a secret elevator from the lab that went straight to his apartment. Then she put her hand underneath his chin, and the strap of her sundress slipped off her shoulder again.

Then Kei saw the breakfast on the table and wondered if she could have some. May immediately jumped in front and said that she couldn't have any as it was only for Kazuya. But Kazuya was back at his computer desk. He couldn't believe that Kei put in an elevator, and he didn't know what to do. But Kei appeared and literally handed him May. I think that she said that he could have fun with her since she would make a nutritious breakfast for him.

But Lena came in the door and jumped on Kazuya and he dropped May. Lena wanted to go play with Kazuya, but Kazuya said that he was busy. Lena went to the corner wearing her dog kiragumi again and looked very sad. But May said that he was busy and please be a good girl about it.

Meanwhile Lena was reading a cookbook. But the cookbook mentioning things like a "pinch" of this and a "dash" of that. Lena was very confused as she couldn't comprehend such imprecise measurements.

Kasumi overheard Kei's dilemma and couldn't believe that she could be so foolish. She saw that May looked very sad, and Lena was throwing a tantrum in the corner. She knew what was happening and asked to talk to Kazuya privately for a second. Kazuya was going to protest, but she dragged him out into the balcony.


Kazuya and Kasumi were on the ladder that stretched between the two apartments. Kasumi said that she couldn't believe that he was sitting around the apartment doing nothing. Kazuya couldn't make eye contact with Kasumi, but he said that it was because there was nothing that he could do. There was no way that he could come up with the money by 6pm, so he couldn't face May. Kazuya didn't see May that was standing on the balcony behind him.

Then Kasumi handed him two tickets to the amusement park. Kasumi said that if this had to be May's last day with you, then at least make it a good one. Are you sure that this is okay, Kazuya asked. But Kasumi got furious saying that he didn't understand feelings (I think). Then there was a violent rumbling from Shikishima-san's apartment. Lena and Kei called out to Kasumi saying that he must've returned home. May then quietly thanked Kasumi. But before Kasumi could reply, Lena yelled at her to hurry or he'd leave.

Then May started talking to Kazuya saying that she was sorry that she was such a bother to him. But Kazuya brightened and told her to cheer up because today was a nice day. May became happy again. The two of them didn't see that Kasumi, Kei, and Lena were all outside the apartment doorway watching them.

At Nanbara's mansion, he was fighting with Sara for something. Somehow, seeing Kazuya and May break up bothered him. (I can't remember this conversation any more).

Lena was watching "The Whirlwind of Love" at Kazuya's apartment. Yamazaki had gotten arrested and it looked like he couldn't be together with Miki any more. Then Nanbara burst into the apartment and began yelling for Kazuya. Lena didn't stop watching and quietly said that Kazuya wasn't there. Nanbara got angry and ran out again. "Who knows when the whirlwind of love will unite these two again?" the TV announcer said.

At the amusement park, Kazuya and May were watching some silly sentai show where the bad guys beat up some giant lizard. May was really excited and cheered so hard that she fell from Kazuya's shoulder. A boy sitting next to them saw May and got very confused.

The mysterious cybernetic man was watching Kazuya and May from the top of the clock tower. He made a soft wheezing sound when he breathed because of the mask that he was wearing.

Then the two went on all kinds of rides. May seemed to like the wilder rides more than Kazuya. Then they went to a restaurant and drank a melon float together. May teased Kazuya about blushing (because drinking out of the same glass is typically reserved for "couples"). The mysterious man continued to watch them through a hole in the newspaper.

The clock showed that it was now 4pm. Kasumi was seen sitting in her room looking a bit sad, and she was holding some fabric. She also had some patterns for some outfits for dolls, but she wasn't finishing any of her projects.

Kazuya and May continued looking at the sights of the amusement park.

The clock now read 4:40pm. Kei was outside in the park reading a book by the fountain.

Kazuya and May made some Print Club stickers. May put one sticker in her purse (it almost was the size of her purse). Then Kazuya asked if she wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, and May said yes.

Meanwhile, Sara was eating ramen. Nanbara was wandering around the shopping plaza getting kicked out of all the stores because he was screaming like a lunatic. He kept yelling "Where are you, Saotome-kun?!"

May and Kazuya were riding the Ferris wheel, and May was staring out at the sunset. May suddenly looked sad, and Kazuya asked what was wrong. She replied that she was really grateful for today, and he said that he was grateful, too. He said that meeting May was like seeing one of his lifetime dreams come true, so he wanted to thank her. But then they both grew quiet.

The clock read that it was 5:55pm. Nanbara was stuck in his car in the middle of a traffic jam. He was screaming that he didn't get to see Kazuya.

Everybody else was standing outside of Kazuya's apartment. Sara was there and said that she was here to collect CBD May. May stood in Kazuya's hand and took off the ribbon that he gave her and put it in his palm. May said that she'd never forget Kazuya. Then May walked to Sara, and Sara also took May's USB cable. May was trying to say her farewell, but then she started to cry. Sara just said that they were returning, and calmly walked down the street.

Kazuya looked at the ribbon that May had folded in his hand. He crushed it in his fist, and then he turned and ran where he saw Sara last. But even though Sara had turned the corner for only a few seconds, the streets were completely empty.


That night, Kazuya had fallen asleep at his computer. He saw a letter peeking out from underneath his keyboard. May had written to him. In it, May said that she had been happy to have been with Kazuya, even if it was a short time. Then she thanked him again.

The next morning, Kazuya woke up late in his bed and the TV was on showing the weather. Kazuya called out for May before he caught himself. Kazuya went to his PC, and Ikariya was still asleep on top of it. He found the remote control hidden under a pile of his books, and he turned off the TV. But then Kazuya spent a few moments turning on and off the TV set. Kazuya then remembered about when he first met May, and how she was showing off her "special power". He also remembered when she woke him up by opening the drapes on the window. Kazuya was standing by his window looking outside. The sun was shining very bright.

He went back to his PC. But he soon turned around and looked at his table, specifically at the ribbon he gave to May and the ear pick that she used as a broom. Ikariya suddenly yelled out, "Let's give it our best today, May!" Kazuya turned around immediately but Ikariya appeared to still be asleep. Kazuya tried talking to it, but Ikariya didn't move or speak.

Kazuya then called the university and talked to one of the professors. He got dressed and gathered his books and Ikariya in his backpack. He didn't see that Kasumi was watching from her window. She smiled a little when he ran out the door.

At the university, Kazuya was trying to program Ikariya again. Ikariya awoke for a short time and moved a little. But then it fell silent again. Kazuya scratched his head and worked on his code some more. He remembered when Kei was telling him about the Maid System, and Kazuya wanted to make something like it.

When Kazuya got home that evening, the cybernetic man was sitting inside waiting for him. He introduced himself as a representative of Cyberdyne. Kazuya apologized if he made some trouble by accidentally taking one of their products without paying. But the man said that it was okay.

Kazuya gave him some milk, and the man formed a mechanical straw so he wouldn't have to take off his mask in order to drink it. Then the man cried out about how delicious milk was. Kazuya asked him for his name, and the man said, "Saot... Ah, it's Cyber X."

Cyber X said that he was interested in his work, because the company was always looking for some talented programmers. Cyber X looked at Ikariya. But Kazuya said that he had a long way to go, and Cyber X said that he shouldn't be so modest. Cyber X asked if he'd like to have a cyberdoll to help him with work. Kazuya immediately said yes. So Cyber X requested Kazuya to please accept this present from the company. Then he walked to his computer and plugged in a USB cable from his arm.

Cyber X's hands became a blur as he started making the order on his computer. Kazuya was impressed at his speed. Cyber X went to the company page and showed him all the cyberdolls (you can see the entire cast plus several others), and he asked which one did he want.

Kazuya asked him what happens to cyberdolls that were recalled. Cyber X said that they went to the maintenance factory for resetting. Cyber X asked why, but then Kazuya asked (almost yelling) what happened to their memories. Cyber X said that they eventually be erased and reset to their original configuration, but that wouldn't happen for several days. So which one did he want, Cyber X asked again.

Kazuya emphatically asked that he wanted a Cyberdoll May. Cyber X said that that model was only a standard one, and there were many models that were far more advanced. But Kazuya said that he wanted May, and specifically the one that was sent to him previously. Then Cyber X started placing the order. Kazuya suddenly asked him to stop, because he asked to do the final part himself. Cyber X said he understood and he moved out of the way.

On the computer screen was printed:

 CYBER Doll Order
 DO or NOT

It was the same screen that had appeared when Nanbara's virus had infected his computer. But Kazuya hesitated before he could click the mouse. Cyber X asked him what was wrong. Kazuya looked guilty and said that he couldn't pay for the robot. But Cyber X said that he would just give him the cyberdoll for now as part of his research (I think). Then Kazuya clicked "DO". The screen changed:

 Thank you

It was late that evening, and Kazuya kept looking out his door for the delivery person. Kazuya went back to his bed and looked at the ribbon in his hand. He said that they were late. Suddenly, the door bell rang.

Kazuya ran to the door. He didn't even look or talk to the delivery person. He just saw the wrapped package, and roughly yanked it out of her hands. He tore at the package and opened the box that said "Hand Maid May" on it. But there was nothing inside but a short USB cable that May had used to recharge herself.

Kazuya was so shocked that he couldn't say anything. His hands just dropped the box and the ribbon fell to the ground. He stood that way for several seconds. Suddenly the delivery girl bent down and grabbed the ribbon.

"You dropped your ribbon," she said in a familiar voice. Then the girl pulled off her hat, and Kazuya saw that it was a human-sized May. Kazuya was speechless, but then May put the ribbon gently in his hands. Then she asked for him to please tie it again, and Kazuya tied the ribbon in her hair.

"I'm home, Kazuya-san," May said.

"Welcome home, May," Kazuya replied.

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