Hand Maid May 6

Hand Maid May episode 6/10
Motto, Motto!
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.21
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That morning, May was doing her exercises, and the camera angles made this semi-H. Kasumi and Lena were still asleep; Kasumi had apparently been working on more clothes. Kei was sitting in front of a blackboard in her room and was "processing" (her mouth agape and her eyes glazed). Kazuya was asleep at his computer again. "Okay, today I'm going to give it my best!" May said when she was done stretching.


[Kev's Note: The title of this episode is "Motto, Motto!!" (More, more!). It's a slight inside-joke since all pornographic anime always includes this phrase. It may even be more appropriate since May jiggled A LOT in this episode.]

May and Kasumi's baseball team were watching the staff members prepare for the festival that night. One of the boys (Masato) asked May if he would come with him to watch the fireworks, and May said sure. His younger sister (Miyuki) said, "Thank goodness, huh, big brother?" and Masato blushed and become embarrassed. Then the rest of the team laughed. But May wanted to go out with him, and he turned red. Then May said for everybody to do their best, and they all gave a cheer.

Kazuya was typing at his computer. May was in the kitchen and you heard her let out a scream. Kazuya asked what was wrong. May had broke an egg all over her forehead. She apparently had tried to crack an egg by headbutting it, because she wasn't used to not being small yet.

A ding came from the closet. The door opened and Kei jumped out of the elevator holding a pot. Kei said that she had prepared a nutritionally balanced meal for him. Then Kasumi and Lena came in the window and said hello. Lena went and grabbed Ikariya and they said hello to each other. Then May said good morning to everybody.

The table was set for everybody, and they said, "Itadakimasu!" Lena ate quickly and Ikariya told her to eat her food slowly. May told Kazuya that she was very excited about seeing the fireworks that evening. May had made little "rain dolls" hanging on the window that were cute and they had a name on each one. May's doll had the same expression as when May pretended to be a doll in episode 2.

[What's the correct translation for those dolls anyway? Rain gods, rain dolls, rain guardians??]

Kei had mentioned something about this, but I don't remember the conversation any more. Then she shook salt on Kazuya's food saying that he needed some more. Then Lena and Ikariya talked about tastes and such. Kazuya tasted the food, and he was overwhelmed by the amount of salt on it. Kei asked, "Isn't it delicious?" Kazuya drank an entire glass of milk with one gulp.

May immediately grabbed the glass and said that she'd get him some more. As she twirled to go to the kitchen, May's skirt flew up and Kazuya got a good glimpse at her thighs. Kazuya's face turned very red. Kasumi leaned over and whispered slyly, "When she was small you didn't notice, but now that she's big she's rather cute, huh, Kazuya-kun?" In the kitchen, May almost used her old siphon tool to pour milk out of the carton.

Kasumi seemed to want to go to the festivities that night, and she looked at the rain dolls hanging outside the window. She asked Kei if she was going to come, but Kei said that she had to do some work. Kazuya said that she had gotten a part-time job working as an assistant for his professor at the university. Then May returned with Kazuya's milk. Kazuya asked if it was really going to be okay to not go. Kei swooned and she got very close to his face and asked if he cared so much. Kei's face was very red and her strap of her sundress slipped off again. But Kazuya just gave an excuse about why he wanted to go. Then Kei started laughing but Kazuya didn't get it.

Sara was on top of the roof listening to them talk. She thought about the fireworks and then she called Nanbara (using her hand as the telephone). Nanbara was inside his mansion and maids were bringing him fabric samples. Nanbara didn't like any of them. He told Sara that was busy trying to pick out the "perfect" yukata for the evening, and he hung up the phone on her. Sara got furious, but then she called a ramen store and asked them to deliver a large order to the roof of Kasumi Sou.

May was downloading all the information off of Kazuya's computer using the USB port. Kazuya asked if she had everything she needed for the evening, and May said yes. Then she tried to leave but she forgot that she was still plugged into the computer.

At school, one of Kasumi's friends asked her out that evening (I think), but Kasumi apologized saying that she had plans. Kasumi appeared to have quite a number of sewing related items in her desk.

Back at Kasumi Sou, Sara was eating ramen. Apparently Nanbara had somehow been forced to deliver them to her. Then Nanbara talked about something. I couldn't tell what he was saying, and I can't remember the translation either.

At the grocery store, May was begging the cashier for something about the milk. (Maybe she had gone to the aisle with too many items). Lena and Ikariya were both weeping as well. The other customers were saying, "Just give it to the poor girl!" Kazuya looked embarrassed and wondered if Kei was doing okay.

Kei was at work, and apparently she had locked up her professor in the closet. The professor was apparently occupied with a slightly unpleasant computer "friend" that Kei had created. The professor was screaming to get out, but the computer (whose name was Hal) said, "I'm sorry, but I can't do that."

Kei laughed quietly. Then she opened her mouth and ate a banana. She stuck half of it down her throat before biting it. (Like that doesn't have any kind of sexual connotation).

Later at Kazuya's apartment, Lena was sitting in front of a fan and saying "Aaaaaaahhhhh...". You know, so it would make a funny sound. Then she picked up Ikariya so he could do it too.

May and Kei had their palms pressed together, and they both said that they were ready. Then they closed their eyes and a glow formed between their hands. Kasumi ran across the ladder and entered the apartment. She saw the two girls with their hands pressed together and glowing. She asked Kazuya what was happening, and he said that cyberdolls could transfer data in this way. Kei had apparently wanted to download information about the show "The Whirlwind of Love" from May. A small tear appeared in the corner of Kei's eye.

Kazuya didn't notice but Kasumi had pressed her palm against his in the same way. Kazuya crushed the milk carton in his hand from the shock, and his face turned a bit red. Kasumi's face was flushed and she asked quietly if he "got her message". Kazuya said that it must be about next month's rent, and he apologized that it might be a little late. Kasumi let out a sigh, and then got very angry and said that she wouldn't have any sympathy. Then she kicked him out of the apartment.

Kazuya was shocked and started to beg to be let back into his home. But then he heard a mechanical buzz from next door. Shikishima-san couldn't be seen, but he had placed his empty delivery bowls (which looked very old and worn) outside of his apartment. Then he closed the door and it sealed with an electronic lock. Kazuya was so dazed by this that he was startled when his apartment door was opened.

Kazuya bowed his head and then started begging. But Kasumi said, "What are you talking about?"

Then Kazuya looked at her. Kasumi, May, Lena and Kei had all changed into extremely pretty yukata. They asked how did they look. Kazuya's face was a bit red, and he asked if Kasumi had made them. Kasumi said that since this was their first festival that she wanted them to have nice yukata. Then Kazuya asked where was his yukata. But Kasumi quickly changed the subject, and said "Let's go!". "Wait a second!" Kazuya said.


Everybody was looking at the festival from a distance, and all the sights overwhelmed them. Kasumi said that she really wanted to eat some of the food. May was thanking her "rain dolls" which she had put into her purse. May had apparently brought them for luck. All the other girls gathered to look at them; then they said that they were so cute.

Then Masato and Miyuki saw them and called for Kei. They ran over and Kasumi scolded him for not noticing her. Then Masato bowed in apology. But then Kasumi said that she wasn't serious. Then they all did the usual "Oi-su!" cheer.

Masato went to Lena and said that he hadn't seen her before, and he said that she was cute. Lena turned red, but then she angrily said that he had said that he liked May the most. Masato said that he liked Lena only second to May. Lena shoved him and yelled that she wasn't a substitute for May. The older girls were giggling quietly, but then Lena said, "Let's go, Kazuya!" and dragged him off to the festival. Then everybody ran after them, except for Kei, who just said, "Wait," and walked after the others.

At the festival, everybody was trying out the food. But they accidentally went by the roasted squid stand, and Ikariya went hysterical.

Then they decided to go try some of the games. Kasumi was dominating at the ball toss, naturally. Then Kei was at the goldfish game and was concentrating on the mechanics of the play. Kazuya had caught a goldfish with his paper scoop and the other girls clapped. But after Kazuya got some water to take the fish home, everybody got separated because there were so many crowds.

Kazuya ran off to look for everybody. But he didn't see that Kei had gone back to the goldfish game and was intrigued by it.

Sara and Nanbara had arrived at the festival. Apparently they were working at some ramen booth. Nanbara was just interested in finding Kazuya. But then he got hit in the face with a water balloon. (These are the ones that you are supposed to bounce them on your hand, but apparently the string had broke). One of the members of Kasumi's Little League baseball team had done it by accident. Nanbara became furious, and the team members ran. Nanbara chased after them.

Sara was calling to him, asking him what to do after she found Kazuya. But then she saw a stand that was making special ramen (really chow mein, which use the same noodles). Sara could only focus on the "ramen" and she wanted to eat it so badly.

Kei was playing the goldfish game. Her arm went through a flashy sweeping motion and she caught a goldfish. The others watching her were clapping.

Kasumi looked unhappy as she was watching over Lena and Masato. Masato was worried about his "goddess", I believe. Lena asked if he meant Kei. Masato said that he liked Kei and May and he wanted to hug them. Ikariya accused him of being a playboy, and Masato denied it, saying that he liked her only third best. Then Kasumi asked, "If you've numbered all the girls, then where am I in your list?"

Masato stammered and said, "Ah, your number... Coach Kasumi's uniform number is 33..."

Then Kazuya showed up and said that he couldn't find the others yet. But he was going to continue looking for them. Then Masato quickly said that he'd go look for them too.

At the ball toss game, the baseball team was grabbing all the balls and throwing them at Nanbara. However Nanbara continued to chase after them.

Kei did another flashy move with her arm, and this time she caught a small turtle with her paper scoop. The crowd was very excited.

Sara was eating the noodles and saying that they were so delicious. She said that she would go look for Kazuya now. Just then, Kazuya walked past him. Sara walked toward him, but he didn't see that Masato had bent over to pick up a 100 yen coin from the ground. Sara tripped over Masato, and pushed Kazuya onto the ground with her.

Kazuya saw that it was Sara. Sara quickly got up and tried to act nonchalant. Masato asked if Kazuya was okay, and Kazuya said that he just scrapped his elbow a little. Then Kazuya looked at Sara and noticed that she had a wound on her arm, too. But her arm healed in only a few seconds. Kazuya then figured out that Sara was another cyberdoll.

The baseball team was still trying to escape from Nanbara. Nanbara lost them momentarily when they scattered and he called out for them. But then somebody tugged at his happi coat. Nanbara looked down and saw that Miyuki was crying because she was lost.

At the goldfish stand, Kei did another fancy move and this time she caught a small lobster with her scoop. The crowd gasped from excitement and they clapped again.

Kazuya was washing his arm off at a spigot. Masato looked a bit guilty and asked if he was really going to be okay. But Kazuya said that he would be fine since he could just lick his wounds and it would heal faster**. Then Masato looked relieved and ran back to see if Kasumi was okay.

** Kev's Note: While some animals can heal faster by licking their wounds, humans can't. It's a misconception and saliva does contain lots of bacteria, so it's actually counterproductive.

Sara and Kazuya talked about some things (I can't remember the conversation any more). Apparently Sara knew quite a bit about medicine or something like that. Kazuya said that Sara was amazing, and Sara seemed to get a bit embarrassed. She asked why did he bother protecting a cyberdoll back then. But Kazuya said that he didn't matter if a person was a cyberdoll or a human, he treated them the same. Sara seemed to turn very red. But then Kazuya said that he had to go find May, and he said to tell Nanbara that he said hi. Then he left, but Sara blushed saying quietly that he felt the same way about humans and cyberdolls.

Back at the goldfish game, Kei didn't manage to catch another fish. Kei was talking about how the paper scoop got weakened by the water and was analyzing it. But Masato saw her and called for her, and they left together.

Lena looked a bit unhappy as Kei was saying that she was "rescued" by Masato. Masato was acting very proud. But then Lena asked then where was May and Miyuki? Masato just stood there shocked. Ikariya yelled for him to get moving, and Masato ran off (and Kasumi laughed).

Nanbara was standing outside the women's restroom. He was griping that instead of finding Kazuya, he was stuck watching after some brat. But Miyuki had came out of the bathroom and had heard him. She looked like she was going to cry again, and he started panicking saying that they would find Kazuya.

Just then May came by and Miyuki called out to her. May was worried about her, but Miyuki said that she was safe because of her "big brother" and pointed at Nanbara. May said that it was Kazuya's "best friend". But then Nanbara saw who it was and he was overwhelmed by her beauty. Then May and Miyuki bowed to thank him for his trouble, and they left. Nanbara was so stunned by May's looks that he couldn't figure out where had he heard the name "May" previously.

The members of the baseball team saw that Kazuya had found May and Miyuki and they ran over to them. Then Nanbara remembered that May was the same little robot that he had seen earlier. However, he couldn't figure out how she had gotten so big. But he didn't care as all he could focus now was going out with May. He was going to invite her to see the fireworks with him, but then it started raining.

The announcer said that they would cancel the fireworks show if it continued to rain. Kasumi left Kei and Lena, assumedly so she could go look for the others. Kasumi's baseball team and Miyuki were huddling underneath a closed stand. Kei and Lena went under a tree.

May and Kazuya were waiting underneath a tree some distance away from the others. May was asking for the "rain dolls" to invoke their power and make the rain stop. She was worried about making Kazuya disappointed. But I think that Kazuya was telling her that it was okay, because they would have time to experience lots of things. He said that for him the important thing was being with the people that he liked.

Meanwhile, Lena was wiping Ikariya to keep it dry from the rain. Then Kei wiped Lena's head and smiled. (Kei was using one of her books as a makeshift umbrella).

May seemed to think that Kazuya was right, and she got happy again. But neither Kazuya nor May saw that Kasumi was watching them from a short distance behind another tree. She had a bit of a downcast look on her face.

But then the rain stopped, and everybody looked up in the sky and got very excited. Kasumi said quietly to herself, "What was all that about?" Then she ran and hugged May, pretending that she just saw them. Kasumi said that she was glad that she was glad that the rain stopped. Then they all looked up as the fireworks show started.

Sara was saying, "So is this the first time you've seen fireworks, Nanbara?" But Nanbara was just rattling off about how he wanted to see the fireworks with May (or something like that).

Kazuya, Kasumi, all the other cyberdolls, the Little League baseball team and Miyuki were all together watching the fireworks in the sky. May said to herself that fireworks were so pretty. She said that she wasn't completely sure what Kazuya meant earlier, but she wanted to have more experiences with him. She also looked at her purse and thanked the "rain dolls" for their help. Then the little doll that had May's name on it winked.

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