Hand Maid May 7

Hand Maid May episode 7/10
Jikan ga nai, desuka?
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.12.22
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Kazuya's two friends (Tadokoro and Daimon?) were standing in the university by the large statue near the front gate. They were practicing a routine very seriously. They would step on a cup, bow, and then say the line, "Let's go have tea... together," while they made a sweeping motion with their arms.

Then they did it to their "target". But it turned out to be just Kazuya, who scratched the back of his head and wondered what was the special occasion. But then they got angry saying that they weren't trying to talk to him. They said that a pretty female assistant always walked in the university at 11:10am every day.

Kazuya thought that their description seemed familiar. Then Kei started to walk into the university. The two guys did their lines perfectly. However, Kei didn't notice since she was talking with Kazuya. The two friends were shocked to see that Kei knew Kazuya so well. Kazuya then said, "Oh, I see. The pretty lady that comes here at 11:10am every day must be you, Kei."

Kei asked what was he talking about. But then Kazuya's two friends grabbed him and clasped their hands over Kazuya's mouth. They quickly introduced themselves as Kazuya's good friends and they asked if she would like to go out sometime ("...together").

They were interrupted when they heard somebody call out "Kazuya-san!" Everyone turned and saw that it was May running up to them. May's chest was really bouncing, and Kazuya's friends couldn't stop staring at it. May went up to Kazuya and said that he forgot to bring his notebook. Kazuya said that she saved him, and then she asked if she could stay and have lunch. Kazuya's friends nodded in approval. But May said that she couldn't because she had so many chores that she had to finish before he got home. Then Kazuya's friends looked very unhappy.

When the two girls left, Kazuya's friends talked to him very jealously. They wanted to know why was he hogging all the pretty girls. They said that they wanted to go out with just one of them ("...together!"). But Kazuya just laughed nervously.

Meanwhile, in an office somewhere, a shadowy figure opened the blinds and began dusting the room. She said, "Arararara!!" quite a bit. She saw that there was a file on the desk, and she looked at it. The file was about Kazuya, and she read it. Then she twirled out of the room and the shades closed again.


Sara was riding in Nanbara's car. She asked him why did he have all the flowers (purple roses) filling up the entire back seat. He said that it was a gift for May. Nanbara was so excited that he was swerving all over the road because he wasn't watching where he was going. Nanbara was talking about how this extravagant gift would surely make May go for him.

Sara thought that he was crazy. But then she thought about Kazuya, and her face flushed. But then she snapped out of it, and she wondered what was happening to her.

Then Nanbara got a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw that it was a blonde lady wearing a maid outfit wearing inline skates. She was skating next to his car on the freeway, and she was asking about some directions (in an "American" accent). Nanbara told her, and then she skated very fast and passed up all the other cars on the road. Nanbara asked Sara who that was, but she didn't know.

Kasumi didn't notice that her bag broke and all the Asian pears were spilling down the steps. She was staring off in space. But then she noticed that her bag had burst and she quickly went to collect them. But as she gathered up the last one, she paused. She remembered how the previous night Kazuya and May seemed to be so happy together.

But Kasumi was soon brought out of her reverie when she heard a voice talk to her. It was the blonde lady and she had gathered all of the pears in her apron. She then asked, "Miss, where can she find Kasumi Sou.

Meanwhile back at Kazuya's apartment, "The Whirlwind of Love" was playing again. This time, Yamazaki was in surgery, but he still gasped "Mika-san, Mika-san". Outside the emergency room, Mika was saying, "Yamazaki-san, Yamazaki-san". (In the TV show, they never say any lines, only their lover's name). May, Lena, and Kei were watching and they were all crying.

But then Kazuya came home and May immediately went to the door to greet him. May said that she'd get him a glass of milk. Then Lena and Kei welcomed him home. When Kazuya looked at his room, he saw that all of his clothes had been washed and May had already folded a few of his clothes. Kazuya remembered when May was smaller, they used to fold the laundry together.

Kasumi came in the room saying that there was somebody that wanted to meet him. Before Kazuya could even ask who it was, the blonde lady grabbed Kazuya and hugged him very tightly, meaning that she was rubbing his face into her large breasts. Kasumi, May, Lena, and Kei were all very shocked.

Then Kasumi got very angry with Kazuya, but he said that he wasn't doing anything. But May was furious at the lady. She told her that she couldn't wear her shoes indoors. Everybody looked and saw that she was still wearing her skates while she was on the tatami mats. "Arararara!" the lady said. She then took them off and they were placed next to the other pairs of shoes in the house.

Everybody was sitting around the table. Kazuya found out that her name was Mami and she came from America. Kazuya thought that maybe she was sent from his father that lived there. So he went to call home and ask.

Meanwhile, Mami saw the pile of laundry and she became entranced by them. The others gathered around her while she worked. She pressed his shirt into a very neatly, almost as if it was out of a package. The others were extremely impressed.

Kazuya was talking to his mother who started to fawn on him. Apparently Kazuya didn't call very home very often so she started to whine a bit. But his mom said that her father doesn't know anybody named Mami. She thought that perhaps it was his uncle that lived in Canada that might have sent her.

Mami was now taking newspaper and tearing them into small squares in a bowl of water. The others were wondering why she was doing it. Then Mami threw the newspaper pieces on the tatami and she swept them with a broom. The mats became so clean that they let out a blinding light, and everybody gasped. Mami said doing this could clean tatami better than other methods.

Meanwhile Kazuya's mom was still talking to him. She asked if he got the noodles that they sent. Then she said that she sent him some more since they didn't want him to go hungry. Kazuya then let out a cry of shock.

Kei and Lena seemed very depressed that May had made some more noodles again. She cooked it like spaghetti. They said that they couldn't eat the same thing day after day. Kazuya's parents sent him boxes full of white noodles, but they didn't know what to do with so much. Mami looked at the noodles and said that she could fix it. Then she went into the kitchen and cut up some vegetables. While she was stir frying some recipe, she blew a kiss toward May. May turned red but then she realized that the microwave oven had somehow activated. Lena and Kei noticed that it was cooking something too.

Back in America, Kazuya's mom was still talking on the phone. She looks very much like Kazuya except she has long brown hair. His mom said that his sister had just come home. Hikari was wearing a sailor suit uniform and slippers and asked to talk.

Hikari started talking but she heard some female voices in the background and she got a sly look on her face. She asked what was happening back there. She asked just how were things going with the landlady's daughter that lived next door. Kazuya was standing right next to Kasumi and she could hear everything. Hikari asked, "So, have you 'done it' yet?"

Kazuya screamed and quickly hung up the phone. Then he laughed nervously, and started babbling. But then something behind Kasumi distracted Kazuya, and they both turned.

On the table was a elegant spread of food, and everything was made with noodles. Apparently Mami had even made sushi using the rice noodles as a substitute for sticky rice. Everybody said how incredible it was. But Mami told them to try it. "Itadakimasu!" everybody said and they tasted it. Everybody said that it tasted as good as it looked. (Kei was saying that it had all the right balance of nutrition, color, etc.) But May seemed to be depressed.

May said that she was going to show her best and prove that she was just as useful around the house. She went to the bathroom, but she was blinded by the shine coming off of the porcelain. Mami had already cleaned it. Then she grabbed her basket and prepared to go shopping. But Mami had just returned. Finally, May had a glass of milk, but Mami had already given one to Kazuya.

Kazuya said that Mami always knew everything and she was wonderful. But Mami said that not everybody might agree with that. Kazuya asked what she meant, but Mami said, "Arararara, I wonder..."

May was in the kitchen and she drank the milk herself. She said that she wasn't going to give up.

Then May went into the bathroom and filled up the bathtub full of water, and started to put in an entire newspaper into it. But when she pulled the plug, the newspaper clogged the drain. The water started to spill all over the floor, and May panicked. She tried to pull the newspaper out, but she ended up falling into the tub herself.

May stood outside wringing her skirt dry (and you could see her panties). She let out a sigh of unhappiness.

Mami had several bags of garbage, which she was taking to the trash can. However, she saw Shikishima-san's apartment had many newspapers jammed roughly into the slot, and some had even fallen on the ground. Mami stopped and put all the papers into the slot carefully. Then she went to the garbage can when she heard a strange mechanical whine. When she turned and looked, all the papers had vanished from the mail slot. Mami seemed very confused by all of this.

Kazuya was back typing at his computer. May seemed to be acting very strange and she was crawling around quietly. Then she stood next to him and began to fidget. She asked him if he needed anything, and Kazuya said that he was fine at the moment, and May seemed saddened by this. But then Kazuya asked why did she ask, and May's looked happy again and said it was nothing. But before she went outside, May looked sad again. Mami covered her mouth and said, "I see, Kazuya and May... Ararara..."

May was standing outside sweeping the sidewalk in front of the apartment complex. She seemed to be sad.

Mami went to Kazuya and said that she needed to him to step outside for a minute. Kazuya asked her what was it, but Mami insisted that he play along.

Nanbara had brought a portable tape player and it was playing an upbeat Spanish tempo. He had a bouquet of roses and danced over to May. May seemed a bit surprised. He then said that these roses were for her. May said thank you, but not in a romantic way.

Then Sara changed the sides of the tape, and it began playing a dramatic song. Nanbara held her in her arms and dipped her. He said that he could take away May from all of this. He said that she would never have to work again. But May said plainly that she didn't want to give up. Meanwhile, Sara was the one holding the tape player and had a disgusted look on her face. Nanbara said something that made Sara mad and she dropped the player and was about to clobber him.

But then Kazuya appeared and asked what was happening. May, who was still being held off of her feet by Nanbara, said that he had brought some flowers. Nanbara quickly said that they were a present for May and not for him.

Kazuya just nodded and turned to Sara and said hello. Sara became giddy and said, "Th-this is for you!" and handed him a bowl of ramen. Kazuya seemed surprised but he thanked her. Sara started to swoon.

Mami appeared outside and called for Kazuya and May. But then she noticed how Sara with Kazuya and Nanbara with May. She started to get very excited and started to sing a silly song about marriage. It was probably because she understood the situation better than Kazuya and May themselves. But the others wondered why she was acting that way.

Mami had everybody sitting around the table. They had a small cupcake in front of everybody but nobody was eating. However, Kasumi had a very bored expression on her face, and Sara was blushing pretty hard. Then Mami said that they were going to have the first "o-miai"** with everybody.

Nanbara, Sara, Lena, and Kei were very excited by all of this. May was wondering exactly what was an o-miai. Kasumi couldn't believe that she was sitting there doing such a dumb thing.

** Kev's Note: "O-miai" has been translated many different ways, but it's basically an "interview" with another person to see how compatible they are with you. It's not for dating; it's purely for marriage candidates.

Mami used a rice ladle as a microphone. She said that the first part was the question segment where you could ask anybody a question.

Nanbara got excited and quickly raised his hand. Mami gave him the floor. However, Nanbara kept talking about how great he was and gave long descriptions about himself. He was telling May that she could ask him anything, like how great was he or how awesome he was. Then he began laughing insanely. Mami said (I think) that you were supposed to ask questions about other people.

Then Sara raised her hand. She asked Kazuya exactly what were his hobbies. Kazuya said that he liked personal computers. He asked her what was hers, and she said that she liked ramen. Then the other girls kept asking Kazuya questions. But Nanbara jumped in every time with his own answers, and most of the time they were pretty dumb sounding. The best one was when Kasumi asked, "Kazuya, do you really believe this is an o-miai?" (and Nanbara had an answer for that too). Finally Lena asked just why was Nanbara providing all the answers.

Mami went to Kazuya and elbowed him. She said that he was pretty popular with the girls. But Kazuya just scratched the back of his head and blushed. Kasumi looked really bored by all this.

Then Mami said that it was now time to tell secrets. Mami told everybody to close their eyes. Then she said that anybody that liked Kazuya please raise their hands. All the girls raised their hands: Sara raising one hand politely, Lena raising both hands high in the air, May raised her hand like in school, Kasumi looked embarrassed and could barely raise her hand, and Sara raised both of her hands like how you would shrug.

Mami was watching and said, "I see," and she had her hand raised. But perhaps she was raising it only because she was demonstrating? She said that this would make it interesting (I think).

Then Mami got out a kettle and poured water through a large sieve of tea leaves into a big pot. She said she would do some fortune telling and Kazuya just stared. Then Mami looked at the tea leaves and said that they were all standing up so he was lucky.

After Mami got out a large knife and cut her cake in half, she said that they would go to the "Love Machine" segment. Kazuya's bed was covered in the roses that Nanbara had brought in his car.

Everybody asked exactly what did she mean by "Love Machine". Mami explained that in order to be compatible, then shouldn't they try each other out in bed first? Everybody quickly said that she was totally wrong, except for Nanbara who took off his clothes and jumped into the bed. He said that he wanted to do the "love machine" with May immediately.

Kasumi covered her face, and everybody else stood mystified. But Ikariya started to cheer, "Yeah, yeah, do it, do it!" Kasumi got angry and threw Ikariya very hard into Nanbara's face, and she managed to knock them both out cold. Lena was shocked, but Kasumi seemed to be satisfied.

Then Sara said that she was ready for the "love machine" with Kazuya. She was lying on the ground, but she had removed her skirt, and you could see quite a bit of her long, sexy legs. Kazuya was going to protest, but then she said in a sexy voice, "Hurry up..." Then Kazuya said, "Okay!" and started walking toward her in a trance. But then Kasumi grabbed him in a headlock and asked him just what was he thinking.

Then Mami looked at the time (4:04pm) and said that she didn't realize that it was so late. She said that they had to quit for now. Nanbara said that he still wanted to do the "love machine" but Mami said no. Then she kicked out both Sara and Nanbara, and they both felt very unhappy.

Then Mami asked everybody to help her clean up. She gave everybody chores. Then she gave May a shopping list. May left, but then Mami noticed that she still didn't give May any money. "What should I do?" she lamented. Then she told Kazuya to go after her and give her the money. Kazuya ran after May, and Mami said "Ararara..." in a sly voice.

Then Kazuya caught up with May and they both went shopping together. When they were walking back home, they saw kids sliding on cardboard down a grassy hill like sleds. Masato and Miyuki called to May. They asked if they could play with them for a bit. So they said that they could for a bit.

Kazuya was sliding down the hill with May behind him. But then May squeezed her breasts into Kazuya in a way that suggested that she wasn't just trying to hold onto him for safety. But then the ride got rough enough that they were just concentrating on the ride than anything else.

When they got home, Lena said that they were so slow. Kasumi complained that they were hungry and were waiting for them. But he didn't hear because May was telling Kazuya that he still had something in his hair. She stood very close to his face and pulled grass out of it. Then both of them got embarrassed and quickly separated. Kasumi looked a bit hurt.

Mami went to them and started brushing them. Just what were you two doing out there?, Mami wondered.

Then Mami served a delicious meal on the table. She said that she would turn off the television when they ate. She blew a kiss and the TV turned off. Kazuya realized that Mami was a cyberdoll. Almost everybody else was surprised that he didn't know.

Mami mentioned something about Kasumi. But nobody had seen where Kasumi went. Back at her apartment, Kasumi was filling the bathtub with hot water. She had a very downcast look as she thought about how May and Kazuya acted when they were together. She was in the bathtub sitting up holding herself. Then she closed her eyes, and dipped beneath the surface for a bit.

Afterwards May was handing Mami the dirty dishes. Mami said that she would do the dishes, as she could spend time with Kazuya. She said that May didn't have much time left. May asked what did she mean. But before Mami could say more, Lena called out that there was a special program for "The Whirlwind of Love" on TV. Mami told her to watch and relax, and May seemed a bit confused but she went anyway.

May thought to herself that she would try her best in the future to be like Mami (I think). Then she watched TV, and she started weeping watching the dramatic show.

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